Easy HTML table integration for WordPress

Do you know what happend , when you use a HTML table with the WYSIWYG Editor ?
More over do you know to edit a table via HTML code  ?

The most wordpress author’s are familiar with all of there code and as well HTML, but in some cases when you host a blog and you are not really the author, you get a problem with a user which didn’t have HTML knowledge.

Now this is one reason why I start to create my first plugin : wp-Table . I didn’t imagine that more than 1000 downloads happend in the last days, so somebody uses this plugin…. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Easy HTML table integration for WordPress

  1. Ron says:

    Im using it! It’s great.
    OT: Im looking for a event calender but can’t find a simple one.
    Any suggestions??



  2. Mdigs says:

    I was looking for something like this but to be able to create an online chart based on online entered data in a online based table… and do all of that via the browser in the admin but… still not in existence.

    I’m looking at that at the moment..

    I just wanna say that you are closer to my goal than anyone and that this plugin is really good, good luck in making it even better 😀

  3. Nadine says:

    Hallo Alex — ganz großes KOMPLIMENT für dein Tabellen Plugin.

    Ganz großartig.

    Hätte vielleicht noch einen Verbesserungsvorschlag. Könnte man denn nicht das Plugin so erweitern, das man eine Sonderspalte ganz hinten anhängen könnte, wo man einen Link unterbringen kann?

    Verstehst du wie ich das meine? Habe dir im WordPress Forum eine Nachricht geschrieben, dort beschreibe ich dir das genauer.

  4. alex.rabe says:

    So Nadine,

    I updated the code that you can now enter a HTML link. Hope this is what you need. You can now download version 1.01


  5. Great Plugin. I miss one feature and if you will implement it, i will fall in love with you 😉

    The feature is tables in tables – it would be great, if i could have in one (more) table cells other table, the “parent table id” would be a key for the child table. For what – let’s say you want that footbal result table, but a different way – you want a table of footbal teams with info about the team, and then a table with results of each team. So if I could define 2 tables – “teams” and “results” an put “results” table to a cell of “teams table”, and then could show it together.

    And if you want more then love from me 😉 than i would love one more feature – per row rights – if i could define for each row / table the rights to edit the table. So speaking about the example above – if i could define the people (permission-group) who are allowed to edit the teams table and people who are allowed to change the layout of the teams table, and the best – if i could give a right to one row, so e.g. i could give Manchester Guy the right to edit the information Manchester in Manchester row (only!) and the results table with ManchesterID (only)

    Thank you

  6. alex.rabe says:

    Hello Tomas,

    I don’t know if I really want that you fall in love with me, except you are a beautiful 20 years young blond women.

    Anyway I will see what I can do for you. Please send me a short email with a example of a html table or a web page which creates a similar web content.


  7. Anand says:

    Thanks for the plugin. Very useful. haven’t started using it but surely a plus.

    A & A

  8. Hi Alex:

    I’m wondering how someone would make the content in the cells hotlinkable to outside URLs. I hope to incorporate it soon in a new blog.


    Andrew Darlow

  9. Hugh Todd says:

    Hi, Alex,

    I notice that form contents can’t be searched. Can anything be done about this?

    (By the way, thanks for a brilliant plug-in.)

    🙂 Hugh

  10. Finis Price says:

    Great plugin! I was wondering, I want to insert quicktime videos into one column and have a Quicktime Plugin which lets me do so with the following code: [QUICKTIME http://www.technoesq.com/wp-content/themes/connections/img/videos/AdobeOCR.mov 320 257] however, when I insert it into the table, it doesn’t recognize it as code but just text. Any way around this?


  11. HTML Guru says:

    Very nice plugin, you’ve obviously spent a lot of time on development. I had a great deal of problems with tables in WordPress as it reformats them on every save. I suppose its trying to be clever and nice but sometimes the intrusion is not welcome.

    Thanks for the plugin.

  12. Jimmie says:

    Your tables plugin is AWESOME! I now have WP v. 2.5 and many plugins don’t seem to work with it. Do you know if your tables plugin does? If not, do you plan on releasing a version that is compatible with 2.5? Thanks so much.

    Best regards,

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