XHTML valid or not , that’s the question…

Now after I get some response that my wp-Table plugin is not XHTML valid, I updated the code and integrate a CSS control. You can now create you own style with the wp-table.css file.

If you upgrade from a old version, please deactivate the plugin one time, otherwise the tables will not be updated.

Download wp-Table 1.20 here

4 thoughts on “XHTML valid or not , that’s the question…

  1. Seth says:


    Thanks for the CSS addition. I’m hoping that will solve one of my main issues with the (great, fantastic, just-what-I-needed!) plugin: It’s a hassle to re-set colors and other settings every time you create a new table.

    Now, can I offer another feature request: PLEASE, let me specify a number of rows (in addition to columns) when I create a new table.

    Also, what about some sort of import feature so I could, say, create a tab-delimited table in a text editor and just – presto! – import it into WP as a table on a page?

  2. alex.rabe says:

    Thanks Seth,

    I’m already working on a CSV import. You will get in the next weeks a new update and I hope this is what you need…

  3. Jon Beeston says:


    This is a great plugin with a lot of potential. A couple of feature suggestions:

    * An ‘update and add new row’ button. I couple of times when I first created a table I hit ‘add new row’ without pressing ‘update’.
    * Copy an existing table.


  4. freeinfoz says:

    Is it important that your site is XHTML valid or not?, or is it just a perfectionist’s job?

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