First advent release – import tables

Actual I’m working on a new release , but unfortunately I failed to do it in a good way. I integrated an easy CSV import , which saves a lot of time. I want to give you the benefit to show you a preview of the imported table, but I failed to save this table temporary in a folder under safe_mode = on. So you need now to enter the path for the CSV file two times… sorry for that.

Boah , somtimes I didn’t see the wood for the trees. I update the new wp-Table with a csv import feature. At the moment I have some problems with special language chars, but the import is still working. I work on that later.

Here is the “First Advent release” : Download this version here wp-Table V1.30.


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2 thoughts on “First advent release – import tables

  1. lostinbrooklyn says:

    OK, very stupid question, but after installing the plug-in, how do I get ti to work. I did not see any read-me files.


  2. alex.rabe says:

    Try to follow the instruction on the page wp-Table


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