wordTube is grown to a Media Center Plugin

I updated wordTube to a Media Center edition plugin for wordpress wich handle now MP3,FLV,SWF,JPG,PNG and GIF . This means you are not longer limited to show streaming videos in the FLV format , you can use it also to show a couple of images or as Player for your MP3 files. The Flash Media Player from Jeroen Wijering makes it possible…

As new upadte I integrated a XML Playlist Generator for all your media files.

See a first preview from the new wordTube Media Center Edition here. It’s released in the next days.

Wish you all a happy new year !


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One thought on “wordTube is grown to a Media Center Plugin

  1. alakhnor says:


    Thank you for your nice plugin, best media handler for wordpress. I’ve just made a slight modification I think might be interesting: I added an autostart field to each file. This way, you can choose autostart file by file (instead of globally). I kept the global autostart too so that all autostart can be disabled at once.

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