WordPress 2.1 released ! Time to update the plugins…

So it’s out now, WordPress 2.1

I installed already some time ago a test version and didn’t encounter big problems with my plugins. So I hope also my plugins will work in the “live” operation of your blogs. I will update my blog very soon to v2.1, I need first to wait for the update of myGallery (or I need to do it my own way) , then remaining problem for the plugins is the TinyMCE button issue, which is detailed explained here.

A sample script for a button integration in TinyMCE you can download by An-Archos. Thanks to his work and Viper007Bond , that they already sorted out the problem. So it’s time now for the plugin authors to say “Designed for WordPress 2.1 or not ?”


Wordpress 2.1



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