Potential risk for traffic stealing

Last month I study my statistic log files from my server, it’s a grown traffic amount due to the fact that I publish three plugins, which are more or less downloaded during the day. A real traffic killer is my plugin wordTube, I published as demonstration two “larger” files : a video with 2 MByte and a MP3 with 1 MByte. Now I count at the moment around 500-700 visits each day, some of them click on the video /mp3 for a test – everything ok.

Now have a look at my statistic for january :

TrafficEverything normal till the 24th, grown visitors each day , but at the 24th my traffic arise two times higher than I have visits the day. If each visitor click on the vidoe/mp3 file at this date, I calculate around 450 MB traffic for this day , but’s more than 1.1 GByte traffic !

What’s happend ?

Simple, a other web page uses my XML file and referrer to my page, this page is reading on what ever reason 24 hours my files. So I need to activate the mod_rewrite to stop the traffic stealing. And you can see till the end of the month, I have a higher site counter than visits, because this web page gets a nice Error 403 🙂 for all of my files… and the traffic is back to normal level.

So I write this short note to inform you about a potential risk when you use wordTube or myFlash, please recheck often your server logfiles or buy a traffic flat rate, but don’t be angry on my plugins. They are innocent.

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3 thoughts on “Potential risk for traffic stealing

  1. erman says:

    mind to share/post you mod_rewrite?


  2. Rod says:

    Yes, I would like your mod_rewrite too 🙂

  3. alex.rabe says:


    I’m sorry it’s nothing special, only a simple mod_rewrite to disallow a web page. If I post this it’s maybe a invitaion to “crack” this solution for some guys, cause it’s not a 100% solution.

    Try to search for protect content stealing with “mod_rewrite” in Google, you found 1000 solutions…

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