wordTube V1.40 released

Due to fact that Jeoren changes some options in the Flash Media Player (Version 3.5), I was pushed to release a new update. This update is not a big step , but it includes some nice features :

a) I integrated a URL for a link to whatever external web page

b) I update the database structure to better string types (more chars now possible)

c) I start to investigate a Podcast integration, you can see my very first steps in the IE feed reader , when you have a look at a single media file (I attached the media file.)


 Enjoy it !

P.S. : Don’t forget to disable one time the plugin if you upgrade from a older version !

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6 thoughts on “wordTube V1.40 released

  1. milemann says:

    Hallo Axel!
    Tolle Arbeit, danke!
    Was ist eigentlich der Unterschied zwischen “ufo.js” und “swfobjects.js”??
    (Jeoren macht es mit “ufo.js”)

    Hmmmm …. und wo ist der Downloadlink ….


  2. alex.rabe says:

    Der Downloadlink da da wo er immer war 🙂

    Es machte den Unterschied, das ich mit einigen Anwender Problem mit ufo.js unter FF hatte, swfobject.js läuft hier problemlos…

  3. Rod says:

    Look this page … your PLUGIN IS PERFECT … but …

    1. Center tag is dead !!!
    2. The plugin adds before and after the div flash content empty p /p … is it possible to change this ?!
    3. About your idea of Podcasting : GREAT !

  4. Eduardo says:

    Hi, Alex!

    First, thanks for your great plugin. It’s just what we’ve been looking for.

    I have some suggestions for your plugin. First, at user level it works great, but when you have more than 50 vídeos the control panel becomes extremely large. Maybe you could separate them in pages ?

    Second, it would be a very good idea to include the playlist selection tab in the “insert new media” page.

    That’s all. I will try to implement those, but i have no experiencie in wordpress plugins, and maybe others users could benefit from these ideas.

    Thanks again,


  5. alex.rabe says:


    please note that wordTube on your page causes a JavaScript error in the Internet Explorer. You page cannot be shown, this is caused by some problems in combination with swfobjects and some of your other JavaScripts.


  6. bum says:

    Thanks for this GREATE PLUGIN.
    I has almost features what I dreamed. 🙂

    Do you have any plan to support subtitle?
    As I know player support smi subscript file format but not in wordTube.
    This feature is important to non-english speaking country.

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