Whats going on ? FlashSTAT released

Yesterday I published the first beta of FlashSTAT. I didn’t finished all the functions and features which I had on my list, but ok, I must say it’s good enough, that I can give it a try.

Actual I didn’t know if I invest more time on this little plugin, but I earn more understanding for PHP and WordPress plugins.

So what’s going on now ? The spring is comming up and my motivation for programming goes down 🙂 I will work a little bit on wordTube and fix the latest issues, maybe I publish all my little hack in myGallery, but at the end no new plugin is on my list… 😦

So it’s time to work on a other “plugin” – my handicap

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2 thoughts on “Whats going on ? FlashSTAT released

  1. Mark says:

    Alex, your mygallery hacks would be cool 😉 Do you have it working on 2.1?

  2. alex.rabe says:

    A new version is now available…

    visit the homepage from myGallery

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