Who the f*** is Horst Schlämmer ?

Hi friends,

today I found a funny Blog (http://schlaemmerblog.tv/), which uses my wordTube Plugin. All people (or nearly everybody) in Germany knows this person, but I would like to introduce you a famous german comedian :

SORRY the file is not longer available….

You can find the orginal content here : http://schlaemmerblog.tv/?p=32
The blog is sponsored by Volkswagen, but nobody send me as small donation for my work a Golf 😦  I’m very sad…

Da wisst Ihr Bescheid,


P.S: It brings me to the idea to integrated a Showcast for all the pages which uses the wordTube Plugin, if you like this idea , send me a link to your page via email or add a comment….


2 thoughts on “Who the f*** is Horst Schlämmer ?

  1. Dj Samy says:

    Hello alex !
    i just installed your plugin wordtube for wordpress in order to join it to flash media player by jeroen!

    Nuff respect for your work !
    I have one question 😉
    I saw that there is a file named :myextractXML.php in your package.
    Si i just wanna know if it’s possible to play an xml file (video or audi ) in your plugin !
    I dont see that in my wordpress manager !
    i hope that it’s possible ! can u tell me please how can i do that !
    Thanks a lot
    keep up the good work
    best regards from france 😉

  2. Dj Samy says:

    Hi again !
    I also usa your myflash plugin ! great stuff !
    I can play an xml file in the flash mp3 player by jeroen but if i want to put it in my wordpress post i must do it by creating an iframe ! is there any possibility to do it via my wordpress manager ??
    thanks 😉

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