jQuery and the traps…

Last night I spend 6 hours for a small issue on my new plugin. First I seems to be that with the great and easy to handle jQuery , I finish a new draggable feature in a few minutes… but the I got the problems. Due to the fact that I have zero JavaScript experience and the explanation for the commands are not so good organized like php.net, I trapped into the SortSeralize (the Interface plugin) handling. My little programming knowledge about $.post and AJAX didn’t bring me to a good result.

Anyway at the end I found a solution, but I must say I’m not happy with that. Seems to be  that I need to study more JavaScript before I integrate more jQuery feature. Did anybody know a good page for explanation about all this stuff ?

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2 thoughts on “jQuery and the traps…

  1. alakhnor says:

    I exactly know what you’re going through 😉
    I’ve had the same kind of problems with javascript (and I’m using php.net as well). Thing is you’re way ahead of me…
    Have you tried this: http://15daysofjquery.com/ ?

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