Where is the next window …

… where I can jump out .

Ugh, getting crazy : since two days I’m struggle on maybe a very simple CSS thing :

See result in IE7


and now in FF2


Ok, the images are set with float:left, but I closed the div and the IE gives me the result.Rod react very fast (Thanks!), but I didn’t get it working… what the hell is this f..k problem ? HELP, no better SOS , where is the CSS style god which I can call now ?

See the style problem now at http://nextgen.boelinger.com/

Update : A <div style=”clear:both;”></div> after the gallery content did the trick, hope is in the eyes of the CSS guys a good solution… Thanks for all your help !


10 thoughts on “Where is the next window …

  1. Pedro says:

    Im no expert but have you tried clear:both on the numbers?
    Can I see the code?

  2. Pedro says:

    try making a div around the text after and put on the css clear:both;
    Let me know if it works

  3. bw says:

    wrap all of the photos in a div and set the div as display:block; (get rid of the float) then make each image display:inline; (again, remove float)

    then if you have any further elements below the gallery (like your pagination numbers) put a display:block; on that also.

    this should stop the text from wrapping as block elements should automatically fill the available width. anything following should therefore be pushed onto the next line.

    hope this helps.

  4. Rod says:

    Alex : add the same code for the div containing the numbers 🙂 It will works fine … and play with display : inline instead float : left if all tests are wrong 🙂

  5. alex.rabe says:

    Thanks to all…

    clear:both & display:both did the trick, but I feel it’s not the good way (because sometimes I show a gallery without the navigation)

    I used the follow shadow effect : http://alistapart.com/articles/cssdropshadows

    This require the float:left, with display:inline it failed to working

  6. Rod says:

    For me … you want a real next gen gallery ? Don’t use old tips 🙂 Jquery. Jquery, the friend of REAL men who want to do REAL next gen 🙂


  7. Rod says:

    With this code … only







    Perfect, no ? 🙂

  8. alex.rabe says:


    I study this, and yes I can do it, I rethink to take also a javascript navigation instead for now a simple $_GET / PHP solution… but it’s not solving my problem. jQuery and all the other solution did at the end the same ,with one difference, they integrate the DIV’s during runtime. So no real solution for my lack for CSS knowledge and my understandig problem, why in hell the sh**t div wrap around didn’t get the job with display:block (in FF)

  9. alex.rabe says:

    Of course it’s better, cause with less code , do more 🙂

    That one reason why I like jQuery

  10. Rod says:

    Jquery is a solution to rethink code … and … portions of code. I think of Wordtube for example : it’s possible to wrap all the code to a simple url 🙂

    In the new case with Jquery, I think if you want to do different, you have to think different, and not think “FlickR” : less click = better for users 🙂

    But I don’t understand because the Jquery solution solves in theory your problem.

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