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Today it’s cold outside… so some time to work on my plugin. Thanks to Marekki’s Watermark plugin , I enhanced a little bit the Thumbnail class from Gen-X-Design , to a new feature : Choose now a watermark text or image file. I like the style from Marekki’s plugin so I keep it mostly in the same design.


I’m very happy now with my first version, it didn’t include all the features and wishes, but I can give it a try in the next weeks on some of my hosted blogs… Hope you like it at the end, otherwise it’s a waste of work…

 Some notes to my roadmap : I finish a first alpha version hopefully till end of april, then it’s your turn : Give me some feedback (good or bad doesn’t matter) and I will work on it…

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4 thoughts on “Watermark ready

  1. Rod says:

    Amazing. First time I see a watermark option with perfect interface. Very good : hoping now a massive Ajax Web 2.0 gallery with this 🙂

  2. alex.rabe says:

    Thanks Rod !

    I must dissapoint you, the very first alpha release isn’t a AJAX based Web2.0 solution. It’s more or less a PreviousGEN Gallery plugin , but I work on it… so the good message : If you and all the other out there help me with coding and ideas, it could be really one time a NextGEN Gallery…

    For the moment it’s only “another WordPress Gallery Plugin” 😦
    But I give it a try , for my purpose it more than nothing.

  3. bw says:

    i agree with rod, nice clear options page. I like the use of a grid of radio buttons to choose the watermark position, very simple solution.

    does the font you chose have to be available on the server? stored in a folder somewhere? (if so does that mean you can use any font you like?)

    i think it might be good if you have the option to upload an image to use as a watermark. this could just be into the /wp-content/uploads/ folder and be selectable from a list.

    this could be a v2 feature though. for now it is nice and simple. i like it. good work

  4. alex.rabe says:

    Yes, I like it also. This is the reason why I take the style from Marekki’s plugin.

    To the font’s : You need the FreeType Support on your server, then you are able to use any font (But I figure already out that some ttf not work)

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