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During I finish the first alpha release I get some bad feeling that it’s not intuitive enough… For example : I prepare the thumbnail effect selection , where you can choose between Thickbox, Lightbox ,Highslide or whatever you like. The idea behind is that you add the class, rel or onClick code you need for your effect.

Ok, I kept it simple, but I didn’t integrate all of the script code, so it’s on you when you need i.e. Highslide, to integrate it manually in the header. Is this the right way ? The most users are happy that they install WordPress with not more that 4-5 steps, but this require more knowledge. Mhh…

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2 thoughts on “Bad feeling

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Alex, personally I would have no problem integrating highslide in the header if needed. Might be better that way than experiencing the “headers already sent” kind of error 🙂

    I’d be more than happy to trial your alpha release and give you some feedback.

  2. alakhnor says:

    Yes, it’s always hard to choose. I’ve choosen to go only for highslide for the time being. I know the limit of it (or I try to know) but I did this to keep things simple I’ve added it in wp_head() but it could be done anywhere in the header using get_options and a bit of php (Plus, I hate Lightbox effect which I find non user-friendly and not in accordance with a clear and readable web sites).

    Most people are lost as soon as they see an html tag, and it gets worse with javascript.

    I think, you need to propose at least an option like:
    Use cool effects Yes/No ?
    Nothing more.
    And then, you yourself choose which library/code you’ll use for that.
    And for more advanced users, they could change the default.

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