700 downloads (here and in the last three days. And the less amount of bug response surprise me… Seems to be my first alpha shoot is not so bad as I belive. I pushed this now to all available places (, , german wordpress forum) to get more response, and I think it works.

So I’m deeply working on bug fixing, actual status you can see at the change log. I waiting today for some more feedback and will release tomorrow a new update. The album management creates some headache, it’s my first steps in AJAX + jQuery and some user reports that it’s not working. Maybe I can debug this at a system during weekend… Solved, remove AJAX then it works 🙂

Then it’s time to step forward and create some more jQuery integration, I get some real good links from Ben (Thanks for the hint!)

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11 thoughts on “Surprised

  1. Lazy says:

    sounds great.. remember what we said in comments, its really a good plugin with a lot of future. More jQuery is a good idea, of course and maybe make it posible to choose if pictures should load in popups or just in a new page (ok i know web2.0, js and and… but some people still like the old ways) – and integrating permalinks because of the big alien google (and some others). I`ve read something about tags, a good idea, too.

    Maybe integrated with the simple tagging plugin for wordpress which is sure still better than the “new” wordpress 2.3 tagging feature. hm, comments to picture? Puh.. a lot of work but its worth it in my opionion, i like NextGen Gallery and will sure delete my coppermine stuff and change to Next Gen Gal (public) in some weeks. Thanks for your hard work & this plugin, Alex. Keep on the very good work.

  2. fabs says:

    i’ve got the following error:
    some of my folders are not imported. the gallery is created but there are no pictures inside. i cant find something special on this folders. even if i rename the folders it doesnt work.
    all pictures have the ending .jpg (lowercase) and there are no special chars in it. even the size and the quantity of images is not bigger than in other folders.

    Server Settings:
    * Operating System : Linux
    * Server : Apache/1.3.33 (Unix)
    * MYSQL Version : 4.0.27-standard-log
    * SQL Mode : Not set
    * PHP Version : 4.4.4
    * PHP Safe Mode : Off
    * PHP Memory Limit : 40M
    * PHP Max Upload Size : 20M
    * PHP Max Post Size : 8M
    * PHP Max Script Execute Time : 50000s

    GD support:
    * GD Version : bundled (2.0.28 compatible)
    * FreeType Support : Yes
    * FreeType Linkage : with freetype
    * T1Lib Support : No
    * GIF Read Support : Yes
    * GIF Create Support : Yes
    * JPG Support : Yes
    * PNG Support : Yes
    * WBMP Support : Yes
    * XBM Support : Yes
    * JIS-mapped Japanese Font Support : No

  3. alex.rabe says:

    Thats a bigger problem, if the bug didn’t appears always, I need to debug it on the server , otherwise i cant give you a tip… 😦

  4. Bailey says:

    There are some things which must be done which I don’t think are documented anywhere…

    One of which is to create a directory wp-content/gallery and chmod it 777

    THEN you will be able to create a new gallery. 🙂

  5. alex.rabe says:

    Yes Bailey you are right,

    I updated the code already for the check

  6. frednetick says:

    i had the same problem, created a /wp-content/gallery by myself and everything turned to be OK.

  7. Lazy says:

    in /admin/manage.php and album.php there are still some get_settings options. 🙂 please change it to get_option. And hm, i`ve installed the plugin in an 2.2 almost beta WP Version but the table albums wasn`t created then..?

  8. Lazy says:

    here`s a live demo now, because I`ve installed it on a blog of my girlfriend, she`s happy about it, only to explain her how to.. girls.. 😀

    looks nice, i think.

  9. alex.rabe says:

    Verflixt nochmal,

    I though I removed all get_settings. Thanks for it.

    To the Wp2.2 issue : I did some test already, please not i updated to 0.37 , cause I create some stupied database creation bug’s

    Thanks also for the link,
    If you agree I will take this as example in my upcoming showcase page

  10. Lazy says:

    yes, of course, would be great, my girlfriend would be happy ´bout it. It`s no problem with the Database, i`ve created it manuel with phpMyAdmin. And now.. going to update it to 0.37 there. Thanks for it 🙂

    Nice Saturday, don`t forget your spare-time with all the free work. 🙂

  11. alex.rabe says:

    forget 0.37, in a couple of minutes comes 0.38 😦

    And I really need a rest

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