Version 0.40 release – TinyMCE integration

NextGENOk, here is the last feature for two weeks : I added the last days (between the bugfixing) the button for TinyMCE (the so called WYSIWYG Editor). I hope with this button it’s easier and faster to add the tags to your post or page. If you ask yourself , why the hell did he need for such a simple feature more than two days, let me explain my problems :

I started programming the button (the how to do I know already from my other plugins), but then I faced a bigger problem in the IE7 : It didn’t react as I programmed it. More worse, nothing works anymore. After three,four hours of testing and looking for a solution, I take a break. Next day I started very frustrated again, and what should I say ? It worked without changing any line of code… The IE7 hangs up, this was the bug 😦

Right now it works in FF2 good , but the behaviour in IE7 is not as good as I expected it. Anyway I release this now , to help you in your daily work …

Now , let’s go back to the next steps :

Next feature :

After this first week I have a better feeling what are the next feature, sidebar features are many times requested and also on my list so this will be the next issue.

Documentation / Page Redesign :

I also need to redesign , cause I would like to integrate a better documentation for this plugin. I’m not a good web designer ( No, I’m a bad one) so if somebody would like to help me : I need a new WordPress theme for NextGEN Gallery with a clean an user friendly design. (BTW also this page needs a refresh, to get rid of the Prototype and Lightbox).

Join the project :

I get a few request of programmers, to help me in this work. I never expected this, but I’m very happy if  somebody would like to help me. I create a google Code project and I will share my SubVersion account with you. Please contact me via email , if you are interested and if you have JavaScript (jQuery), PHP or CSS knowledge.

Showroom / Examples :

I’m preparing a new page with links to blog’s which are using my plugin as demo or example for other user. If you interested to help me, send me here a link to your page. I will take this page then into my list.

Vacation / take my break :

As I already noticed in my last post : I take a small break, during the upcoming two weeks. I will have a look for the forums and for critical errors , but then I take a week rest : no Comupter, no Internet, no Email, no alex.rabe… I’m out for one week golf trip and return on the 13th. May .


13 thoughts on “Version 0.40 release – TinyMCE integration

  1. Hi, I have been trying some of your plugins recently. I will use some of them a lot, because they are what I was looking for some time on, congratulations for your effort and excellent results.

    I am no a programmer but, a very good designer (oops), so if i can help you in some way just let me know what you wants and I will do my job, for you and us the users community.

    Post-data, excuse my english, i am a spanish language native

  2. Lazy says:

    thanks for the update, the button is working very fine. I`m going to translate it (mo) into german this week if needed?

  3. alex.rabe says:


    Sehr gerne… !

  4. Lazy says:

    i will, till sunday sure 🙂

  5. Dirk Rottig says:

    Hallo Alex,

    nachdem ich einige Gallery-Skripte versucht habe, bin ich glücklich, Dein Plugin gefunden zu haben! Auf die deutsche Übersetzung von Lazy bin ich nun ebenfalls gespannt. Mein Respekt für die gute Arbeit und die damit verbundenen Ziele.
    I`m looking forward for newer versions.

  6. Lazy says:

    will be finished till sunday `cause i`m still with my girlfriend and she hates geek stuff.. like girls do mostly. 🙂 It`s the first time but i think this poEditor is easy to handle so there will be no problem if i`m at home at my machine again. It`s a great and easy gallery plugin and i`m looking forward, too 🙂

    ps: in the wp-table script there are some wp_settings.. 🙂

    nice day alex & dirk =)

  7. Lazy says:

    the de_DE po file is sent 🙂

    hope its ok like i did it.. my first time. 🙂

  8. Sune says:

    I only just started using WordPress, and so far NextGen is the photo plugin that suits my needs the best. But I have a problem. I cant see to get NextGen to use any images at all. If I try to get it to scan a folder on the webserver, it only shows the header of my wordpress install, and a blank screen for the rest – no images gets registered in NextGen. I also tried to upload a single file – but alas, the same thing happens – I end up with the header, and a blank page. I know for a fact that I do have images in the folder, and the image does get uploaded.

    My ISP is running my site with PHP Safe_mode turned on, is this the reason NextGen is not working? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  9. Marc says:

    Hallo Alex,

    Ich bin auf dein Plugin gestoßen und habe angefangen damit rumzuspielen, bislang find ich es richtig gut, und kann mir vorstellen es für eine Seite zu benutzen. Aber eine Frage: Kann ich irgendwo einstellen wie groß die Bilder präsentiert werden? (Nicht die Thumbnails, sondern die Bilder selber.) Ich hätt sie gerne etwas größer, und so liegen sie auch auf dem Webspace. Gruß Marc

  10. Sune says:

    I have no idea what happend yesterday, but no matter what I tried – I could not make NextGen show any images. Today, it works like a charm!

    Excellent plugin Alex, very impressive.

  11. wolf says:

    first of all – enjoy your vacation 😉
    i found your gallery-plugin and i am really amazed 🙂 i found some things, that i – maybe – misunderstood, but would be grat to have ..

    * i wasnt able to get the “fullsize link” in singlepic working … i just doesnt show up
    * how can watermarking be disabled? maybe an option “off” would be perfect
    * maybe this is the reason, that “fullsizing” thinks, “watermarking” is still on …
    * it seems to me, that the gallery delivers all pictures in full resolution – when i “save as …” a pic from the view, is saves the file in its original size …

    regards for the really great work!

  12. kretzschmar says:

    Hi Alex,
    just found your very superb new gallery plugin. Fantastic. I installed it right away. You did a wonderful job.

    I will have a decent look in your forum and post my wishes, bug reports etc. I think you can name the status of this plugin beta because I think it works better as mygallery does.

    I really like the way you support different image display plugins (like thickbox).

  13. T says:

    Thanks for a great plug in. I am trying both myFlash and NextGEN Gallery and find them really easy to use.

    There maybe somewhere else where this is already been deal with but is there a way to turn off the file name display in the nagivation bar?

    Thanks again for the plug in

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