Version 0.41 released – Sidebar widget integrated

A lot of things happend in the last weeks. I’m very glad that NextGEN Gallery is used so massive, this shows the interesting for a good and well integrated photo management plugin in WordPress.

Now during the last weeks two developer join the project (Christian Arnold and Thomas Matzke), so that we can work now three times faster at this plugin. At least KeVin started to program the sidebar widget , which are many times already requested.

A major problem happend with my missunderstanding between gallery and album. I looked for Coppermine and Gallery2 and both of them used these terms in the opposite way.  Something in my brain said that a album contains galleries, but the most of you understand that a gallery contains albums. 😦

I’m not sure if I change these names, cause this means to change all functions, CSS classes, database tables etc. I will rethink about it.

Now this release is a minor release, only some bugfixes and the first integration of sidebar widget. The list of new features are still endless, so don’t be dissapointed that we didn’t reach a first beta version.

To be continued…

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23 thoughts on “Version 0.41 released – Sidebar widget integrated

  1. Lazy says:

    i`m looking forward to upgrade to it tomorror morning 🙂

    thanks for the update & have a nice night =)

  2. Bobsch says:

    thank you for deciding to continue the development of your great plugin! =)

    looking forward to see the upgrade in action (upgrading just after i finish typing this…^^)

  3. Bolus says:

    Nice work this plugin, but I’m searching for the download.
    I can’t find the download page anymore, maybe you can make it so that the downloads are easier to find.


  4. Zack says:

    Hola, han hecho un excelente trabajo. En cuanto puedo haré la actualización. Saludos


  5. Scott says:

    How about Sets inside Collections, the way Flickr does it.

  6. […] ist WordPress 2.2 erschienen und installiert, hab ich auch ein Update von NextGEN Gallery gefunden und ebenfalls prompt und problemlos […]

  7. ttancm says:

    I don’t think it’s worth changing everything over a simple disagreement on vocabulary, and there are plenty of examples which use the same hierarchy you are using, so why bother. As long as the documentation and such makes the hierarchy clear, there isn’t really a huge problem is there =)

  8. Mary Canady says:

    Hi–This is the first version I’m trying to install, and I followed the readme.txt, and the wp-content/gallery folder was not created. Any ideas?

    🙂 Mary

  9. carlos says:

    @mary canady
    just create it yourself and make it writeable!

    @alex rabe
    just keep the names! its only a matter of opinions wich way it should be. personally i think an album contains galleries and anyone using the plug will be acquainting himself to the way it is.

    thats whats good about writing good software, you just do do it your way! 😉

    keep it up!

  10. carlos says:

    okay two things i forgot to ask for:
    1. would it be possible to put the description text in the image closeup?

    2. where do i have to look for the widget? it does not appear in the widget selection box…


  11. alex.rabe says:

    Look at plugins, you need to activate the widget seperate

  12. carlos says:

    thxalot! and what to question#1 ? 😉

  13. alex.rabe says:

    Description are in perparation…

    I must find a day with 48 hours , then it’s ready 🙂

  14. carlos says:

    well.. make saturday have 48 hours and skip sunday! 😀
    works fine for me!

    keep it up!

  15. Lazy says:

    could it be that a own (js) effect is not saved anymore or just not working since 0.41/2?

  16. Lazy says:

    ok, its working, was my fault because of the new permalinks my “if is” wasn`t working anymore for integrating my own effect js libary *g*

  17. Thomas says:

    Nice plugin!
    But it is just me that can’t get the widget to work? Have my own template but can’t find a function to integrate in the sidebar…

  18. nick says:


    Your plugin is great. I checked your demos and they are very excellent.

    Please don’t stop your work. Otherwise people like us will miss some great work.


  19. dk-jek says:

    Superb plugin
    But i have the same problem as Thomas. Do I have to write some code into the sidebar.php file in the theme i’m using??

  20. Mary Canady says:

    Hi–I made the gallery folder, and made the permissions 777 . . . I also tried making almost every directory permission 777 . . . seems like a nice plugin, but I just can’t get it to work.

    🙂 Mary

  21. britangel says:

    how can i add this pluging to my site?

  22. ken says:


    Thanks for the wonderful plugin. I just upgrade the plugin, everything seem to work great but when I try to add a new gallery I get a error that I don’t have the permission to create a gallery.

    It said the permission is 511 but when I check my gallery folder it was set to 777. So now no new gallery can be create, see if anyone else get this problem.


  23. Andrew says:

    Well, I have a problem with the sidebar widget.

    When I use the Recent Image widget, the image that appears in the sidebar isn’t proportional with the thumbnail of that image, it is diformed and can’t find a way to make it show a proportional thumbnail.

    ALso, the lightbox I’ve set for the gallery doesn’t work on the widget, it just opens the full-size photo in a new window. Can I make it open the gallery which the thumb belongs to ?

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