Thanks to Kees de Bruin, I did some rework on the thumbnail creation. Therefore I drop one setting and optimize the quality for square and landscape thumbnails. Here is the version I would like to release , can somebody test this and give me a feedback if this version is now good..

Download Preview Version 0.52

Thanks for the feedback, I release now this version

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14 thoughts on “Thumbnails…

  1. RND says:

    Great job! Was having a lot of trouble getting the thumbnails right, but this updated fixed it. (Using the ‘Set fix dimension’ setting)

  2. Mark says:

    Hi Alex, that’s great now . . . a definite improvement! Thanks for the update!

  3. LaStrada says:

    Thanks! The thumbnails was much better!

  4. die-andis says:


    the Quality of the thumbnails is better than before, also the size of the thumbnails (75×75) is ok.

    But i have problems with the k2 theme. The picture in the gallery-view are outside of the pictureborder. (Deutsch: Die Bilder rutschen wieder, in der Gallerieansicht, aus den Rahmen hin an den Seitenanfang)

  5. KeViN says:

    Andis: I have the same problem on my skin (it’s unsleepable (based on k2) a little bit modified…) I haven’t find the solution yet, but I’m trying to fix this problem (this problem seems exists on FF and Safari, Ie7 looks great)

  6. die-andis says:

    the problem exists also under IE6

    here is an example

  7. boardmoose says:

    This update fixed all my problems with the thumbnails. Now they are a clean single uniform size and much clearer! Thank you!

    ps. looking forward to the java script navigation 🙂

  8. C! says:

    Hi there, I’ve managed to implement a very basic version of SBM module for K2 (to be used instead of the widget).
    If you’re interested drop me an email.

  9. TAOG says:

    hi alex,

    ich habe mit der vorgänger version erst garnicht arbeiten können, fatal error beim aktivieren.
    bei der 52a geht das aktivieren nur ohne eventcalender.
    das ist noch ok, aber deine 52a installiert die datenbank einträge nicht.
    ich versuche durch eine frühere version die datenbank einträge zu erhalten.

  10. pascal says:

    Hi from france

    I am working on wordpress to build a site for my friend joel here : at this moment i use iteasy and 2bgal for the image galery. I would like to change theese to wordpress and your nextgen gallery. because it seems to me that is a better choice. Nicer layout and very handy job.
    But i wonder if it is possible to add a search engine to the gallery ?
    The goal for joel is to reach rapidly the photo that his customer is telling about by giving him its name. (bois_metal001.jpg for example)
    thank you for your response

  11. vearlen says:

    And where new version could be downloaded from?
    Alex, I found out that I have a problem when activate your plugin with visual editor in wordpress. When I tested my site on localhost everything was ok but as I moved to real hosting I have this problem. May you know the problem?

  12. vearlen says:

    Sorry for a bad feedback – I solved a problem with visual editor – it was as I guess in bad files wp-admin or wp-includes – I just reload them and everything works fine.

  13. mono says:

    I installed your plugin om my mac and it works perfect but on my hosting service the create thumbnails fails. It looks like everything is ok but no thumbnails ends up in the thumbs folder. Is there any special requirements that has to bee installed on the server?

  14. TAOG says:

    the thumbnail thing is a write error in the plugin 😉

    alex use the drawer ‘tumb’ and create a drawer named ‘thumb’ when use with new pictures/gallerys. the thumbs are created but searched in tumb.

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