I need memory

Yes, the jQuery plugin is working, but not in a good manner. If i show this plugin the jQuery community, oh god …. I can hear what they say. Anyway, I upload in a couple of days this example to gt some feedback with Firefox, Opera, Safari and all other silly browsers.

At the end I hope some jQuery programmer will help me to optimize this one, my journey to JavaScript end at this point. Three long long days for a very very little feature is not very productive…

Today I go back to my good old PHP and implement a better memory checking. I get some feedback that the thumbnail generation ends into an white screen, so I rework the checking for memory : A picture with 800 x 600 could cause already a error if the server limit is 8-12 Mbyte.

The image itself need 1-2 Mybte , but a WordPress Installation with a couple of plugin requires very fast up to 10 MByte (this is what I measure at my localhost system).

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2 thoughts on “I need memory

  1. Jonathan says:

    If you try to run jQuery side by side with prototype it won’t even. Not even if you try adding the “play nice” command. If you want to use jQuery for lightbox effects, check my blog post: http://www.foryourlungsonly.net/2007/06/02/slightestbox-lightboxlitebox-replacement/

    I love jQuery, please let me know if there’s another plugin for wp or otherwise that would be helpful using jQuery.

  2. alakhnor says:

    If you spent 3 days to learn a bit on jquery, it’s not a waste of time anyway.
    I’ve tried to use jcarousel too, but in the end, I’ve found it of very limited interest vs other things. And I had more CSS problems than interaction with other libraries/plugins.

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