Implement today my first jQuery plugin into NextGEN gallery, nothing works like it should be… cancelled for today. PHP is much better : Added create page function and new sort option in 15-20 minutes…


4 thoughts on “frustrated

  1. jQuery has a great community that is always willing to help out. You should post any issues you are having to the mailing list. Perhaps someone can help you get everything working! 🙂

  2. alex.rabe says:

    Yes Brandon, at least I need to do that. But my motto is learning by doing and I tought this is working also in this case…

    I fear I produce a lot of laugher in the jQuery community, but ok I need to finish this at the end.

  3. alakhnor says:

    Honestly, I do the same (learn by doing;)) and each times I had a problem, I had either no answer (and still can’t get through) or answer after I’ve found out a solution.

    The problem I see with jquery is that the community is active, but the plugin developpers in many cases, doesn’t seem to care about maintaining their plugins. I see many plugins stucked with alpha or beta or bugged versions for several month and nothing happens.

    Plus, jquery forum is a nightmare, and your questions might be lost in a flood if they are a bit specific.

    Which plugin are you trying to use?

  4. alex.rabe says:

    I work on my own , a JS gallery plugin 🙂

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