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So , I nearly finish the next Version 0.60 of my photo gallery plugin. During the last three weeks two important things for a better start are missing :

a) As already noted in previous post, I did some more work in the memory checking.

b) The “link to page” feature for galleries are not so easy to understand, therefore I do two new enhancement : Auto create a page with the gallery id and a album can show galleries without calling a sub page.

I also get a enormous feedback and code from Helene D. (many, many thanks !),  I have now integrate a template page, so you didn’t need to create any album / gallery tag.

At least I did some work for one blog I hosted , so you get this new tag [picbrowser=id]. See this for a example, it can be used as “Pictures of the day” or something else (Yes, it’s no jQuery , I prefer as first step the web 1.0 version and will again work later on this with  jQuery). I have now idea how I could name it “picture browser” , “HTML slideshow”, “inline viewer”… Any idea ?

That’s it for now.

version 0.60Ups, I forgot :
The integration into the upload tab seems to be also working , but it takes more rework, didn’t now if I finish it till the next release. It’s also take longer than I expected.

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6 thoughts on “no ideas

  1. Rüdiger says:

    yesterday i have installed your nice gallery. Now i read you have been improved the integration of the album. Gnaaaa! I hope i don’t have update too much after i upgrade the gallery 🙂

  2. mosey says:

    Yay for 0.60! 😀 I think alot of picture based blogs are known as ‘Photoblogs’ but some of the new fangled ‘mixed-media’ blogs are known as ‘tumblelogs’

    Picbrowser works too! 😀

  3. kretzschmar says:

    The integration to upload tab seems promosing. Can’t wait to test the new release.

  4. Christoph says:

    Hey, really good news to see the NextGEN gallery growing and growing 🙂 I’m using it since 2 weeks and I almost have a complete photoblog with wordpress now. Thanks for the great work!

    The new feature of auto-creating pages for “link to page” in galleries is really a good point. Alway had to manually create the pages for my navigation. This was a little bit disturbing.

    My suggestion for the new picbrowser: Just name it “Image Browser”.

    And I have a little advise or just call it feature request: When I want to insert a singlepic via the rte plugin I need to choose the picture via filename in a select box. Well, atm I have around 50 images there. Still can find the pic. But what if I continue using this great plugin and have 500 pics? Will be complicated to choose the wanted pic for insert. Maybe you can implement some search dialog or browser via gallery instead of this select box. Thanks 🙂

  5. Denis says:

    Great job on the gallery, everything works splendid..!
    One question tho. I am trying to post your gallery html-wise and so far I haven’t succeeded. Well I’m a lousy programmer 😀 Can you tell me what kind of code must I use on a page if I’m posting your gallery outside a wordpress post? Thanks in advance man!

  6. mikeboy says:

    Looks great mate, love your plugin, cant wait for 0.60 to come out! keep up the good work!

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