Version 0.60 ready for test

So here is now a test candidate for you, I did a couple of changes. Normally I would like to release this already , but finally my test for the upload tab failed under IE7, I did the last 3 hours some tests, but for now I have no idea. It’s better to take a break and look for it in a couple of days…

You can now download the version 0.60 (RC1) here. Please note : It’s not very well tested here, so it’s your turn. Any feedback are welcome, please report at the best your remarks in the forums.

Here is the actual list of changes

  • NEW : Select a image from the Upload Tab
  • NEW : Tag [imageborwser=id] for a Inline Gallery Browser
  • NEW : Show gallery without Subpages
  • NEW : Manage gallery : Function “Add a new page”
  • NEW : Manage gallery : Show/Hide thumbnails
  • Added : Check for memory limit
  • Added : Show actual memory usage in overview
  • Added : Include function check in widget
  • Added : Latest Sidebar widget from KeViN
  • Added : Check for capability during installation
  • Changed : Remove P Tag around gallery tags ( THX to the work from John Godley )
  • Bugfix : Delete picture, check for pid
  • Bugfix : admin/settings.php line #172: typos corrected (this=these, maxium=maximum). (THX to Helene D.)
  • Bugfix : admin/settings.php line #311: missing </td> added. (THX to Helene D.)

Known bugs :
– IE : Upload tab during write Post/ Write page causes JavaScript error

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18 thoughts on “Version 0.60 ready for test

  1. Kiper says:

    Nice work Alex!

    This is an impressive feat just by the amount of functions and techniques you’ve successfully pooled together.

    I’ll put it through some testing.

  2. anne says:

    hello, wonderful plugin, just what i needed!
    only one problem for me: using mac/firefox or 1.5 as well, the wysiwyg-editor (tab) isn’t active no more? earlier, i had to change the name of the language-file from de_DE to for another plugin, maybe this is the problem?? thanks for any help..

    ps: when deactivated in user-profile, i get the default editing functions, without the gallery-button, but i think this is a js thing anyway..?

  3. anne says:

    hui, thank you for straight shooting ;o)) will have a look at it..

  4. die-andis says:

    i tested the new function to view an gallery without gallerypage. I have an site with 2 albums
    The structure are:

    title: Picture from jana


    title: Picture from friends


    if i click an gallery (anyone without gallerypage) the gallery where shown, but 2 times

    title: picture from jana

    (selected) gallery

    title: picture from friends

    (selected) gallery

    Ich habe eine Gallerie mal auf “ohne Verlinkung” umgestellt und die Funktion in den Optionen eingeschalten. Ich habe eine Seite auf der 2 verschiedene Alben angezeigt werden. klicke ich nun eine Gallerie daraus an (eine solche ohne Verlinkung) dann wird diese zwar angezeigt, jedoch gleiche zwei mal, scheinbar wird das zweite Album nicht richtig berücksichtigt.

    i know the jquery function is not completed yet.
    if i use the jquery function and switch to the next side the complete site are reloaded.

    ich weiß die neue JQuery Funktion ist neu. Wenn ich diese benutze und auf die nächste Bilderseite sehen will macht er trotzdem ein komplettes Neuladen der Seite (und das sollte doch eigentlich der nutzen sein, oder?)


  5. alex.rabe says:

    Jojojo, Bug eins ist mir bewusst (du findest aber auch alles), ich bin zu faul ne Id abfrage einzubauen, muss ich dann wohl mal machen 🙂

    Bug zwei sollte eigentlich kein Reload erzeugen, schick mir mal ein Link…

  6. Andrija says:

    Hello, I have some problem.

    I want to use RANDOM IMAGE WIDGET only with chosen galleries.

    Recent image widget is forking great, but RANDOM do not.
    Please help me.

    It is a website of one club. Sometimes we have striptiz and I realy don’t want to put those pictures on main page. That is why I want to use OPTION: SHOW – ONLY WHICH ARE LISTED.

    For now all is in test phase.

    Thanks for help

  7. anne says:

    so, hab den tipp probiert, aber das war es nicht. die korrekturzeilen und selbst die neue tiny_mce_gzip.php-datei unter haben im gegenteil nur bewirkt, dass bei eingeschaltetem wysiwyg jetzt gar keine buttons (vsuell/code) mehr erscheinen. hat jemand erfahrung, ob ein wordpress update auf 2.2 was bringen würde..?

  8. Andrija says:

    I try to install RC1, because i think that would solve my problems.

    Now I have bigger problem. All galleries are demolished.
    They are still here but on one really strange way.

    You can see what am I talking about on:

    I make backup before uploading RC1 files. When I saw that is working worse then I expected, I upload back backup files. BUT, still nothing changed.

    I really need help. PLEASE, ANYBODY.

  9. alex.rabe says:

    Please request your question around the widget here : I have at the moment no time to work on this…

  10. Andrija says:

    I try to send question to KEV.HU but my comment every time go in spam.

    I can find his email on website, so if You can, just forward next questions and my email address to him:

    Is it possible, and how, put in RANDOM IMAGE WIDGET option like
    “Select galleries” (like in slideshow)


    P.S. Great gallery

  11. Kiper says:

    Alex, is it possible to use NG Gallery in WordPress MU?
    I get a error message saying that it must be WP 2.1 or higer and that is what the latest release of WordPress MU is…

  12. alex.rabe says:

    I didn’t test it for WPMU. Some words about this :

    You must know I did this plugin at first for myself and 2nd as tribute to the great WordPress blogging community and all the other great plugin authors…

    WordPress MU are many times used with a commercial background, I will take maybe some time for this or maybe not.. It’s easy to steer this 🙂 At the moment I have no time for this.

  13. anne says:

    hi again, just for the records: i forced myself to not be lazy and managed to update wordpress to 2.2.1 (was: 2.1.3) and voilà, tinymc is back for good.. thank you for listening anyway, and go on with it, it’s worth it! thanks..

  14. alex.rabe says:

    fine … good to know

  15. […] nach einem update von wordpress 2.1.3 auf 2.2.1 klappt es mit aktiviertem plugin auch wieder mit dem tinymc.. aktuelle download-version gibt es hier. […]

  16. fabulous says:

    the nextgen gallery can add a button on

    code editor?

    i am must use code editor,can’t use visual editor.

    thanks you.

  17. alex.rabe says:

    I moved your request to “feature request”. At the moment I didn’t work on this, but I will keep it in my mind for a later version

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