v0.60 out now

So I found the IE bug and released now version 0.60. I finally add the background music option for the slideshow, require a MP3 and a lot of traffic 🙂 see here http://alexrabe.de/about/


27 thoughts on “v0.60 out now

  1. Kiper says:

    Don’t bloat the gallery too much! Background music feels like overkill… Great that you solved the IE bug!

  2. alex.rabe says:

    It’s only a option setting nothing more… takes 2 min. to integrated it 🙂

  3. Kiper says:

    I realized that it is a function of the flash player. Ok, then it’s a good thing. 🙂 Great work! Got a translation for you…

  4. windstar says:

    where can download new ver ?_?

  5. windstar says:

    and have new ver demo pic ?

  6. Where is the download link?

  7. Ron says:

    Anyone else having a problem with the gallery plugin detecting GD Library Support? My host says it is installed and I even have 1 gallery already from version .52. Now that I am on version.60, it says no GD Lib support.

  8. MizyCool says:

    where is the download link??

    i think that you should publish the download link in EVEREY new Version! i havent found the download link since 0.52 😦

  9. The 0.52 alpha link is the v. 0.60 link.

  10. Kretzschmar says:

    The IE bug is fixed for me too. I couldn’t even drag the image to the post (wich caused an error before).
    Overall I don’t feel like using an alpha version anymore. Thank you very much Ruben for all your hard work. And thansk for adding a css file for my theme dKret2.

    Please don’t drop support for ‘manual’ subpages now that we can have our galleries displayed automatically. I like my subpages Widget to show all gallery subpages. It would be nice if nggallery could check if a gallery HAS an own subpage. Those pages should be prefered.

  11. alex.rabe says:

    Sorry i forgot to change the text , you can always find the actual version here : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nextgen-gallery/download/

  12. wenn ich die Option “Aktiviere jQuery Navigation” aktiviere werden die Galerien bei mir nicht mehr angezeigt. Kann das damit zusammen högen da im Header auf eine js Datei verwiesen wird die nicht im Installationspaket ist (admin/js/jquery.nextgen.pack.js). Es gibt da wohl eine jquery.MultiFile.pack.js.

  13. alex.rabe says:

    Yep, vergessen… neue Version ist jetzt online

  14. danke jetzt gehts.
    noch ne Kleinigkeit die mir aufgefallen ist wenn ich ein thumbnail anklicke und es mir in groß anzeigen lasse kann ich dort nur bis die max eingestellten Bilder auf next klicken (Thickbox). Ich muss dann wieder mit ESC raus die nächste Seite anklicken und kann mir dann die nächsten anschauen.

    Schöner währe es doch wenn man alle Bilder der Gallery durchgehen könnte.

  15. Quiglag says:

    Quick question. When I have a single pic and I click on it, should’nt the full size pic show up? Its just showing the same size photo and not the full version. Also is there an option to remove the border in single pic mode? Thanks

  16. Chinkee says:

    download link is at wordpress plugins page so stop bickering

  17. Nochmehr Updates: dKret 2.8 und NextGEN Gallery 0.60…

    Weil ich gerade dabei war…
    hab ich auch gleich auf dKret 2.8 und NextGEN Gallery 0.60 upgedated.
    Endlich kein Stress mehr mit dem Thickbox-Effekt für Bilder und ein paar neue Features ……

  18. Rich says:

    I am using WordPress MU version 1.2.3-2.2.1, so even though it is MU version 1.2.3 it is using most of the code from WordPress 2.2.1.

    However, after activating your plugin, it says

    “Sorry, NextGEN Gallery works only under WordPress 2.1 or higher”

    Shouldn’t NextGEN Gallery work for this version of MU?



  19. alex.rabe says:

    I didn’t test it for WPMU.

  20. Rowan says:

    Rich – been playing about with this on wpmu for a site I’m building, it works fine with a few changes here and there, once I’m happy with it will be sending Alex details of the necessary changes / additions / gotchas for wpmu

  21. alex.rabe says:

    Would we great if you forward me your changes when you finished your tests…

  22. Jantscho says:

    Das ist echt ne gute Sache, Alex! Habe zwar lange gebraucht, sie als Laie zum Laufen zu bringen, aber langsam habe ich den Dreh raus und sie funktioniert!


    Wünschenswert wäre noch, dass so ein Button für das Einfügen auch ohne den TextWysig-editor käme, das war für mich sehr schwierig, aber das ist letztendlich nebensächlich.

  23. Oliver says:

    Thanks for this great plug-in

    Everything is working just fine in the new blog i’m setting up for my girlfriend except for the option to add a picture in a message from the gallery. I can add an slideshow or the gallry, but i cant seem to add single pics to the messages… and suggestions to what i might be doing wrong? 😦

  24. Leigh says:

    I love the gallery 🙂 I have one bug which has to do with closing an openned picture. The close link and ESC don’t seem to work with both Firefox and IE 6 & IE 7.



  25. leigh says:

    Looks like it was the GooglePR plugin that was causing problems with the NextGEN Gallery when closing pictures.



  26. farid silva says:

    Great work Alex!
    I just upgraded last night to v 0.60 and could appreciate some nice changes
    There’s only an issue (from my point of view) under admin panel / Options, the CSS does not work fine under firefox, only display a half size of “update” button but nothing more.
    I tested it under safari for windows and IE6, and works fine
    Kind regards

  27. Kimm Wiens says:

    Thanks for the awesome plugin. I like the .mp3 option. Nothing like some tunes to go with the slideshow!

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