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I followed the last days a interesting discussion about sponsored themes at WordPress. I’m real impressed about Matt’s answer today. I fully agree with his definition and understanding of free software.

I never thought to release wordTube or NextGEN Gallery under a other license than GPL. It’s my very small part for the large WordPress community and as I define it for myself a payback for the development of all the great free products like PHP, MySQL, Apache or a least WordPress.

The positive feedback, ideas and code changes I received are very motivating. Imaging the response on Windows if it was a GPL product ! I believe the whole development will be much faster than the 10000 unmotivated developers from Microsoft, which receive beside the money only a lot of pressure from the management.

I hope we didn’t encounter sponsored plugins sometimes…

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3 thoughts on “free software

  1. alakhnor says:

    fully agree. I’ve seen this comment from Matt also. His answer was straight and clear. Good point.
    I don’t get the concept of sponsored theme or plugin for wordPress anyway. All wordpress community is based upon GPL and open source.

  2. Haller says:

    Can’t agree more. Gone read the discussion you mentioned.

    Of topic: One other thing (for my little, yes very little :), contribution to your work), can you send me your email to dennis at twee-d dot nl. I’ve translated the wordTube .mo file (1.50) to dutch.


  3. alex.rabe says:

    @Haller you find my email here :

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