Sorry, it's just a copy, please deinstall it !

Funny, funny… no doubt I need to answer on this 🙂

Read the comments on this post : RedBallons.

NextGEN Gallery ist not a brand new plugin, it’s just a copy of myGallery with some new functions. Those fablous functions you mentoined are functions of myGallery.

Thomas Boley, devleoper of myGallery

<irony> Sure, a gallery system is invented by myGallery.  So the multiple album management, watermarking,  effect selection, slideshow features, integration into upload tab, JavaScript effect are all developed in myGallery. I apologize that I made just a very simple copy of it…
If you have a look into my code then you will see that I only replaced the names for myGallery with NextGEN Gallery </irony>.

I think to show solidarity, you should immediately deinstall my clone plugin. I will close this work and enjoy my new free time.

For all others who didn’t get the point , here is my story behind this :

myGallery was one of the best gallery systems I could find, when I started with WordPress in 2006. It definitely combined the most usefull features you needed for a simple gallery system in WordPress (Zip-Upload, Gallery management, independent CSS style, etc). I used this plugin many times for my projects…

End of the year I started with my first tests of WordPress 2.1 and realized that myGallery needs some bugfixes, I reported this and started to fix this in my local version. I encountered that I need a couple of changes to fit it’s to my needs. myFlash was one of this feature.  I get more and more ideas what could be improved and I offered my help to work on myGallery.

Up to this moment I never planned a new gallery plugin. But then, based on some bugfix releases from other bloggers to help the community,the myGallery author withdraw the GPL license. I didn’t understand the reason for that and couldn’t accept this. This has motivated me to create a new plugin for the community and of course for myself.

My plugin can be called a derivative work from myGallery, but it’s more than just a simple copy.

  • If you don’t like my work and effort for this plugin, please give me a simple note.
  • If you feel that this a simple copy of an existing plugin, it’s up to you to switch to the original plugin.

I’m open for criticism in all direction. I hope the WordPress community is able to find out the truth… 

I go back and enjoy the summer.


35 thoughts on “Sorry, it's just a copy, please deinstall it !

  1. SainSuper says:

    I think that your plug in is very beautiful and not a copy…
    If you make a search on google, you find nextgen gallery like the best workpress plugin for photo management. Is easy criticize the work of the people.. (i’m sorry for my bad english)

  2. bw says:

    Just commenting to show my support… I have used both of these gallery plugins extensively and am grateful for the continued development in both areas.

    As far as i can tell, the nextgen gallery has built on the strengths of the mygallery plugin and added a lot more value, not to mention improving on basically every aspect of the usability and functionality of the “original” system (does the author of mygallery think he invented Zip-Upload & Gallery management?)

    I challenge anyone to show me a piece of software which hasn’t borrowed ideas or functions from multiple different sources.

    Keep up the great work, both developers.

  3. Petra says:

    Thanks to both Alex and Thomas for all the hard work in providing us with gallery software for wordpress. I am using both myGallery and NextGen on my blog. Alex credited Thomas on his blog with the excellent plugin that he created which set a new standard for image galleries in WordPress, Alex took that as a baseline and has added some enhancements which are a wonderful follow-on. I look forward to the continuing development of both of your software.

  4. Mark says:

    I’ll stick my hand up in support of Alex! I find it a bit rich that a plugin author can abandon it and then come out with a comment like that. If Thomas was so concerned about his plugin he certainly didn’t show it by offering timely, helpful support.

    Awesome work Alex, and sorry, I won’t be de-installing NextGEN – it rocks! So sue me 🙂

  5. Bob says:

    I installed this yesterday on a couple sites, very impressed, limited time with them but what I have seen is nice.
    Very Nice
    Hope this sorts out well
    Thank you

  6. Lazy says:

    it`s no copy.. it is a great plugin with its own story and a lot of work for Alex.

  7. Brittney says:

    Yout plugin is amazing. I love it. It’s so simple and I agree with Lazy. [:

  8. Pinkpowered says:

    your’e plugin is way better than the original. So please go on.

  9. Sandro says:

    Hi, I have ur plugin… and I think its only working gallery I could find for 2.2. version! I love all the features, and please don’t let those f*** get to u. They envy ur success thats it. Please continue the work 🙂

  10. Dresah says:

    Good Copy 😀

  11. Dresah says:

    you’re a good copier, please continue to hard copying.

    i like next-gen

  12. people of mygallery are claiming for copy of “features”??? ja!

    i will not install mygallery (a great but heavy program) just for paste some pics and albums in my blog, I’m using NextGen, it’s perfect.

    Thanks for the “copy”!
    Pepe Montfort

  13. dortich says:

    NextGEN Gallery is a great plugin I like it. Keep it up! 🙂

  14. RoCoART says:

    Hi Alex
    I’m new with WP, i’m using it for 2 moths by now. At a certain moment I needed an Image gallery. Tried out several ones till I get the NextGEN gallery. It’s just fantastic. I have no clue bout mygallery or whatever it’s name is and to be honest I don’t really care much about it. I’ve seen this kind of “fights” all over the net just because someone stoped the work on a project and when it was continued by someone lese here we go, let’s fight. Don’t pay attention to it. It’s not worth spending time with such things. It’s annoying I admit that but hey, at least U feel u alive :).
    In the and just a quick question if possible: Would it be possible to add a download function to the gallery? Let’s suppose someone likes the images in one of the galleries and want them stored locally. Do U think is possible?
    Thank you for the great work

  15. Clive Loseby says:

    Hi there, I also want to add my support to NextGen. We run several WP sites and have tried many gallery plugins. NextGen is by far the best, most robust and easiest to use. Please keep up the good work… I don’t know about the history but it is standard practice with open source software to take a great idea and make it better. You have my vote!

  16. x-demon says:

    Its best gallery for wp =)

  17. BiGAlex says:

    I think both projects could work together to enhance an unique plugin and add more features.
    A feature i really would like to see implemented is comments for every photo; i am also a good php developer, so let me know anothing about it if you want!


  18. alex.rabe says:

    What should be combined ? It’s simply not possible to work together if a plugin is not released under Open Source (GPL) anymore…
    Your work is always welcome ! If you would like to help ,please contact me by mail.

  19. Jolaedana says:

    I just want to say that I probably installed and tried out every single gallery plugin WP has to offer- and I settled on this one. I settled on this one because it gave me the most layout options and customizable setup! I think it’s worked well for my site, and there are very few improvements I’d suggest.

    I agree with BiGAlex- I think comments for each photo would be an amazing addition. As an artist, that was the one thing I felt was missing big time.

    Also, I know it’s been mentioned and may already be in the works- but the option to do a slideshow that had thumbnails below for navigation would pretty much cinch this as the perfect solution for myself and my clients.

    A beautiful thing. 🙂 keep it up, and ignore the peanut gallery.

  20. Tino says:

    Enjoy the sun, have a great time and please come back after you had enough fun to continue this great plugin. 🙂

  21. usuario says:

    Hi, how to upgrade your plugin to latest version?!

    Is there any step-by-step?


  22. redballoons says:

    Sorry to have caused such a big commotion with my post about NextGEN Gallery. @_@ It really wasn’t something I had expected, considering it was one of the first posts I’ve made using this blog (and nickname) so whilst I appreciate the visitors, I really hope there are no hard feelings at the end of the day, as I respect both developers for their good work.

    Kind Regards

    p/s: I actually do go by another name on the NextGEN forums but for the sake of the blog, I have posted using this name instead.

  23. alex.rabe says:

    It’s not your fault. I would like to thank you for your post, I really appreciate that you take my plugin as first reviewed plugin, it’s a great honor.

    But I can’t keep such a jealousy comment from Thomas without a response. I respect all other plugin developments and ideas (You can see that at my contribute list in my plugin), but he think he has a patent on his idea.

    I developed a complete new plugin in my own coding style and take myGallery 1.2 (released under GPL 🙂 ) as template for the layout… I never copied simply some code.

  24. Kretzschmar says:

    Don’t feel bad at all. I know that you have created the best gallery plugin for WordPress and really like what you did.
    I once (you know) had problems with Thomas while trying to help others with his Plugin wich just didn’t work with newer WordPress versions. I often contacted him and gave him my code changes but never heard one word of him. Than I released my changes and got some seriously angry feedback of him. He also changed the license (gpl) after our complain.

    I think just ignoring him is the best one can do. He really has some serious problems. Everytime someone is making something better he gets angry. It is interesting to see that he plans a 2.0 version of myGallery now that you actually made a “3.0” already.

    I once supported his plugin in my theme and I am really thankful that I don’t need to use it anymore now nggallery is there. I don’t like to ask friendly for help and always get the answer that it is just a free time work and so on BUT also are not allowed to make changes to the code and help others with my work.

    I could write here more and more but stop now. Please Ruben don’t stop your work on the plugin myGallery should be. You made so many things I would likely have seen in myGallery that …..

    I will stop flaming now and make some holidays. See you all in three weeks. I go to france now.

  25. Joost says:

    I’m no expert in this area, frankly I don’t really care. Just wanted to say that I installed NextGen yesterday and I think it’s GREAT!

  26. ubik says:

    hey mate,
    really awesome plugin you’ve made!!
    works like a charm.
    i try to use the “thickbox” effect. it works fine, but after i edited the .JS file to change the “”. said it, did it. i changed “” to “” and the “Image 2 of 23” to “2/23”. but now, nothing changed.
    can somebody help me out here? maybe the creator of the wonderful plugin?


  27. KeViN says:

    It’s a shame that _one_ of the enermous team – which made wordpress the best blogger engine in the work – said that thing. I was who made the sidebar plugin to nextgen, and neither the plugin and the sidebar extension is not a copy. It is much more. so alex don’t listen to the envious people. Just contine the hard work 🙂

  28. alakhnor says:

    Homo sapiens is a copy of neanderthal. ^^

    Open source is all about exchange of ideas to make everybody’s progresses faster. Who can humbly say he can run faster than a whole community.

    Of course, I understand that if you’ve gone for a commercial license, you can be bitter to see others taking the interest of people…

    Alex, I’ve been many times through your code, and it’s definitely your style. Nobody could honestly say you copied.

    Ok, final metaphor: Massey-Ferguson said the Mercedes CLK 500 was a copy of the MF6400 because it has the same exact concept of 4-wheels, sterring wheel, gearbox,… everything!

    Come, let’s get serious 😀

  29. alex.rabe says:

    I appreciate your comment ! I know you are also a PHP programmer and know my plugins, so you can understand what a defamation it is , when you spend 100-200 hours in programming a plugin and somebody come across and call it “just a copy”.

  30. Pierre-Yves says:

    Jealousy… Your plugin is the best ! Keeps programming ;).

  31. thank you. thank you. thank you. you’ve create the best photo plugin i ever seen. call it “just a copy” it’s not fair. really.

  32. Julio says:

    Lo Siento, crei que era la version original, aun asi tu plug in es excelente!!

  33. exer says:

    Copy?! Awww, come on, one can’t see the difference between the two codes??? This myGallery-fouder-man must be a very serious developer 🙂

  34. SiW says:

    This should be a non-issue. Alex makes no attempt to hide the origins of NextGEN. Like others, I tried most of the solutions out there and settled on NextGEN because it’s actively developed and actually works.

  35. jt says:

    I just want to thank you to whomever made mygallery and to alex who improved it. Thank you so much. That’s all.

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