First preview on V0.70

Yes, beside this small annoying debate about copy or not , I worked on the tagging system. I reprogrammed some parts of the plugin to classes and prepare my tag system support. You can have a very first preview at I already updated my test blog to WordPress 2.3-alpha and test now some ideas.

New tag system

I really like the idea of related images for each post. I think for blogging at all it’s a nice feature. There are a lot of remaining ideas in my head, too much for one person. So it will take some time.

Yesterday I upload the 16th (!) language translation for NextGEN Gallery, I’m very happy about so much response and emails for this little project. Due to the fact that this plugin is under the top ten of the most downloaded plugins at, you can figure out that a lot of feature request are still open. Until it’s not getting to much for me and I didn’t lost my motivation, I will do my best…

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6 thoughts on “First preview on V0.70

  1. Firebane says:

    I really hope you release 0.70 soon. I really like your library system, it’s just that if I change any option on the “Gallery” tab, it breaks my whole installation.

    Oh, btw, another small bug I found. Try creating a gallery that has uppercase letters in the name. Then try uploading pictures as a zip. You’ll notice that the directory for that gallery is all in lowercase letter, but the new directory is in mixed case. Of course, if you work in Windows only, you won’t notice this …

    Anyways, great product, keep up the great work.

  2. What a great plugin you have! I am so very glad that you have created this for us wordpressers. Keep up the incredible work. You have really made my 5 day old blog look professional!

    Thank you!

  3. […] to edit up the photos and export to JPEG, then upload them to the gallery and display them with the NextGen Gallery Plugin for […]

  4. Jolaedana says:

    Wow, the tags and related images thing is really cool!! Not for how I use your plugin generally (as an art gallery) but I can see it being amazing for anyone writing articles.

    Great step forward, Alex, thanks for your continued work on this project! I hope you never get tired. 😉

  5. Manish says:

    Am eagerly waiting for 0.70 version with tags and user role management.

  6. nadavkav says:

    excellent plug in 🙂

    is it possible to get EXIF information from images while re-scanning the folder for new images and have the EXIF-comments be placed as defaults in the comments fields ?

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