First beta release of NextGEN Gallery 0.70

I worked the last two weeks at a AJAX version in the style of Falbum, but I stopped it for now. I got too much new problems , therefore I withdrawn the last changes for this. I need again more time for it…

Now, I would say that Version 0.70 is almost finished. Let summarize the new features :

  • First part of tags integration (ready for WordPress 2.3)
  • Two new tags : [ albumtags= xyz ] and [ tags= xyz ]
  • Roles management
  • Some new options and a new cleaner admin interface with jQuery Tabs

You can find the complete changelog here

A UPGRADE Note :If you upgrade from any older version, it’s important that you one time deactivate the plugin !

If you decide to use this version, please leave a short comment if this new version is working or not…

Thanks for your assist, I will release now version 0.70.

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22 thoughts on “First beta release of NextGEN Gallery 0.70

  1. Christopher says:

    Alex you spoil us, the plugin is getting better and better.
    Had it running on my localhost test site and think the tagging options and system are fantastic. Thank you for all the hard work you have obviously been putting in.

    One thing I have noticed is that the description showing (in the thickbox displayed image, and in the gallery page if you have the option set) is for the gallery description and not the image description ??? Having the image description I think is much more useful.

  2. alex.rabe says:

    Yep, this is a mistake. Thanks for the feedback !

  3. eRay says:


    I’m using your plugin.It’s awesome…But gallery pages need SEO

    Check out

  4. alex.rabe says:

    Step by Step…

  5. pat.dynek says:

    Can you add some ‘alt=””‘ in widget code (small validation issue everytime)?

    Will be awesome if alt function in widget would grabs alt from mysql of wp_ngg_pictures table 😉

  6. Lazy says:

    it seems theres a little bug in options with firefox

  7. alex.rabe says:

    Puh, can’t get this effect. Which FF version & operating system do you have ?

  8. bw says:

    when i use the ‘upload images’ tab to upload multiple images, the system just creates several of the same picture. So if i upload 10 different pictures, i end up with 10 identical pictures and thumbnails (duplicates of the first photo i selected).

  9. thx1138 says:

    Habe mit der neuen Betaversion ein Problem.
    Habe eine Galerieseite nach folgendem Schema erstellt:



    In der Vorversion war die Anzeige auch Perfekt:
    galeriex1 galeriex2 galeriex3
    galeriex4 galeriex5 galeriex6

    galeriey1 galeriey2 galeriey3
    galeriey4 galeriey5 galeriey6

    galeriez1 galeriez2 galeriez3
    galeriez4 galeriez5 galeriez6

    Nach dem Update ist die Anzeige jedoch durcheinandergeraten:
    galeriex1 galeriex2 galeriex3 Überschrift2
    galeriex4 galeriex5 galeriex6

    galeriey1 galeriey2 galeriey3 Überschrift3
    galeriey4 galeriey5 galeriey6

    galeriez1 galeriez2 galeriez3
    galeriez4 galeriez5 galeriez6

  10. Lazy says:

    Hi Alex,

    i`m using FF 3.0a8.. on WinXp x64; in IE7 it works fine.

  11. Lazy says:

    even if i forget.. it could be that 3.0a8 has some difficulties with css files.. like i recognized the last days, so maybe don`t care about my mention of this “bug”, maybe its FF related

  12. alex.rabe says:


    What is the file names from the uploaded images ? I clean up the name and it could be the reason…

  13. alex.rabe says:


    Kannst du mir bitte einen Link schicken, ich muss mir das mal anschauen

  14. Sauliala says:


    excellent plugin, thanks. At we’re deploying new site with WordPress and your plugin. There’s one feature we haven’t found (or it’s not developed yet) : the ability to chance the order of pictures. As there’s nice drag’n’drop -feature at albums, would it be possible to apply this to image ordering too?

    But anyway, thanks a lot.

  15. dbs says:


    no problems with it so far.

    It would be nice to support the Slimbox WP-Plugin (, much smaller as the Lightbox and 100% compatible. Even if it uses the same syntax as the Lightbox I can’t get it to work!?



  16. Dresah says:

    Same problem with @bw,
    configuration 01:winxp,apache 1.3.33 – php 4.3.10 – mysql 4.1.9
    configuration 02:Linux,apache 1.3.33 – php 4.3.10 – mysql 4.1.11-Debian

    Thanks to all team members, i like nextgen.

  17. bw says:

    i just tested it with 10 files.

    the filenames span from ph001.jpg to ph010.jpg and once nextgen had uploaded them i checked the gallery folder and i have this…

    when i go into gallery management though, all of the correct thumbnails appear. Bt when on my gallery page (on website) it just shows 10 identical thumbs, which all open the same photo.

  18. bw says:

    just a small feature request also…

    it would be good to have the ability to turn the jquery, thickbox and swfobject inclusions off. i already have jquery and thickbox in my header (manually) as i need them on other pages. In options i would like a tickbox for each file inclusion like this…

    [] include jquery script link in header
    [] include thickbox script link in header
    [] include thickbox css link in header
    [] include nggallery css link in header
    [] include swfobject script link in header

    this would also help people who are only using the plugin for gallery management, and dont require (for instance) the swfobject component.

  19. bw says:

    just realised you can practically do this already. shame on me! but the one thing which i cant find is an option to deactivate the swfobject js include.

  20. alex.rabe says:

    Ok, I found the upload problem, it’s a PHP 4/5 problem. Next beta will be PHP4 compatible

    Swfobject is loaded via the WordPress script loader, themes should perfom this in the same way.

  21. alex.rabe says:

    Silmbox should be working, if it’s using the same code, otherwise you can add this to the effect code line

  22. Fabian says:

    hätte hier noch ein paar Wünsche für eine der nächsten Versionen:
    – Automatisches verkleinern der Bilder (an/abschalbar)
    – Automatisches setzen des Wasserzeichens (an/abschaltbar)
    – Seitenweise anzeigen der Galerien in der Administration, bei über 200 Galerien wird die Liste ziemlich lang 😉

    Würd mich über einen Kommentar deinerseits freuen.


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