New Release of NextGEN Gallery

Ok, I must speed up the testing. My vacation start next friday and so I release now version 0.70, with the little hope that not many bugs inside. If you have any problem with this version please rollback to the last version or give me some time to fix it.

You can find always the current & older version at :

A UPGRADE Note : If you upgrade from any older version, it’s important that you one time deactivate the plugin !

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16 thoughts on “New Release of NextGEN Gallery

  1. Manish says:

    Where is the download link for 0.70 version ?

  2. alex.rabe says:

    Ehh… in this post ….

  3. Manish says:

    ooops I thought you were refering to the older versions in that link. Sorry.

  4. Mike says:

    Thanks for the update!
    Just updated 0.63 without a problem! Works like a charm, and easier with the new admin functions 🙂

  5. Kretzschmar says:

    I found a little bug in your role management. The first dropdown doesn’t work as expected. If you release the mouse button the dropdown closes. The other drop-downs work like charm.

  6. Bort says:

    Es sind noch einige Rechtschreibfehler vorhanden. Die alle aufzuzählen, sprengt den Rahmen eines Kommentars – Wollte nur drauf hinweisen.
    Das Plugin funktioniert aber auch in 0.7 tadellos – bei mir 😉

  7. alex.rabe says:

    am Besten das geänderte po file per Email mir zuschicken, dann binde ich es in der nächsten Version ein…

    Mehr Infos zum Erstellen von davon hier :

  8. Juna says:

    Hello, I’m using the gallery right now. And I am wondering is it possible to change upload MB limit? (Tho it says that my SERVER only let me upload up to 7MB).

  9. DarioDN says:

    When i edit the css by wp-admin, and click on “yes” in confirm page, then it show a blank white wp-admin page…

    nothing change if i refresh. i must change url manually

  10. Nick says:


    How does the sorting works. When I’ve uploaded the pictures, they are shown in a random(?) rank. I want the pictures in a rank of date, is this possible?

  11. Martin says:

    Had 0.64 working fine on mu-1.2.4 but updated to NextGEN 0.72 and no chance of it the upgrade workinh on mu-1.2.4 or mu-1.2.5 !! right pain.. rolled back the database and NextGEN 0.64 but still doesn’t work. I think maybe my version of 0.64 is now corrupt.. Is there anybody out there who still has a full version of NextGEN 0.63 or 0.64 ??
    If so, I would really appreciate it. You can send it to me on mu”@” [remove quotes of course as trying to avoid spam].

    Many thanks in Advance,

  12. Martin says:

    Sorted it !
    The 0.64 version needed necessary tweaks which I got from Rowan Crane’s Blog, but Alex has allowed for tweak in his reprogramming of the brilliant NextGEN version 0.72 ! Here’s me thinking Alex wouldn’t be keeping in mind the users of WordPress-MU, and automatically adding in the modification, when it clearly wasnt required. Thanks Alex and the team for adding more power into an already great plugin 😉

  13. Therseus says:

    After latest NextGen Gallery version’s upgrade i cant upload new photos, and i get this message : “You do not have the GD Library installed. This class requires the GD library to function properly. visit” for more information” Now what the hell am i supposed to do ? The previous version worked just fine.

  14. the briefcase says:

    the forward button does not work…
    Wordpress 2.2.3, NGG 0.70

    Is there an option to show the title of a gallery after selecting it? (like “Galleries -> “My stupid Gallery”)

    “The Briefcase” Torsten

  15. floogy says:

    Hi I get this, while trying to install the 0.72 plugin into wpmu:
    “Sorry, NextGEN Gallery works only under WordPress 2.1 or higher”

    I’m using wpmu 1.2.5, which, I think, is based on the newest WP codebase (2.3, or at least 2.2.3).

  16. floogy says:

    Maybe it’s possible to offer a link “activate it anyway: I’m using the newest version of wpmu”, or you guide me to add such a link by myself.. Unfortunately I’m not a coder, though.

    Hmm… the Role-Manager doesn’t have a fully support of wpmu yet, maybe NextGEN Gallery doesn’t work at all under wpmu?

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