Back in town and web,

WordPress 2.3 is knocking at the door and I need to check if this old K2 theme is still working with this version. I answered the mosted question in the forums and must crawl now thru my emails…

During the next weeks I’m not able to work on the pluigns, but I do my best to solve bugs very quick !

Wish you all a nice start in the week….
 Ship my bike

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9 thoughts on “Online

  1. Lazy says:

    welcome back 🙂

    schöne neue woche!

  2. great plugin

    its the first one where I didn’t have to change anything

    cant wait for new releases 🙂

  3. debi says:

    I love your plugin!
    I am just curious, I’ve noticed on some of the samples you listed that people have somehow removed the link to the full-size image when they click from the thumbnails… how do I remove that link? Please let me know via e-mail if possible. Thank you!

  4. Tati says:

    why my pagination of gallery apear like this

  5. Alessandro says:

    Hi Alex,

    Your plugin is great, but i’m having various issues, i guess it’s my fault but i still wanted to report it.Sorry for my rusty english.

    I’ve upgraded to WP 2.3, I have NGGallery 0.72, widget version 1.12

    When i try to access the “manage Gallery” panel under “Gallery” admin panel, i got this:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 12582912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 46080 bytes) in /web/htdocs/ on line 61

    I guess it’s some kind of problem with images deletion…

    Second, i wonder why my thumbnails generate a lot of “memory exausted” error, indipendently by the quality settings (1-5).

    I would appreciate your help or directions.


  6. Van says:

    Alessandro that error is because your host set a limitation of file size uploaded with photo galleries. Try to change the allowed memory in php.ini file in your site root directory. If there’s no php.ini file there, contact your web host to request a change or something. I don’t think this has anything to do with the plugin.

  7. Monkeyfarmer says:

    Other “effects” other than ThickBox? How?

    My site’s current sandbox is located here:

    I know I’m missing something very obvious, but if I change the effect to something like Lightbox, when I click on an image/gallery etc. it just loads the image in the window.

    If I switch back to TB, it works OK.

    So what are the steps to use something like lightbox or Highslide?

    And with lightbox, apparently NGG does not insert the required class= and rel= to work. So how do I insert that code in WP?

    Thanks for a great plugin!

  8. Hi Alex
    The nggallery is just great. And has been been well performing. So after updating to the last version, I am getting a strange problem. On the album page the page is loaded with some kind of error and i am not able to drag and drop a gallery to the album. All galleries are opened – and I cannot close them. Is this a known issue?

  9. Hi Alex
    Problem solved. The riffly plugin interferes with all drag and drop operations i wordpress, not only nggallery. Deactivation og the rifly plugin solved the problem.

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