NextGEN Gallery with WPMU support

I finished the first WPMU modification for NextGEN Gallery based on the changes from Rowan Crane. I’m tested this here locally and it works so far. If somebody is interested to test this in live you can checkout the current version at my GoogleCode project .

I’m not very familiar with WPMU blogs , so leave a comment if you have ideas what features could be added for a seamless WPMU integration…

 Changes for WPMU :

  • Integrated quota check (and support of Z-Space Upload Quotas)
  • Remove uninstall button for blog user
  • Remove server settings
  • Gallery path set to blog.dir and readonly
  • New Site-Admin page to enable/disable functions
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65 thoughts on “NextGEN Gallery with WPMU support

  1. Bobsch says:

    E-Mail sent.

    Once again: Alex, you rock! 😉

  2. Richard Bui says:

    Cool news! Email sent.

  3. Andrea_R says:

    I’ve got a new install in the works – I’d love to test it.

  4. Sherin says:

    Hello 🙂 ,

    It is an amazing work. I like it very much.I was searching for a long time how to add a good gallery to my blog. At last I got it. You are the true opensource geeks too. Convey my regards to all, those who worked beyond the development. You see the demo from here.

  5. You are amazing! I don’t think there are any photogallery plugins that natively support WPMU yet (at least, I have yet to find any). I’ve been surviving off of modified builds of various scripts for about a year now, latest of which has been NextGen.

    As for features, I can’t think of any features that need to be added besides quota check and better integration with WPMU, which I see you are doing.

    Good luck with the development!

  6. James Farmer says:

    Would love to test it too 🙂

  7. Rowan says:

    Good to see this 🙂 Am quite happy to give it a whirl on my live site.

  8. ovidiu says:

    ready for testing too 🙂 mail to: ovizii at zice dot ro

  9. Allan Smee says:

    Would like to test it as well. NextGen is the best image plugin I have come cross for standard wp 🙂

  10. Kuan says:

    Good, I like to test it. Email sent!!

  11. ctanner says:

    I would like to test it what is your email address?

  12. Kristin says:

    I would really like to test it, actually I was just lurking around your code to figure out to make it work nicely with MU..

  13. L says:

    I already have NextGEN Gallery with some modifications to make it work with WordPress MU

    I hvaeto uninstall to put this version?

  14. Toste says:

    I would very much like to test you WPMU 😀

  15. Philipp says:


    It’s soo good to see this development!

    mail is on the way!

    Cheers Phil

  16. jalien says:

    Tried nextgen with my regular wordpress site. Great job. I would love to test it out on WPMU too.

  17. Olaf says:

    Hi Alex,
    ich spiel auch gerad mal mit dem MU rum. Kannst du mir deine Alpha mal zukommen lassen!?

    Danke, Olaf

  18. Würde mich auch über das Zukommen dieser netten Sache freuen

    Gruß Dennis

  19. jordi says:

    your plugin is making a big conflict with the “xmlrpc.php”, when try to publish via microsfot word, or Flickr, the program crash, but the post is done, :S. If i disable the plugin all works fine… Greetings

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  21. gulflee says:

    i try the wp version in wpmu. when new user try to use it, the tab only appear SETUP and Roles is there any setting i had did wrong?

    And i would like try WPMU version. tq

  22. Florin says:

    I would like to test the plugin, I’m in the middle of migrating to a WPMU setup, so perfect timing.

  23. haythoo says:


    I want to test it…

  24. gulflee says:

    hi alexraba, “the wpmu suppoter”, i had received the wpmu nextgen gallery plugin. i will try it, Tq

  25. D.M. says:

    This plugin is great! I got one question though:
    Will it be possible for you to add some flickr functionality into your plugin?


  26. Rafik says:

    @DM : no sense. NextGEN is a real gallery.

  27. D.M. says:

    @ Rafik.. duh?

  28. alex.rabe says:

    What flickr functionality do you mean ? Import of functions ?

  29. D.M. says:

    Thanks for your reply Alex. I mean being able to display a set of pictures from flickr as a gallery. I know there are other plugins out there which should do the thing, but they seem to cause problems. For instance the slickr plugin just displays an empty options screen..

  30. alex.rabe says:

    Not in the next step… but maybe I get some more time then I will have a look for it

  31. gulflee says:

    hi alex; i had try on the “nextgen gallery for wpmu” is great, and i dun see any-prob now, i going to let user to have gallery=1, and blogs.dir/ID/files/ and a picture file on default meaning; once active or when a new user created, the dir, picture and gallery will auto insert, is it posible?

  32. klaus says:

    Hi Alex,

    Great plugin, I really would like to use it for WPMU.
    I installed 0.73 on MU, but got an error message in the dahsboard, stating that is only runs from WP 2.1 and higher. I now use WMPMU 1.2.5

    I would like to do some testing too, and to get this plugin up and running.

  33. Pascal says:


    sorry my english is not very good.

    I would like to test NextGen Gallery with WPMU support.

    I have Wpmu 1.2.5

    thank you

  34. alex.rabe says:

    @Pascal & Klaus
    You can download the trunk of my Google Code Project (see link), it’s the latest version with WPMU support. But I must note that it’s only support WPMU 1.3

  35. pupster says:

    I’m trying to set this up with wpmu 1.3. I’ve installed it, but when try to create a gallery or upload pics I get the msg

    Directory /data/htdocs/mytestdir/gallery didn’t exist. Please create first the main gallery folder !

    But I do have a dir Directory /data/htdocs/mytestdir/gallery, and permissions are set on it for 777.

  36. alex.rabe says:

    @Pupster : do you use the trunk version from my GoogleCode ?

  37. pupster says:

    Not sure if was the trunk version. It was from

  38. alex.rabe says:

    WPMU features are only in trunk ! You need to checkout them…

  39. gulflee says:

    not i got the problem. nextgen wpmu cannot auto activate for every new user ? can help?<:)

  40. pupster says:

    Okay I found and installed the trunk and am still getting the following:

    Directory /data/htdocs/mystestdir/gallery didn’t exist. Please create first the main gallery folder!

    But /data/htdocs/mystestdir/gallery does exist.

    There’s no readme file in the trunk. What permissions do I need to change? /data/htdocs/mystestdir/gallery is 777, but what about the /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery files/dirs ?

  41. pupster says:

    never mind. I had to deactive the old plugi and activate the new. Then I needed to give permissions to the blog files in blog.dir

  42. gulflee says:

    hi alex, i had install
    the plugins did active only “Setup” is available. I had check the wp table the wpdb-> table did not create ngg-album, ngggallery …etc. but when user click manualy the plugin runs great. why?

  43. gulflee says:

    hi, please comment at my way,: i had remove the function checking the plugins is active or not-active in ngg_install.php, and use the wpmuplugincommander to active the plugins, it works.

  44. alex.rabe says:

    I will have a look if I can optimze it. So that NGG didn’t require the PluginCommander

  45. julius says:

    im confused on this one

    add a gallery and upload some images (the main gallery folder must have permission 777)

    do i have to make a new folder named “gallery”? and attrib to 777?

    please help


  46. Peter says:


    First of all, we want to thank you for such an excellent plugin. We use it on our regular WordPress installs and it’s just awesome.

    We are setting a new blog service at and would like to implement gallery in it.

    I got the version from trunk and copied it over to /plugins/. I can see gallery detected by plugin commander and also the admin page for nextgen.

    I set the path to ****/wp-content/blogs.dir/.

    The plugin was activated via plugin manager for all users.

    But yet, users see the gallery option in the menu, but the only thing in there is just “reset options”.

    Also, we modified wpmu so that file directories for users are in MD5 hashed dirs:


    This is to overcome file system limitations…

    Anything we are missing? There is a gallery dir inside blogs.dir set to 777…

    Also, if you’d like access to our servers to further test the software, let us know.

    Peter 🙂

  47. alex.rabe says:


    Why do you need this MD5 for the blog.dir ?
    About the “only reset setting” issue : Maybe the roles are not set when activate.

  48. Mello says:

    I already have a couple blogs running under one user right now. Would I be able to use this modification and still use the current photos I have up .. I’d hate to have to modify all of them, I guess I could just change the dirs. in php edit manually.

  49. Peter says:

    Hi Alex,

    A lot of filesystems, including ext3, have a limit of 32,000 directories within a directory.

    Thus, if you reach that number of directories, WordPress can’t create more directories within blogs.dir and thus no new blogs.

    By MD5ing the blog ID, it creates a directory tree with a 16^6 number of possible directories under which blog dirs are organized. Essentially it overcomes that 32K barrier and increases the number of possible blogs to about 16 million.

    There are code modifications for this at the wpmu forum.

    This is also the problem why there is a limit of the number of tables mysql can have, because it can’t create that many files within the database’s directory. If the tables were organized within a MD5 hash-type directory tree, the limitation would disappear.

    As for the problem with the “only reset issue”, do you think then this is a problem of Plugin Commander?

    Peter 🙂

  50. gulflee says:

    hi, when i take of ngg_install.php

    in other for wpmu to add table for wp_X_nggXXXXX by default.

    // Check for capability
    ** // if ( !current_user_can(‘activate_plugins’) )
    ** // return;

    this will run but! when i click Gallery–> Manage gallery –> edit(one of gallery) –> and click save changes the path: will change to other path ?? why? tq for comment

  51. Arrgyle says:

    I have uploaded the latest trunk to my wordpress mu site in the plugins folder and set the permissions to 777.

    When I try to activate the plugin for one of the sites, it still tells me I need WP 2.1 or higher and will not activate.

    Any suggestions?

  52. alex.rabe says:

    I need to have a look for the activation again. Because in this moment the roles for the user are created (and maybe for WPMU it must be changed)

    Do you use realley the lasted trunk ? I used the for the path and this was wrong, I need to change it back to “readonly”

    Do you use WPMU 1.3 ?

  53. gulflee says:

    hi alex,
    i m just a beginner so i havent look on the trac trunk. I m still looking on it, and one question about “nextgen gallery” Gallery path on admin what you mean by %BLOG_ID% places-holder, i try to edit it to “wp-content/blog.dir/%BLOG_ID%/ this can’t work?

  54. gulflee says:

    sorry for comment 4554, delete it if u want and this comment too, and can you describe more on the comment u write on 4435

  55. italways says:

    just a quick question, if I wanna wpmu support, up to now, I should download Version 0.64, is it right?

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  57. cachak says:

    i have alerady install in wpmu but error in upload file
    the message is :
    Directory /home/xxxx/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/test contains no pictures

    and file not upload


  58. Edin says:

    I have the same error where it wont upload a file in the Add gallery > Upload images section.

    It seems that it’s a firefox specific bug because it works fine in ie7.

    Any idea’s what could be causing the problem?



  59. Dan says:

    Hi Alex,

    I’ve installed the latest version WPMU support. The gallery works fine as an Administrator. However, when a subscriber attempts to create a new album, the folder is created on the server, but when the user attempts to upload photos, the album is not in the drop-down and can’t be selected.

    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.



  60. emile says:

    i’m interessted to test this version
    where can i download it?

    sorry for my english…

  61. emile says:

    i have the same problem dans Edin it doesn’t work with firefox

  62. alex.rabe says:


    version 0.8x contain now the core WPMU support, please report any problems in the forums. I will close here comments.

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