Happy birthday


This homepage is now one year online… ! Time for a short look on the statistic:

  • 6 Plugins for WordPress programmed
  • 98 posts written
  • 1,263 comments received
  • approx. 1300 visitor per day (4500 hits)
  • 50,000 downloads of NextGEN Gallery 
  • and sadly a couple of hundreds server hacked thru my plugins…

A lot of things happend and I’m sure that the upcoming year have a lot of more new things for me…

Wish you all a nice start into carnival … Kölle Alaaf !

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10 thoughts on “Happy birthday

  1. Nils says:

    Nice! And i love the plugins! NextGEN is the best gallery plugin for wordpress.

  2. milemann says:

    happy birthday!
    keep swinging alex!!

  3. pchander says:

    Happy Birthday,
    NextGEN is definitly the best photo gallery code Ive seen online, hope you will continue to update it with new features as time permits.

  4. JenLea says:

    happy birthday, and let good luck smile on ya

  5. Congratulations 🙂

  6. Lazy says:

    i`m too late.. but happy birthday! 🙂

  7. alakhnor says:

    You’ve achieved brilliant things, two of the most popular wordpress plugins, both leader in their categories.
    And most, you’ve done it in a nice and stylish way 🙂

    PS: it’s time to change the presentation on wordtube, which is not anymore your most popular plugin^^

  8. Johnny Drama says:


    You plugin is the bomb! It’s amazingly easy to setup and took me no more than 5 minutes to get it running. Totally awesome dude.

    I have just one small problem. On the watermark page it says that the watermarks have to be setup on Manage Gallery page, but when I go there there’s nothing to include the watermark with the photo. Thoughts?

    Keep up the awesome work!

  9. Okinawa Joe says:

    Hello – I’m concerned about the 777 rights for the gallery, and your comment about a couple of hundred servers getting hacked … Is this because of the permissions? Is there an update which addresses this? Otherwise, this is an incredible piece of work! I’m using it in 3 Blogs now, and I love the ease of setup and functionality … My only other request is to somehow limit the pictures that are shown in the widget slideshow … Happy Birthday!

  10. alex.rabe says:

    No it’s regarding this : http://alexrabe.de/?p=110

    If you have problems with 777, you can change it in nggallery.php

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