New flash addon for NextGEN Gallery

Yesterday I search for some new CSS ideas for my plugin and found this Flash script :

This Polaroid gallery from Christopher Einarsrud was sooo cool , that I direct started to test it and wrote a small plugin for NextGEN Gallery. You can see this in action here :

If you like it, then download this addon here :

Download NextGEN Gallery Polaroid
WordPress plugin

Please do not ask me for new features, it’s probably a small plugin, just for fun….

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64 thoughts on “New flash addon for NextGEN Gallery

  1. JenLea says:

    wow.. this is very wicked… thanks for making it.. snags it!

  2. Pat says:


    has anyone a solution, how to get a line break for the text after the [polaroid=gallery-id,width,height]?

    I get only the text at the right side between the gallery and I would like to see the text at the bottom under the [polaroid=gallery-id,width,height]

    Any solutions ? ( doesn’t work)

  3. alex.rabe says:

    You should control this via the CSS (clear:both)

  4. D.M. says:

    Ok Alex, thanks. Anyway, do you happen to know why the lightbox part stops working when using the K2 theme with rollingarchive (ajax)?
    On the first page, everything works fine. Then when I scroll to older posts, pictures won’t be displayed anymore with lightbox.

  5. Thomas-DK says:

    Excellent 😀

    I made a danish translation and a .pot file.
    I know its only one string 🙂

  6. Thomas-DK says:

    Wow, how stupid can one be 🙂 Sorry for comment spam 😀

  7. Didier says:

    Nice add-on to NEXTGen Gallery ! I like it so much !

    But did you ever notice that, in some occasions, all the photos get stacked in the upper left corner of the window and no longer respond to the dragging ?
    I wonder if this is a normal behaviour, a bug in the swf or browser dependant.

    Best regards,

  8. alex.rabe says:


    Thanks anyway… maybe someone need this to understand it in danish 🙂

    Yes I saw also this behaviour, this is some cache related thing or so. I didn’t know it exactly , but it must fixed in the flash itself. Spend some money for Christopher and send him a email 🙂

  9. Jan says:


    I installed and activated the plugin. But when I write an article and use the tag [polaroid=gallery-id,width,height] it just prompts ‘[polaroid=gallery-id,width,height]’ on the screen… why is that? Any hints?

    thanks, Jan

  10. alex.rabe says:



  11. Jan says:

    Wow, such a fast support – and helpfull. Sir Thanksalot 😉

  12. Sarah says:

    Hello there,

    I think this is a great plugin! It looks amazing.

    I just have one problem, I really can’t understand how to get it to work.

    I’m confused as to where I upload the polaroid files, and what [polaroid…..] thing to use.

    Please help!

    Thanks, Sarah x

  13. alex.rabe says:

    Have you

    a) activate the plugin ?

    b) gallery 1 must exist

  14. Sarah says:


    Thanks for your help,

    I’ll check that out, but it might be best to start from the beginning with me.

    I’m not 100% sure what files you upload, and to where you load them.

    Maybe this is the problem as I do not have any new plugins to activate.

  15. alex.rabe says:

    Ok, one step back :

    1. Download the zip-file
    2. Unpack the zip-file
    3. Upload the three files into a folder “nggpolaroid” unter
    4. Now activate the plugin

  16. Sarah says:

    I have alot of files in this download pack, not 3.

    Which ones is it exactly?

  17. alex.rabe says:


    sorry the above zip-file contain only 3 files…

  18. Sarah says:


  19. Sarah says:


    Sorry, you must think im an idiot, I can normally do these things!

    I’ve got mine straight from

    I’ll download that other pack now. x

  20. alex.rabe says:

    You download the file form Christopher, but not the above zip-file.. “Download NextGEN Gallery Polaroid”

  21. Sarah says:

    so the _MACOSX _inc and _pic folders?

    or photos.xml polaroid.swf

    I’m sorry alex, I’ve got really confused. 🙂

  22. Sarah says:

    right, ignore that, im back on planet earth, i have just downloaded it, and i have the 3 files. wahoo.

  23. Sarah says:

    Plugin activated. 😀

    And it’s working. It looks wonderful 😀

    Thanks so much for your help Alex, i’ll leave you be now.

    Thanks again.

    Sarah x

  24. alakhnor says:

    This look soooo cool!

  25. ok, tnx 4 this work.

    auf deutsch, geht für mich schneller:
    die polaroids werden ja gecropt, also optimal um vor dem tag die galerie anzuzeigen, oder für einen kurzen artikel mit bis zu 10 bildern. besteht die möglichkeit, bei einem kompletten artikel die galerie auszublenden und die normale thumbnail ansicht anzeigen zu lassen?
    dann wäre ein klick auf den galeriebutton schön, und die auswahl für galerie/album um das polaroid zu erweitern.


  26. alex.rabe says:


    Ich zitiere mich mal selbst “Please do not ask me for new features, it’s probably a small plugin, just for fun…”

    Cheers 🙂

  27. pat says:

    danke für den kommentar mit clear:both

    ich komme leider nicht weiter, ich google mir einen wolf 🙂
    wie kann ich die gallerie zentrieren?

    Bitte um Hilfe, im Forum habe ich auch nichts gefunden..

  28. alex.rabe says:


    was wäre mit ?

  29. pat says:

    DANKE Alex! 🙂

  30. Love your plugin!

    Don’t stop doing this stuff xD

  31. tiger360 says:

    great work man

  32. bert2002 says:


    koenntest du die Polaroid Funktion mit in dem Editor bringen? Das waere auf jedenfall sehr praktisch 🙂

  33. impropio says:

    Excelente plugins 🙂

  34. Alex says:

    just downloaded the plugin and it is wicked. But how do you make so it fits the page? Right now the gallery is covering all of the stuff to the right of the screen.


  35. kevin says:


    How about making this an option smilar to the slideshow so that it can be easily opened as a new window (or in windows) by a link above the standard photo displays, just like the slideshow option.

    Keep up the great work!

  36. Justin says:

    sooo cool! I only wish I could get it to work. I know I am missing something simple but even though I have the plugin installed and activated, I have no idea how to actually USE it. What amd I missing?

  37. Danny says:

    I have the original gallery from installed and it works great. I have been trying to dynamically set the xmlURL from a link but I can’t get it to work. The website hints it can be done by passing the xmlURL variable but I think I need a bit more information. Has anybody done this ?

  38. orakanggo says:


    I have activated the plugin and I used tag [polaroid=7,640,480] where 7 is my album but it doesn’t work…

    my polaroid gallery :

  39. Kylie says:

    I got the original gallery to work, but I can’t make the polaroid addon work. It will display the correct background, and a blank polaroid… but the pictures in the gallery never show up. Just one blank polaroid labeled “undefined.”

    I followed the instructions, but not sure what I am doing wrong.


  40. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the great plugin! I was able to download the source FLA file from the original project website and change the background image to something other than the wood grain. Looks a lot better on the site I’m putting together.



  41. larry says:

    i love this plugin!
    but i dont have a static layout. is it possible to set the size as a percentage so that it will resize with the window?

  42. Rene says:

    I think this add-on is really awesome. But what I would like to know is. Is it possible to change the “wooden” background and make the polaroid a widescreen window instead of the square one. My pictures are 15:10 format!


  43. Lucky says:


    I was activate the “NextGEN Gallery Polaroid” and use this entry [polaroid=5,640,480] for displeying. But I had got error message: “The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed.” Do anybody know How can I fix it? that´s lot…. Lucky

  44. Robin says:

    Same problem…
    But the newest Flash is installed and the newest Browsers (Safari, Firefox etc.)

  45. Robin says:

    Hello.. again…
    I found a simple fix here:

    Works great for me…

  46. Adharsh says:

    Hi im trying to make the Polaroid Version 1.01 to work I’ve been all over the web and I can’t find a solution to why the Polaroid won’t load my flickr feed. I placed into the code the right way but it always says error:

    Error opening URL ‘file:///F|/Postcard%20viewer/polaroid%5Fsource%5F20070716/undefined’

    and so i made an XML file and placed in the folder containg the SFW and Image got the file names, image names and everything right and it loads up without error but when it does it loads a polaroid picture frame with nothing inside of it only the black stuff and the place for the description only has UNDEFINED in it….PLZ HELP BEEN PULLING MY HAIR OUT OVER THIS LOL…

  47. […] Aujourd’hui de vien de trouver un plugin fonctionnent avec Nexten gallery. Celui ci est “ nexten gallery polaroid“. […]

  48. Paul says:

    Hi there,

    I cant use the nexgen polaroid plugin
    I upload the images and then I write [polaroid=5,640,480] but I get the following error message:

    “The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed.. var so5 = new SWFObject(“”, “ngg_slideshow5”, “640”, “480”, “7”, “#000000”); so5.addParam(“wmode”, “opaque”); so5.addParam(“allowFullScreen”, “true”); so5.addVariable(“xmlURL”, “”); so5.write(“ngg_polaroid5″);”

    can anybody please help me?


  49. Olaf says:


    I`ve installed the plugin and use the tag correctly. But then:

    The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed..

    var so2 = new SWFObject(“”, “ngg_slideshow2”, “500”, “550”, “7”, “#000000”);
    so2.addParam(“wmode”, “opaque”);
    so2.addParam(“allowFullScreen”, “true”);
    so2.addVariable(“xmlURL”, “”);

    But I have the flashpkayer plugin and js is activated…

    Please help!


  50. Great work, just one remark – you need to make the loading of swfobject optional (just include some checkbox in the options) since it might be already loaded and i had to define empty integrate_swfobject function


  51. alex.rabe says:

    I used always the wordpress script-loader, so I avoid double loading of a script

  52. mouridis says:

    One of the more significant drawbacks of the WP2.7/NGG1.0 upgrade is the loss of functionality for the Polaroid plugin… 😦

  53. Robin says:

    Yeah, i miss it to (again). It dosn’t work with wordpress 2.7.

    Please rewrite the script, it was very nice and i need them….

  54. Enrico says:

    @Mouridis and @Robin
    To do the Polaroid plugin working again with NNG1.0 you just have to modify “nggpolaroid.php “line 41 (you can do that directly modifying the file or via the plugin Edit command, on the wp dashboard):
    Old code:
    if ( class_exists(‘nggallery’) ) {
    New code:
    if ( class_exists(‘nggLoader’) ) {

    It works with me.

    If then you have a browser problem about Flash and Javascript support, see this link (Robin posted it some time ago):


  55. Nokao says:

    error 404 page not found !?

  56. Thavi says:

    I uploaded the files and activated the plugin and i get this: Sorry, NextGEN Gallery Polaroid works only in Combination with NextGEN Gallery.
    NextGEN Gallery it is allready installed.

  57. Thavi says:

    For those who have same problem as me the solution si to modify the class name from nggallery to nggLoader. Line 43 of nggpolaroid.php

  58. ilithya says:

    is there any chance this plugin will have a “comments on pictures” feature???

    it will be great for the future if it could be an option to, if people want to activate comments on pictures.

  59. […] The NextGEN Gallery plugin for wordpress is pretty useful, and it there are all sorts of plugins which extend its capabilities. I’ve used the XML Google Maps plugin for example to show photos in NextGEN albums on google maps. There’s also the NextGEN Polaroid plugin which makes the cool flash animation shown below. However, over the course of upgrading WordPress and the NextGEN gallery to the latest versions, the functionality broke. Here’s how to get it to work with the latest versions (assumes you’ve already downloaded, installed, and tested your NextGEN gallery plugin, and that you’ve already downloaded and installed the NextGEN Polaroid plugin from here): […]

  60. M Snyder says:

    Will the wonderful Polaroid plugin ever be updated for use in WP 2.8 and above??? It’s a tragic loss!

  61. Jennifer Edwards says:

    I have downloaded the FLA file to change the background and I cannot get Adobe to open it and read it–is this the right software or am I missing something–help?

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