jQuery takes a flight of fancy ?

WordPress used it, Google use it and also I use it. I’m a big fan of jQuery and the work of this team. But now I get problems in combination with the interface elements. Firefox shows a couple of problems in combination with V1.2.1 and IE7 didn’t work at all…

After I study the forums around this problem, I found out that the changes since 1.1.4 get in conflict with the interface lib. I found no response from any jQuery developer, the interface lib is dead. Ok, I know that jQuery.UI is the successor and all attention is put on this plugin, but it’s by far not at the level as the older interface lib. I used the sortable / draggable feature in NextGEN Gallery and I hope I get in the future a similar feature with jQuery.UI.

For now I need to go back to Version 1.1.3…

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5 thoughts on “jQuery takes a flight of fancy ?

  1. kretzschmar says:

    Think about using it only for the admin-area. Don’t add the old version to the blogs head (you don’t need interface outside the admin area)

  2. Nokao says:

    I’m trying to play a little with mooTools…: http://mootools.net/

    There is an interesting small lib to use AJAX.
    I’m trying to improve the “random image” widget and also other things.

  3. alakhnor says:

    You can try this one: http://dev.iceburg.net/jquery/jqDnR/
    It’s simple but work for me so far. interface has had a lot of problems for long and UI is still not fully developped.

    Nokao> are you going to use slimbox? it only recreates thickbox (with basically, the same problems) but will add a new library. On many point mootools is more performing than jquery, but it might just add a new library (as some other plugins might use jquery). Very good alternative though.

  4. alex.rabe says:

    @Alakhnor : great , I will test it, maybe I can turn off interface at all.

    @Nokao: I agree, for backend operation, I can’t switch to any other lib, but the frontend Mootool or shutter or whatever could be usefull and interesting.

  5. Nokao says:

    IMHO, mootools is a “state of the art” dynamic library…

    Consider that it’s used by W3C in:

    Adding it would be add just 3-4 Kb…

    What else to say… I’m thinking about it, before that I have to finish the plugin I promised to Alex (random and recent albums).

    My problem with the recent images is that I think that a “inserted timestamp” should be added to the database structure.
    The picture_id IMHO is not enough.

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