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I have some news about NextGEN , maybe not the best one. First let me say that a new project arrived, more about this later. This project needs my full attention in the upcoming days & weeks so the development will be slow down.


I have finished some part on my ToDo list, but I must fairly say that I’m behind my own schedule. Today I finished the first part of the EXIF/IPTC/XMP integration, it will take much longer as I expected.

Finally I try to get out a new version together with WordPress 2.4 in late January. Here is my current task list for V0.80 :

– WPMU support (finished)
– Cache for singlepic (finished)
– Metadata support (-> I’m working on this)
– Progress with AJAX (to avoid execution time)
– Rewrite rules for SEO (many times requested)
– Sort order for pics (also requested)
– jQuery Navigation (my first approach is really buggy & bad)
– Inline Help page (to explain all the tags & feature)

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9 thoughts on “Progress on NextGEN Gallery

  1. […] but I think I’ve finally found a page structure I’m happy with. Development on the NextGen Gallery is (I presume) at a halt for the next month or so, and some of the features he has yet to release […]

  2. Frank says:

    Hi Alex,

    nur so für den Hinterkopf, beim Weiterverbessern, deines Klasseplugins…

    bei der Diashow gibt es ein Problem mit der Anzeige der Bildunterschriften…

    Mehr als ein paar Worte versenken die Navigationsbuttons (die dann offenbar links und rechts der Bildbeschreibung landen) ins Unsichtbarenreich, aber die sind ja wichtig, um bspw. den Sound abzuschalten…

    Ich habe versucht, in den Plugindateien einen Ansatzpunkt zu finden, aber vergeblich. Ich vermute, in das Flash wird eine xml-datei eingelesen, um die Bildbeschreibung anzuzeigen…

    Oder muss ich im JavaScript suchen?

    Ansonsten wäre auch gut, wenn die Effekte wie Blasen oder Linien einzeln ZU- und ABschaltbar wären, weil manche für den einen oder anderen doch eher kitschig sind, je nach Geschmack…

    aber da müsst vermutlich auch das Flash geändert werden…

    Ansonsten find ich die geplanten Features (EXIF auslesen und so, Verschlagwortung) sehr vielversprechend

    Grüße, Frank

  3. Frank says:

    ich hab versucht ein weig zu stöbern, das Problem scheint im neuen Modus mit Hintergrundmusik zu liegen,die alte imagerotator.swf zeigt die Bildbeschreibung korrekt… (v. 3.2) die v.3.12 mitnichten,eine v.3.9 wie bei Dir angegeben,habe ich nicht gefunden

  4. Sam says:


    All this work you do is greatly appreciated. This software is absolutely great which in my blog makes a difference. Tks!

  5. i need your language pack. how can i find it_?

  6. eti says:

    Until now your gallery is the best I’ve seen for wordpress. The features are very close to the needs of a blogger like tagging automatic related images for posts, integration with the editor ecc.

    For the moment I found a few things that could be improved:

    1. in the mannage gallery page i would be great to have the tags near the description/name fields and not a click away.

    2. in the effects section, if you use rel=”%GALLERY_NAME%” and the gallery name contains non alphanumeric chars the site looses xhtml validation. I haven’t tried creating a gallery that contains ” in the title …
    – I “fixed” this by using rel=”allimages”

    3. The related images for a post are shown even when only the_excerp() is called. I think they should only be shown when full post is displayed or at least be configurable.

    I hope you’ll find this useful, and good luck on your new project.

  7. Marko says:

    Please, where can I download NextGEN WPMU version? Thanks in advance.

  8. Loewenhertz says:

    Looking forward to the rewrite rules! Keep up the excellent work. Many thanks for sharing.

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