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I uploaded my first step of a meta data import and released a new version of NextGEN Gallery. It’s a minor change, nothing very spectacular. Please update your version and see under “Manage Gallery” -> “Edit Gallery” -> the new option “Meta”. If your jpeg-image contains EXIF, IPTC or XMP information, they should be shown.

Please note : If you resize the image after upload , all EXIF information are lost. If you have any problem, please leave a note or send me the image per email.

Your feedback help to improve the quality of the next major release. Thanks to all for your help !

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43 thoughts on “Show Meta data in NextGEN Gallery

  1. Max Thrane says:

    I’ll give it a try 🙂 Nice one! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. is there a link somewhere explaining the steps of upgrading? Thanks!

  3. alex.rabe says:

    Very simple, overwrite the old files.

  4. will this effect changes I’ve made to the nextgen css files?

  5. alex.rabe says:

    of course… save your css file if you edit it, and overwrite it after you uploaded the latest version (or rename the css file to avoid future conflict)

  6. great, no problem, Thanks for quick replies! Also, is there a way to make the thumbnails in albums to match the size and style of thumbnails in galleries?

  7. Douglas says:

    here is the problem I’m having.

    These thumbnails are the wrong size. Any hints 🙂

  8. Jeremy says:

    Very useful. Thanks.

  9. Paul says:

    Small problem… When i uncheck the: Show ImageBrowser:

    The image will appear halfway they popup screen. Top is blanc and the lower bottom half of the screen shows the top of the picture. When i scroll down, the image does not appear. The hughe blanc top above the picture stays. I’m running Daikos youtube widget also. Noticed it to uses the thickbox. A conflict perhaps?

    Can mail you a screenshot if you would like one. For now i have disabe the effect. Images now loading in the imagebrowser. Not as i would like it, but hey ….

    Thanks in advance,

  10. alex.rabe says:

    @ Paul

    Please do not post off topic questions. Please request help or suggestion in the forums. Thanks !

  11. Petra says:

    Hi Alex, well done on all the hard work on Next Gen. The meta data display is extremely useful. Is there any way I could display the EXIF Data in the caption field in the gallery?

  12. alex.rabe says:

    This is only the first step. I want some feedback, and will work for V0.8X to import it into the Caption/Descriptions field…

  13. s1n says:

    This is a great first step. How about having it automatically convert those tags into WordPress tags. The ideal situation is I tag my images, and when I upload them through NextGen, they become tags on my blog as well.

    That would seal the deal for me and I would be forced into switching to NextGen as that is a feature I could not ignore.

  14. alex.rabe says:

    That’s exactly my idea…

  15. Max Thrane says:

    I have now installed the latest version and seems like META info is presented and its information is correct 🙂 Thumbs up!

  16. alex.rabe says:


    Thank for a usefull feedback. Working now for the next step..

  17. Edie says:

    sorry, is there anyone tell me where I can download the files of the new version?

  18. Edie says:

    thanks. i have updated it successfully. but i meet a new problem: when i click “show META data” on a picture which contains EXIF data, it shows me “No exif data”. why?

  19. alex.rabe says:


    You need the PHP Exif support… check it with phpinfo()

  20. Max says:

    Nextgen is my choice for the next restructiration of my paragliding club website.

    When the automatic captioning feature (using IPTC data from the pictures) will be available, I will say that this plugin is absolutely perfect.

    Go for it Alex! (and have fun with your father duties too: I know this story quite well!)


  21. Rigonatti says:

    Can I put the EXIF info anywhere in the page?

    Can you show me teh code?


  22. Great gallery! Where do I sign up for news about the plugin? I need the “Exif as comment/discription”-bit 🙂

  23. Hi Alex,

    Can we test the development versions of the plugin? I’m interested in including the exif data in the image, I’ve seen some excellent js code when you pass the mouse pointer over the image, a small jquery effect that “slides up” and show the meta data, and when you put the mouse outside the picture the exif data hides.

    I’m a php programmer (not a good one) and I’m learning to use jquery and thickbox.

    Thank you for this excellent plugin!

  24. cjl says:

    Great work with NexGen Gallery. Regarding the meta data, I would be more interested of showing it together with the picture for everyone, not just the gallery admin, i.e to import the iptc-data into the description field..

  25. Michael says:

    cjl- I agree 1000%. I just installed this plugin earlier today and so far really like it (though I can’t get the slideshow to advance to the next picture on click yet). I would really like to be able to display the EXIF to my viewers since my website is eventually going to be a place to show my amature photos.
    Nice so far though.

  26. Yogie says:


    I tried now over 7 different galleries with my WP 2.5 and found the NextGen Gallery one of the best, but one thing is not solved for me – I would like the EXIF data to be displayed – where can I do this? Do I need a specific view of my images like the Image Browser? Can somebody please help me out….

    Many thanks and Cheers…


  27. I really would love that feature regarding the EXIF data shown on the captions…

    But I think Alex is still in the process of incorporating it.

    I will definitely be the first to try and install it once done.

    Great work alex!!! Using it now on my gallery

  28. Compusure says:

    I use this plugin on a number of sites and would like to say thanks and also to see if anyone was able to get the tags used in Nextgen to become WP tags?


  29. Andrew says:


    I have spent a day tagging and titling my images in Windows Photo Gallery, the data showing in the image properties on both the PC and my Mac but when I upload the images to NextGen it only imports the first letter of each field.


  30. Vavan-cook says:

    Help please, I need to order photographs show metadata but that they were familiar with watermark. Use as [imagebrowser id=1 template=exif]. How add other data, and what what code to insert for iso,lens,…

  31. Vavan-cook says:

    What I must to do for save metadata and use watermark?
    And how add more metadata info under pictures?

  32. Vavan-cook says:

    Alex and if you do this: when you upload a photo so that in a separate folder created a file that stores the EXIF metadata related by file name, and when any change of these photos were taken to EXIF data from this file with the appropriate name of the picture and not in the picture. It is set in the new update. It would be convenient! 🙂

  33. Matt Tucker says:


    Would it be possible to add some NextGen Metadata ShortCode that could pull the MetaData from NextGen for a specific image ID. It would then be handy to be able to add this ShortCode in any post within WordPress (so long as a particular pic id is referenced).

    It would also be handy to have a MetaData administration page in the Admin panel for NextGen where you could specify which MetaData to show by default and then perhaps add some post specific control for metadata on the posting page so the user can choose which metadata fields to show for the shortcode in the post.

    I know that you have EXIF options for the image browser and gallery option, but for those of us that use NextGen as a photoblog and only want to show one photo in a post it would be nice to be able to show the metadata that way as well.

    Matt Tucker

  34. Vavan-cook says:

    Completely agree with Matt Tucker. It would be very convenient. Selecting the photo – on the right hend if you wish would open the EXIF info like in picasaweb.

  35. angela says:

    “alex.rabe Posted December 18th, 2007 – 17:31


    You need the PHP Exif support… check it with phpinfo()”

    Sorry, i am new to word press and have just installed nextgen, however i am having issues getting excif data to be displayed. can anyone help. i found this old post of alexs but i don’t understand what i means.


  36. Hi i just have a problem with my srgb files.

    If i save a picture with an srgb color profile with Photoshop, resizing it on size 945×630, including exif data into the file, and then i upload it, when i try to show the meta data in NextGen Gallery i can see only:
    Image Width 945
    Image Height 630

    Why happen this? On my pc, looking for file info, i can see the exif!!

    More: with a NON-srgb color profile, NextGen Gallery read the exif!!!

    Here are the 2 file



    Anyone can help?

  37. Mike says:

    Thanks you so much for the post, Just one question. Can I use the EXIF info anywhere in the page?

  38. Jeff says:

    Thanks for this Alex! Will this be an action that can be taken on galleries from the past as an option of sorts? I have over 50,000 images in Next-Gen galleries on my Web site, so going back one by one seems a bit off-putting.


  39. Dustin Meyer says:

    Alex, you mentioned that if the Exif data does not show, or says it’s invalid than “You need the PHP Exif support… check it with phpinfo()”. Can you explain this a little further in detail specifically what I need to edit to get this to work property. I’d greatly appreciate the help.

  40. Russell says:

    I have many thousands of image containing IPTC data which I’d like to import to NextGen. Can you advise when or if this will be possible? Many thanks for the great work!

  41. Russell says:

    If all else fails, read the instructons!

    Info on IPTC & Exif here:

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