We need Media RSS !


PicLens is one of the best and hottest addon for Firefox (and also for IE7). To enable this for NextGEN Gallery, I need to add the Media RSS format…

you can be sure this is my next task !

UPDATE : Shack Dougall did already a first update of the WordPress Plugin WP-Plugins for NextGEN Gallery. You can download the plugin here : http://liferain.com/downloads/wp-piclens-plus/

Thanks for this quick addon!

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10 thoughts on “We need Media RSS !

  1. Prahli says:

    That´s a very very good news.

    I´ve already tried to bind it in. But at the moment it´s more an compromise.

    Greets Prahli

  2. Mark says:

    Well, I can hardly wait until you get that happening Alex!

  3. Ankl says:

    Damn, that’s awesome!
    I can not wait until you are finished!

  4. Dave says:

    That is awesome news!
    Can’t wait! Suppose this is why I hacked my theme files to get PicLens working with NextGen now. Emphasis on the word “hacked”.

  5. alakhnor says:

    The PicLens team has produced a plugin for WP: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-piclens/#post-2694
    With this, you just have to do minor change to it to run whatever you want (basically, it just needs to have an extra filter which can be added to the plugin).

  6. marco says:

    Cannot wait to see that implemented into ngg!
    @alakhnor: the wp-piclens is limited to php5 only. Which is kind of scary as we only need the media.rss afaik.

  7. alakhnor says:

    @marco: it’s not the only scary thing in the code of this plugin (it looks like the dev loves to reinvent the wheel…) 😉

  8. brainhackde says:

    Well .. i asked the developer of wp-piclens+ to think about a version for php4.x – for me it looks like we simply have to get the domxml changed …

  9. axelpix says:


    I completely enabled my site for piclens, using the WP_piclens_plus plugin. It’s doing quite good so far. But I noticed a significant impact to the load times of all pages. Maybe that was due to the piclens server that was down yesterday. The piclens_lite.js is always included in every single page and therefore the piclens server will always be required.
    If there was an option to install the piclens_lite on my own server, I would feel better.

  10. Thomas says:


    Installed this at a friends site. He draws and have alot of illustrations on his site using NextGEN Gallery.

    PicLens works fine, no complains here 😀

    But is it possible to get all the pictures in NextGEN Gallery instead for what is on the site being viewed.

    Maybe this is and question for the piclens+ plugin author 😀

    PS. I am updating the danish language as we speak.

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