100.000 Downloads : What a magic number… Of course that’s not 100.000 web pages with my plugins, but more than I ever expected to reach with my work. One the one hand I’m very happy about the success and the positive response I got in the last year, on the other hand this plugin gets into focus of hackers… more and more. I’m not a professional programmer and I don’t know how many leaks/holes/bugs my plugins still contain, I hope to catch them always before….


Let my say thanks to all the contributors and translators which help me with this plugins, especially Alakhnor for his work at wordTube and forums moderation. And at least the 34 donators for the money, which motivated to continue this work…

Thanks Heike, that I can spend sooo much time into my hobby.


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12 thoughts on “100.000

  1. alakhnor says:

    You’ll get 200k before version 1.0! 😀

    But that’s deserved.

    PS: you’re welcome. 🙂

  2. milemann says:

    i work a lot with your gallery …
    and i love it!!

    keep swinging alex + heike


  3. congrats alex!

    for me your plugin NextGen is the greatest!! anxious to work with 1.0 version!

  4. hg says:

    wonderful work

  5. I think you do great work, Alex! I must have tried dozens of other plug-ins before I found yours, and now “Eureka!” It’s the best.

    You’ll find a little something in your PayPal account from me, although, it’s probably worth more.

    Maybe someone knows a white hat who’d would be willing to help find/fix any exploits?

    All the best.

  6. alex.rabe says:


    Mayn many thanks for the donation !

  7. Aaron Snyder says:

    I got my first donation on my website which uses your plugin. So I just donated your cut to you. It’s not much but it’s the best I can do. I cannon’t tell you how great your plug in is. Without it, I wouldn’t have the photo-blog and control I want. All the best.
    -Aaron Snyder

  8. alex.rabe says:


    Many thanks for the donation !!!

  9. Aaron Snyder says:

    No problem. I only wish I had more funds to give. Being a student and the high price of photography gear means I don’t have too much.

  10. Tomas Kapler says:

    why not? I have downloaded once and using it on about 20 websites so far

  11. nang says:


    i found this plugin and i think you could give a look:



  12. […] the 22th Feb I posted a note that NextGEN reached the 100.000 downloads at wordpress.org, now 3,5 month […]

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