Simple NextGEN SimpleViewer

Based on some request I added two new flash scripts to NextGEN Gallery. The fantastic Tiltviewer & Simpleviewer from Airtight Interactive can now easily added to your post or page.

See some example here :

Demo Tiltviewer

If you like it, then download this addon here :

Download NextGEN SimpleViewer
WordPress plugin

(This plugin isn’t finished at all, I maybe add more comfortable options later)

UPDATE : I’m currently not able to work at this addon, if some is interested to update or maintain it, give me a note or pick up the script and write your own plugin. I will help with any questions…

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45 thoughts on “Simple NextGEN SimpleViewer

  1. gilbert says:

    Hi Alex
    Very nice to watch your Tiltviewer and simpleviewer demos. So … I was really impatient to install NextGen Simpleviewer pluggins !!! ;o))
    Unfortunately it does not work !!! :o((
    However I installed and activated Nextgen gallery then NextGEN SimpleViewer …
    In the installation notice, you wrote to download Tiltviewer and simpleviewer. But where do I have to upload these packages ? Within NextGen Simpleviewer directory ?
    Where do I have to put the swf files ??

    Thanks for your nice help


  2. gilbert says:

    OK !!! Found the problem !!!! Don’t write spaces for sizes !!!! ;-))

    I wrongly wrote
    “[tiltviewer=3, 640, 480,*Cu Lao Ong Ho, l’ile au Tigre*]”

    rather than

    [tiltviewer=3,640,480,*Cu Lao Ong Ho, l’ile au Tigre*]

    Tiltviewer is simply wonderful !!!

  3. alex.rabe says:

    Oh,yes.. I should optimize readme & the code

  4. impropio says:

    Gracias, este plugin es lo maximo! 🙂

  5. Tommy says:

    Very cool! Looks nice!
    Have a look at –> “Ansichtssache”.
    What do you say to it? Perhaps is applicable as new function?

  6. Amis says:

    😦 how i can put this simpleviewer to work on full screen like demo? Last 2 hours i spend to figure that out, and i cant. Mabey you can help me?

  7. cecile says:

    It simply looks amazing on your blogs !

    Tommy –> I don’t speak a word of German but I love the way you integrated your videoplayer and of course the picture gallery is great.

    Which player did you use for the video ?

  8. cecile says:

    BY THE WAY : does it work with Autoviewer the same way ? I bet so right ?

  9. Rubem says:

    It works!!!

    Very Cool!

    Is there a way to use the album ID ?

    Thank You!

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  11. Tommy says:

    Hi Cecile is not my own website.
    It should be an example for Alex. Perhaps he still integrates the picture gallery in NextGen.

  12. gilbert says:

    Hi Alex

    Thanks again for your very nice work !!! Tiltviewer is simply cooool ! I like it !!!
    But as AMIS, even if I directly changed values in my MySql database, I am not able to display full mode. Apparently, even if I change maxImageHeight, the window seems to be blocked around 400 (not sure of the value !!!)

    Values changed :
    1. table _options – option name “ngg_sv_options” – value “maxImageWidth” set to 1024 and “maxImageHeight” set to 768
    2. table _options – option name “maxJPGSize” set to 1024

    Apparently, maxImageWidth/maxImageHeight corresponds to the window size and maxJPGSize to maximum size of a single picture. Am I right ?

    Is there a limitation in the flash ?

    Help would be fully appreciated ! :o))

    PS : if U need help for a french documentation translation, I could help …

  13. alex.rabe says:

    You can change the settings in the nggsimpleviewer.php file (when you activate this plugin they will be saved to the database).

    The fullscreen page requires a additionla HTML page, currently I have no time to work at this addon. Enjoy it as it is…

  14. Stanislav says:

    Hello !
    I have made everithing according to the instructions in readme file, everithing is ok, but SimpleViewer do not work on my site. Tag [gallery=4] – is work properly in the posts, but tag [tiltviewer=4, 1000, 716, *text or link*] displayed as a text inside the post. I dont know what to do…

  15. alex.rabe says:

    Do not use any spaces…

  16. Oliver says:

    Nice plugin, got it up and running on my site now 🙂
    One thing: You mixed up rows and columns in your descriptions in your nggsimpleviewer.php

  17. Joerg says:

    Hello Alex,

    Did I understand it in the right way that the thickbox window had a max. height of approx. 350 pixel (see gilberts comment above)? I change the nggsimpleviewer.php up to the max. width (1024) of my pictures but nothing happened.

    Did I do anything wrong?

  18. gilbert says:

    You would like to have a tiltviewer full window ???
    Ok !!!! Follow me —>

    1st STEP : setup the plugin
    1. Deactivate nggsimpleviewer pluggin
    2. in nggsimpleviewer.php – simpleviewer section, set ‘enableRightClickOpen’ to true
    3. in nggsimpleviewer.php – tiltviewer section, do not forget to
    localize ‘langGoFull’, ‘langExitFull’ and ‘langAbout’. It will appear in the right-click box !!!
    4. Activate nggsimpleviewer pluggin

    2nd STEP : use the tiltviewer in ur post/page
    ONLY USE INLINE METHOD ‘[tiltviewer=gallery number,window width,window heigth]’
    In ur post, write a code as
    ‘Clic droit puis “Affichage Plein Ecran” pour un écran GEANT !!!
    “Echap” pour revenir à l’affichage normal …

    ‘[tiltviewer=gallery number,window width,window heigth,*TEXT*]’
    ‘[tiltviewer=gallery number,window width,window heigth,**]’
    otherwise your pictures will be displayed in a fixed height window …

    the user just have to right-click the tiltviewer then choose “full display” and magic window appears
    just press “Esc” for going back to normal view !!!

    That’s all folks !!!

    PS : did not found how to directly go in full mode without right-click OR without tiltviewer pro version so … if someone does …

  19. tom314 says:

    Hi Alex, this is a magnificent plugin.
    I have another (for you, simple, i guess) question:

    I’m working on a template page, where the nextgen-gallery is passed via a custom field (key: Gallery, value: Name)
    so that i can query that in the template page and output this as I wish..

    $galleryCV = get_post_custom_values(“Gallery”);
    $galleryID = $wpdb->get_var(“SELECT gid FROM $wpdb->nggallery WHERE name = ‘$galleryCV[0]’ “);
    $gallerytitle = $wpdb->get_var(“SELECT title FROM $wpdb->nggallery WHERE name = ‘$galleryCV[0]’ “);

    now my question is, what piece of code can I use to display the simpleviewer-swf, just passing it the gallery-ID. I know php well enough to put this decent in my template page, but not well enough to derive it from your plugin-code.

    if there’s anybody else who knows how to do this.. you might answer this one as well.

  20. tom314 says:

    I found it !

    for those interested…

    I put the code for the template-page (note: customized for my project) in a textfile:

    you can easily extract the bits you need.
    the lines in the header-include, the php-bit in the projectpage-div, and of course the code-snippet inside the projectimg-div.

    the css-styles are on the bottom of the file

  21. Will says:

    When I try to install it I get this error…

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare nggallery_init() (previously declared in /home/www/gospel903/wp-content/plugins/nggallery/nggallery.php:92) in /home/www/gospel903/wp-content/plugins/nggallery/nggallery.php on line 90

    What can I do to fix it?

  22. You should add option about adding swfobject (or check if it is already loaded).

    Some other suggestion when i use single image in same size as thumbnails use thumbs instead of generating every image.

  23. UserNotFound says:

    The tiltviewer seems to come up fine, it shows the animation of the tiles moving into place, and then they disapear quickly. My pictures are never shown. Has anyone run into this problem?

    I am using the latest versions of everything, and have tried several different galleries of 4 to 10 picures, nothing ever shows up.

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  26. Hey, VERY useful plugin. I had to resort to Flickr, before it found this plugin. I use it very often, and just want to thank you for it.


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  28. ems says:

    Wow! this is great.. are you considering integrating nextgen in imageveu and menalto gallery?

  29. uwe23 says:

    wow, the tiltviewer is absolut great!

    in german:

    der absolute hammer!

    wahnsinn, ich bin begeistert bei solchen Ideen. Heben sie sich doch erfrischend von dem gallery einerlei ab. Auch wenn mit der ngg-gallery der Hammer schon sehr hoch hängt.

    Danke, Thanks!


  30. mgroenne says:

    Bei mir wird nur der Text ausgegeben… liegt es dran, dass es mit WordPress 2.5 nicht harmoniert? Leerstellen habe ich nicht mehr drin.

    Lieben Gruß

  31. Karin says:

    I’ve wordpress 2.5, nextgen 9.2 and the flashviewer installed. But I get the message: sorry the flashviewer is only working with NextGen gallery – But I have nextgengallery

  32. Soheil says:

    i put the tag in the page (my gallery id is 1):[simpleviewer:1,640,480] but it displays the tag on the page !what should i do?
    p.s:my NextGen gallery is working good, i mean [gallery=1]

  33. Karin says:

    Just upgraded NextGen Gallery to 0.93 and the NextGen Flashviewer to 0.61 – but still have the message ‘Sorry, NextGen Flashviewer works only in combination with NextGen Gallery’. And yes, they are all activated.

  34. dave says:

    i cant get it to work. when i click gallery it takes me to my blog page and sorrys “sorry the page you are trying to load is unavailable” I have WP 2.2 PLEASE HELP

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  36. I can’t make my postcardviewer working neatly. It looks quite messy.

    Any advice for me to make it better?

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  38. Mac says:

    what is the right way to set a album-id?

  39. Mac says:

    Ich finde keinen weg ein in der angelegtes Album so zu verlinken, dass in der Galerie der Simple Flashviewer zugreift.

    Kann mir jemand helfen?



  40. stevebob says:

    line 48 in nggSimpleViewer.php should read:

    if (!class_exists(‘nggGallery’) ) {

  41. Tomas.Zhu says:

    Hi Alex,
    It seems did not work now, I’d like to maintain this plugin, I wrote , Please tell me what should I do ? Create plugin maintain page on my site? keep your name as auhor? and other problem?

    Thank you.

  42. Yvonne says:

    I have the same problem as soheil. I installed the nextgengallery (it works) i also installed the nextgengallery simple viewer and uploaded the simpleviewer.swf, autoviewer.swf and tiltviewer.swf in the folder

    but it does not. in my post it shows the tag [simpleviewer id=1]

    What did i do wrong? i followed every step i could find in any documentation.

  43. dominic lane says:

    Hi there, v interested in developing this to work with latest nextgen gallery plugin and simpleviewer pro as it doesn’t use flash so views on iphone/ipad etc

    any good starting point advice?



  44. sarah says:

    Hi there! Thank you so much for developing this =] Unfortunately I cannot get it to work. As soon as I activate this plugin in WordPress I get the red error banner at the top that says it only works in combination with NextGen. But I already have that activated. It also makes my site disappear. As soon as I deactivate it, the site returns to normal but I can’t use the simpleviewer =/ Any help would be much appreciated

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