Gallery is core

I apologize that NextGEN didn’t fit with the release of WordPress 2.5, in the very last minute they change the priority of the shortcode, so I need to fix that again in my plugin. Version 0.92 is out and should be working fine now in WordPress 2.5. If you have any problems leave a message in the forums…

With the release of  Version 2.5 it’s time to consider the benefit of the new gallery system, it contains a similar shortcode and Matt’s gallery overview compete with the NextGEN gallery result. So why using my plugin anymore ?

Ok, some features are missing, but it’s part again of plugin authors to increase the inbuilt gallery system. My motivation for continue this plugin is still there and it’s based on three main facts :

  1. I need NextGEN Gallery for my own purpose
  2. The WordPress community uses this plugin (see download rates)
  3. The feedback, donations and interest is great…

This could be changed very soon, so I currently not able to say how long I will continue this plugin. Let’s wait for the response of the new <irony>holy</irony> inbulit gallery system…

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75 thoughts on “Gallery is core

  1. marco says:

    the wp25 own gallery absolutly uncompareable with ngg – ngg got a shitload of more features alex – dont even think about stopping developing ngg – wp community needs ngg for sure!

  2. Lazy says:

    i`m the same opinion like marco.. please don`t stop development..

    have a nice sunday



  3. Ignacio says:


    thank you very much for the plugin.

    It’s working well for me over WP 2.5.

  4. bernd says:

    There is an error message on:

    404 File not found.

    Thank you for updating!


  5. Tobi says:

    Thank you for the fast fixing of the plugin. I hope you will not stop the development of the plugin, the plugin is great, I like it so much!


  6. alakhnor says:

    My opinion is still that the new gallery system is not a gallery. It’s an extend of the attachment system and cannot handle things the way a real gallery manager can.

    Plus, I don’t think they will enhance it, it’d be a huge mistake for WP team to go further and continue to add functionalities on that or on other features. First, WP core is simple for end user and that’s a big part of its success: simple but easily adaptable to everyone’s needs. Second, they need to have a large developper community. If they start to add non-core functionalities to WP, they will loose that in time.
    Third, a gallery is like pandora box: it is endless new functionalities to add because everyone has different needs (simpleviewer, then tiltviewer, then piclens, then…and different js library, and so on…). And also, if they go to gallery or media management, they will have to include flash plugin at some point and make choices on it, which they can’t because flash addons have their own lives.

    Finally, I’d rather have some decent functions include in core, like recent comment, online users, most viewed posts, or even ajax navigation, which are closer to core, than evolution on gallery.

  7. Timy says:

    Hallo alex.rabe

    NextGEN SimpleViewer does not work with NGG 0.93 for me.

    Gruß, Timy

  8. Florin says:

    Having an extended album on a page doesn’t work with 0.92 and WP2.5. Galleries in the album are shown, but clicking on the title or the image doesn’t show you to the gallery.

  9. frankie123dd says:

    Great, my favorite gallery is now still working. Super support. Many THX Alex!

  10. phoen1x2713 says:

    I’d clearly say that compairing ngg with built-in WP2.5 features doesn’t mean a thing:
    your plugin is just great, and is soooo much more powerful than Wp2.5 … Please do not drop it …

    kind regards from a french ngg-addict =) !

  11. kretzschmar says:

    What is disliked with the new gallery system in wordpress was the missing function to reuse galleries. But I was wrong. Like written one of your posted pages (shortcodes) only some basic handwork is needed.

    I would like to have a “NGGallery” in the style of “Simple Tags”, just extending the exting WordPress Functions (e.g. widget functionality, browsing of existing Galleries etc.).

    I think your Plugin is great but a lot of users (like me) want to have a futureproof system. And using only core functions is a good way.

  12. Clint says:

    Please don’t stop supporting and developing NextGEN Gallery. It is so much better than the one built into WordPress and it makes view images on our site a much more enjoyable experience. Thanks for making such an awesome plugin!

  13. Walter says:

    Please keep NGG going! I love it!

  14. Leo says:

    Don’t stop developing NextGEN please! The new gallery feature in WordPress may have some functionality, but it’s still more like a cheap addon to the shaky upload system rather than an awesome, full-featured photo gallery system 😉

  15. alex.rabe says:

    I don’t expected that Auttomatic will work to extend the gallery system, therefore other issues are more important, so this is plugin work… And we should keep one main issue in our mind :

    All the work they do is for their “million dollar” plattform. The open source develeopment is now only a side product. Things like import from FTP folder, flash addons are good for self hosted blogs, but not for

    A futureproof system is for sure the inbuilt gallery, so someone (not me again) should extend the things around it…

  16. dawn says:

    I just wanted to add the the thanks and support, I simply cannot get the inbuilt gallery to work and have used your plugin from the early versions, please continue!

  17. Synthaetica says:

    i hope you’ll stick with it, Alex, and not just because i’ve built a website or two around it. but because your considerable efforts amount to far more appropriate and intelligent work than what’s been done on the imbedded wp 2.5 gallery piece of garbage that, thanks to its forcible inclusion, requires a separate page-load for the inclusion of even one image in any post. besides the new Write page, it’s absolutely one of the most poorly-designed, willfully ignorant pieces of code that i’ve ever seen implemented, and has me questioning why i committed so strongly to WordPress for the blogs that i host and manage.

    absolutely, what you do is far, far better, and my appreciation for it can’t be put effectively into words. i sincerely hope you will continue to assist the self-hosted WordPress blogs with NGG. for those of us who care about our imagery in more ways than just spraying pictures across the page, there is not a realistic value that can be set on NGG. the WP2.5 gallery is worthless except for those that really don’t know much about presentation and workflow.

    Alex maintains awareness of the wp testing schedule and participates in the community. why anyone thinks his work isn’t “futureproof” on its own is a form of grandstanding. it took him all of a few hours to release an upgrade to NGG that makes it wp2.5-compliant. yah, what a slacker, huh?

  18. kretzschmar says:

    Sorry, Alex. Next time I write in german.

  19. dawn says:

    Hi Alex,

    I’m not sure if this is the correct place, but, I’m having an issue displaying albums in WP 2.5 Final using NGG 0.92. they just don’t show on the page.

    Galleries are displaying correctly



  20. giosan1 says:

    Hi Alex, new here.

    I noticed one of the websites on your main download page using the Gallery as a header. How does it work?

    I am currently looking into using your plugin for that if at all possible and am currently using wp 2.5

    Thank you in advance. I have used the gallery in 2.3 and it worked really well.


  21. cirion says:

    Thanks for your awesome plugin, i will used it over the built in one due to your extra features i love. eg watermarking.


  22. Mr. Green says:

    I like the features and hope you will continue the good work!

    Thanks for the quick fix, too!

  23. Aleks says:

    This version works -perfectly- now. Many thanks.

    And please, please, please don’t stop developing it. The default gallery plugin can’t even compare with this one.

    Here is an idea: get into contact with Matt. Is there any possibility of making NextGEN into WP core?

  24. ash says:

    It’s been working for me since WordPress 2.3.3 and now with 2.5, but I would really love to sort my gallery. I can’t seem to get that to work.

    Don’t stop development on this plugin. It’s great and much better than the built-in gallery [but I’m very happy that WP added more media functionality].

    Any ideas on how to output the last uploaded photos first?

  25. Luke says:

    Hi Alex,

    Great plugin. Please keep it going.

    I have just upgraded to WP 2.5, NGG 0.92 and noticed that it seems to disable the visual editor. Can still edit via HTML editor but otherwise OK.

  26. Luke says:

    Adding to previous Post I am running on a MAC – Does Same in Both FF and Safari 3.0.4 (5523.10)

  27. Luke says:

    My mistake did not read the upload instructions properly.

    Deleted the previous plugin files form server and uploaded new version. All works fine now.


  28. rayk says:

    Upgraded to 2.5 and also your plug-in to 0.92, all working great!

    Awesome, thank you! 😀

  29. Dennis says:

    Hi Alex,

    wenn ich eine Slideshow benutzt, erzeugt WordPress 2.5 bei dem Script für das Flash-Object einen xhtml Fehler: die beiden Bindestriche beim schließenden Commenttag ( –> ) werden zu einem ( & #8211; bzw. & ndash; ) umgewandelt – hab versucht das selber zu fixen, aber WP ist da hartnäckig … hast du eine Idee?

    nochmal für die nicht-deutschsprachigen:
    when i use the Slideshow option WordPress 2.5 will cause a xhtml error in the flash object script: the two dashes of the comment closing tag are transformed to an & #8211; (ndash), i tried to fix it on my own but clouldn´t work it out … any idea?



  30. metaller says:

    Yeah I like your plugin, too. Please keep it up!
    It is working quite fine for me, so when I upgraded to 2.5 I preferred upgrading the plugin over trying the builtin gallery.. I think I’ll stick to NGG.
    Nice work!

  31. Tuckr says:

    Love this plugin and its features, the new wordpress 2.5 gallery just didn’t do it for me.

  32. pixel&leben says:


    Es scheint mir so als würde sich WordPress ein wenig wie World of Warcraft weiterentwickeln: Es besteht ein Bedürfnis an einem Feature, dieses Bedürfnis wird mittels eines Plugins gestillt, die Entwickler erkennen das positive Feedback und den Nutze…

  33. felguard says:

    I think I found a bug with version 0.92. When you post the code [album=6,compact] to show the albums, the links show up as I’m not sure if it’s just me or it’s the script. Live example of it here:

  34. Florin says:

    @felguard: I got the same problem, Let’s hope alex can fix this easily.

  35. Cronus says:

    Hello Alex.

    I would like to continue the high praise of your plugin by saying i think it’s by far and away better than the new W2.5 inbuilt version.

    I do however seem to have developed a problem, slideshows no longer seem to display…i have upgraded to W2.5 and NGG 0.92 and everything else ‘seems’ to be fine except when you click in the ‘Show as slideshow’ link.

    My website gallery’s can be found at if you wish to see for yourself..any advice etc would be gladly accepted.


  36. Jeremy says:

    As a WordPressMU user, I have yet to use the next WP 2.5 features, since WPMU is not as bleeding edge as it used to be. I find it unfortunate that Automattic did not credit your work; some of the shortcode ideas and popularity of your plugin had to influence some of their development. Anyway, good work on your plugin, and I’m not deleting it yet!

    Perhaps WordPress is forcing you to tie into their API differently than you have done up until now, but keep up the good work!

  37. Kbyte says:

    Hi dude, good work whit NextGen Gallery, i’m your fan ;), today i upgraded my wordpress 2.3 to 2.5 and NextGen does not works ok, the flash effect or slideshow its black color and the image does not appear.

    I hope anyone can help me.


  38. Klaus says:

    Why use NGG? Because it works. The core Gallery system is cruel.
    But I’m missing the ngg button in the editor right now. What’s up with that?

  39. Kyrianys says:

    Absolutely agree with what was said earlier ! Your NGG plugin in the best ! My blog couldn’t live without it ! Thanks again for everything !

  40. Eric says:

    Please keep this plugin up, the gallery in wp2.5 seems to be broken and this plugin does it’s job very well :).

  41. Rockadent says:

    When I scan for new images in a folder, it will eventually create new gallery ID instead of the existing one.. is this normal? or is it bug?

  42. elotse says:

    Alex, your plugin is one of my favorites
    It has a lot of excellent features witch are not implemented in WP2.5
    It hope you still will forward this great project.
    Best regards from a fan of your NextGen

  43. Falko says:

    I need ngg desperatly!!!

  44. Pinten says:


    Have to remove an } at line 139 in admin/wp25/style.php to get it to work.

  45. pteittinen says:

    Upgraded my WP to 2.5, fooled around with the built-in gallery for a while (not impressed) – and switched over to NGG. Whoa, a world of difference! I’ve barely scratched the surface of NGG and I’m already loving it to bits!

    However, and this is very likely cause by me being a total n00b, how do I place two (or more) single images side by side without using a gallery? [singlepic=…][singlepic=…] drops the second image below the first one, and I would like to have them next to each other, without any text flowing around them.

    Also, if I have a gallery of 10 images, is it possible to show only some of them in one part of the post, then others later in the post? Please see for what I’m aiming for – that post has a total of six galleries, each consisting of 2-3 images.

    It would also be nice to have the “Integrate Slideshow:” option separate for each gallery, and not as a global setting.

    Oh yeah, clicking on an image during a Slideshow does not bring up the next image. Shouldn’t it?

    Anyhoo, I certainly hope you will continue developing this wonderful plugin. Now, where’s that donation button?

  46. alex.rabe says:

    Thanks for the donation. Please be so kind and use the forums for upcoming question. I do not normally answer on off topic comments (you buy a extra round 🙂 :

    Two single pic’s should be used with float left, side by side…

    Also try the tag system to show some defined images from a gallery

  47. sarah says:

    I’m gonna keep on using ngg. I love it. It took me a long time to find it, I went through about a million different ones.

    Alex, if you keep on adding functionality people will keep on using it. You’ve clearly worked very hard on it, because its awesome! It would be such a shame if you didn’t carry on developing it and getting more and more people to use it and achieve world domination! Ok maybe not that….

    Theres so many ideas you can develop on and always stay better than the generic one that comes with wordpress 🙂

  48. subherbia says:


    NGG rocks. Thanks for getting it to run with 2.5 so quickly. I will continue to use your plugin… as will many other as I see above.

  49. pteittinen says:

    Thank you, Alex. If I come up with further questions or even feature requests, I’ll make sure to use the proper channels 🙂

  50. pteittinen says:

    Alex, ‘tags’ approach for my problem works, but unfortunately it requires quite a bit of typing. Quite a lot more, in fact, than simply using several smaller galleries. Perhaps you could come up with another solution some day… 😉

  51. Vladimir says:

    Don’t worry, I’ll use your gallery as long as it stays so great… I didn’t even try that new gallery with 2.5… NextGen gallery is GREAT!!! Thanks a lot!

  52. mccormicky says:

    At first I thought I was going to just use the new 2.5 built-in gallery, and I have for projects that do not need a REAL gallery,just a bunch post/page related thumbs…but for projects that need a real gallery such as the one your plugin provides,I will definitely keep on using nextGen.
    And respect to you for keeping on top of this project and making nextGen work with 2.5 so fast.
    WP 2.5 can’t do everything your plugin does.Please don’t stop maintaining it!

  53. uwe23 says:

    Alex, the ngg is the best gallery-plugin for wordpress. Thank you for this. I think, its better the developer of wordpress concentrated of the core and not build plugins in the code and to affront the plugin developer.

    This is not the right way for the community.

    I hope you will not stop development.


  54. Chris says:

    Please don’t stop developing this plugin! NG Gallery has features that are superior to the 2.5 Gallery. And I like that NG puts all the images in it’s own table.

    The thing I do like in the new gallery is the upload feature. It can upload multiple files pretty easily. I found my self uploading with the 25 gallery, and then pointing the NG Galellery “Import Files” to that directory in order to display and manipulate those images.

  55. Mike says:

    I’ve used your plugin for some time now and I can not say enough good things about it. Even after upgrading to 2.5 and viewing the wordpress gallery feature I must say I will still be using Nextgen gallery as my main image display feature. Thanks for the great work

  56. Dawn says:

    Hi Alex,

    I just wanted to let you know that it was user error! My apologies, your pluing is working perfectly.



  57. Sascha says:

    I seriously think that there’s nothing else in the field that can compete with your gallery tool. We like it very much using it within our blogsite. So thank you for this tool and keep your motivation.


  58. Johan says:

    Hi Alex Please continue this is a great product. I noted that you said we should use the forums but at the forums it said I should good to your google code. And that’s what I did. BTW: I have the same problem as @Florin.

    I did not delete the files before the upgrade. I will do it now and see if the problem is resolved.

    P.S. As you indicated I don’t expect support here 😉

  59. pteittinen says:

    Actually… to be brutally honest, I was going to use the forums at first, and went to Google Code as asked. However, I was completely overwhelmed by what I saw there; I couldn’t tell where and how to put my questions. It felt like I would need to spend an hour just learning the UI of the site to plonk down a couple of questions… Sorry, Alex.

  60. alex.rabe says:

    Questions should be reported at first in the forums. This is the point where everybody can ask question around my plugins.

    Confirmed bugs and feature request can (but this is not required) reported at GoogleCode. This is my personal issue tracker.

  61. Beth says:


    Love, love, love your plugin. Please don’t stop developing it.

    One suggestion though. The new WP gallery has the ability to comment on each individual photo, as well permalink to it. I think it would be great if NGG had the same functionality.


  62. hi alex. congratulations for the good work! i install the new version of nextgen (0.92) in WP 2.5. when i setup to show the photos as ‘album’ its doesnt open the new ‘page, with the gallery… only if i create a new page it works correctly… its a bug?
    thanks ans sucess!!

  63. Javy says:

    Great Plug-in! Just update to WP 2.5 with the latest version NGG and I can’t display album 😦 Any help will be appreciated.

  64. Sam says:

    Just a quick note to say the new WP2.5 image library etc. is not the simplest to use or organise.

    Your ngg plugin allows users to manage their photos easily and use them as you would expect a good gallery system to work. Please continue with your excellent work and do not stop the plug-in development. Thx!

  65. Peejay says:

    This is an AMAZING plugin that has features which I dont believe they will ever put into the base of wp ever.

  66. wellness says:

    i love your NextGEN plugin but is there a way to enable automate the copyright for pics ? and only on big pic not on tubmails…

    is there a way to upload ‘fast’ pics to gallery’s whan i write a article and i need the pic for the article?

    whan i whant to add a pic to my article from the NextGEN i must click 8 times to finish insert ONE pic, its bad whan i must add more pics on different places on my text…

    hope you can help

  67. Tim says:

    Hi Alex,

    Any idea why the thumbnails on my gallery are going crazy jumping around:

    It’s driving me crazy!

  68. This represents the best integration of photo gallery software into the WordPress platform that I’ve seen in the several months that I’ve been looking to replace the older ‘Gallery’ software.

  69. […] Die neue Version gibt’s wie immer bei im Plugin-Verzeichnis. Die Diskussion zur Version und zur Weiterentwicklung gibt’s im Blog von Alex. […]

  70. jaxxx says:


    this is a great plugin but i have a problem: my gallery collidates with other embedded flashmovies or quicktimemovies… they are always one layer over the gallery…

    any experience with this?


  71. beth says:

    Hi, thanks for all your hard work. I wouldn’t post this question here except for the forum issue you are having at the moment.

    Everything seems to work fine for me in 2.5 except there is no option anywhere to choose a preview thumbnail for a gallery. So when I post it within my album, I get default text (“watch gallery”) instead of an image above the title of the name of the gallery. If you visit the “gallery” page on my site you will see what I mean.

    I tried reinstalling in case it was a faulty installation, but no success.

    Please help!

  72. Scott says:

    Hi guys
    I’ve got a problem generating thumbs for a gallery of about 500 images
    Does NGG support this many images in a single gallery, it seems to have no problems with about 70-80, but as soon as there’s a couple more than that, the script just hangs with no errors reported.

    No errors in the logs, nothing displayed on screen – just stuck generating the thumbnails

    Help please!


  73. Mike Benton says:

    Hi Alex,

    First, Great Job and thank you for your hard work. NGG is absolutely one of the best plugins I’ve ever used.

    Second, WP 2.5 broke a lot of things. I updated to the newest version but I’m having a lot of trouble (thanks to the WP team)

    We need your help, can you please send me an email on this? I’ll gladly shoot you some cash for your help.

    My 3 biggest troubles are:

    * NGG (and the wp gallery) don’t work in IE. I know they posted a fix but the ‘fix’ is fuxd. It doesn’t download etc.

    * The thumbnails aren’t paying attention to the sizes I set them to since the updates. They just stay at 100 by 100

    * Firefox handles the admin plugin fine but displays incorrectly. IE shows images centered (like I like) but firefox shows them left aligned. Additionally, previously I was able to display two images next to each other on one line, now they stack one on top of the other.

    Please help, we love your plugin. It’s part of our bread and butter. We’d like to share the dough. lol

    Mike Benton

  74. Great plugin, I was wondering what issues could cause my website to real time auto up date when I upload images from the interface.

    I can acess the images in the gallery etc on the web. But When i go to ftp they dont appear to be on the ftp at all. I am guesing this is something to do with cache? For now I just have uploaded the image as the same file number as it should be. Which overwrites it.

    Is there a better practice for this?

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