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I’m sorry but the increasing traffic on my web page causes a SQL overload during the last night. My web hoster disable the access…

I must check now where I get the SQL overload, currently the forum must be taken offline for deeper analysis. I’m only on a shared web hosting and not on a dedicated server, so the increasing amount of information (already 10.000 posts in the forums) causes bigger speed/performance problems.

Please post at the official forums and add the tag “nextgen-gallery”, I will do my best to answer the question in the next weeks.

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3 thoughts on “Forums offline

  1. alakhnor says:

    I’ve open a temp forum for wordtube users who want to ask questions.

  2. Nifty says:

    Hi! I made some code optimization in NetGen gallery (V0.93), how can I contribute it?

  3. alakhnor says:

    I’m also using Simple Forum and I’m more and more thinking about moving to bbpress.

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