I noticed a new cool JavaScript effect with a nice inbuilt slideshow feature : Lightview from Nick Stakenburg.

For fans of Prototype and rounded corners, I suggest to try out this effect with NextGEN Gallery. Thanks to my flexible effect interface you can adapt it very easy to your blog :

1. Download the plugin Lightview-Plus from Puzich

2. Change in the gallery options the effect code to “Custom” and enter in the “Link Code line”  :

class="lightview" rel="gallery[%GALLERY_NAME%]"

(If you copy and paste the code, check for the the correct double quotes !!!)

Have fun…

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29 thoughts on “Lightview

  1. alakhnor says:

    The script seems slow, probably due to corner rounding.

  2. I can’t find any “Custom” effect code in the gallery options. Where do I go wrong? I’m currently running NextGEN Gallery ver. 0.95. Thanks for any help!

  3. DushiBida says:

    It seems like the layout is not completely good with Mozilla Firfox.

  4. Currently I’m using Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 5 and everyt?ing is OK with Lightview script

  5. Greg says:

    I’m not seeing a “Link Code line.”

    Where is it hidden or does it have a new name in v2?

    Or is this too advanced for me?

  6. It looks great but it is way to slow

  7. alex.rabe says:

    I agree Prototype apps are slower…

  8. nkieto says:

    Alex, I have discovered another javascript effect by phatfusion: multibox, it looks cool!

  9. bartes says:

    WOW! Multibox looks really great!!! It`d be wonderfull if it can be a WP plugin…

    Sorry for my english! 😉

    best regards

  10. defaude says:

    Hey Alex,

    great Job (as usual ^^)! But there’s one thing bugging me: Under Safari 3.1.1 from MacOS X Leopard the fading to dark effect does not work properly. You can go ahead and check it out on my homepage if you like. However the effect itself works fine on Nick Stakenburg’s site…

    keep up the great work!

  11. David says:

    I like the NextGen Gallery and the Lightview but don’t have the expertise to install them on my two blogs. I will pay you one hundred dollars to do it if you are interested.

  12. alex.rabe says:


    You should not spend so much money for a silly operation. Read the plugin description of Lightview Plus and also post a message in the forums. I’m pretty sure somebody can help you without money.

    And then you can donate the money to the plugin and projects which you are using and do the right work for you…

  13. jan says:

    You ever saw this: FancyZoom Even better than multibox…

  14. charles says:

    the watermark function of NextGen Gallary stops working after i’ve installed lightview…any solution for that? thanks a lot~~

  15. Thank you .Read the plugin description of Lightview Plus and also post a message in the forums

  16. finid says:


    Contact me and I’ll take care of the plugin installation, gratis.

    See my contact info at

  17. David says:

    thank you finid. I did figure it out somehow and it is operating nicely on my photo blog. It seems like a very sturdy plugin and I have had no problems with it.

    And I did take the money and invest it in someone who is creating a very nice plugin for my photo blog. Hopefully it will be available for everyone soon.

  18. schikowski says:

    Hey Alex,
    Thank you for this wonderful plugin!
    It solves my biggest problems… 🙂

    Can anybody give me a hint how to integrate the “Multibox” lightbox? There is a plugin at

    According to the plugin’s author, the class “mb” will trigger Multibox. So, I was trying to add the following code in Options > Effects:
    class=”mb” rel=”gallery[%GALLERY_NAME%]”

    But no lightbox at all appears.

    Can somebody give me a hint?
    Thank you much in advance!

  19. schikowski says:

    Got it.
    class=”wmp” rel=”gallery[%GALLERY_NAME%]”


  20. artnok says:

    I’m just solving problems with lightview & nextGen, and it seems that there is a display problem with safari (whereas it works fine on Nick Stackenburg website… Has someone experimented that before ???
    Furthermore, I didn’t really find the solution to use the powerfull thumbnail maker of NextGen with Lightview. All I succeeded in, was posting custom html code for custom thumbnails pointing to a specific created file. I didn’t find yet how to work both with the two plugins at the same time… Light needed !

  21. macplanet says:

    I recently included NextGEN and lightview-plus into my blog and first had a problem with the XHTML not validating (check this question in the WP support forum).
    The problem was caused by HTML attributes which were included twice, obviously by NextGEN and by lightview-plus.

    The solution for the problem turned out to be extremely easy: Instead of using the code Alex recommends in this article, NextGEN works beautifully with lightview-plus if the effect is set to “none” in the NextGEN settings.
    I was told that the behaviour of lightview-plus has not changed, so I suppose that Alex’s advice given here is wrong or outdated. (Or did I miss some problem with my simple solution?)
    I just wanted to put this information here to help people who might run into the same problems I had …

    Thanks for the fantastic NextGEN plugin,
    best regards

  22. Cyberto says:

    Thanks for one of the best plugins 😉

  23. Deyson says:

    What is the correct double quotes for custom Code.

  24. serenine says:

    Thank you!!! Works great with Lightview Plus!

  25. rapscallion says:

    have got the lightview working with my nextgen gallery, but the previous next buttons are not appearing – any ideas alex?

  26. Falko says:

    The same Problem as rapscallion … lightview works in nextgen gallery but there are no navigation buttons

  27. voxel says:

    If you use “lightview plus 3.0” or higher with “lightview 3” you must put the next code in “ngg option plugin” like effect:
    class=”lightview” data-lightview-group=”%GALLERY_NAME%”

    to activate navigation between pictures.

  28. Falko says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    I have filled in the code…first the pictures don’t apper in the lightview overlay but after adding data-lightview-group-options (skin) it works great.

    Thank you and have a nice weekend

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