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WordPress 2.5 introduce a new automatic upgrade feature for plugins. This works fine for the most plugins and users, but there are some behaviour which you should be aware :

  • Additional files in the plugin folder will be deleted : When you start the upgrade, WordPress delete the existing folder with all the content. If you have created additional files into the plugin folder ( i.e. custom style files, language files) then you must reupload them again.
  • Binary files sometimes not working : After 5 bugfix releases for NextGEN Gallery, there are still a problem that after the upgrade the sildeshow or language file are not working. There is some unknown failure, which could be some permission issue. If you encounter such a failure, please reupload all files manually per FTP.

Good luck !

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9 thoughts on “Manual update

  1. javiquil says:


    I have used the Autoupgrade option but now… The slideshow, the widget and everything.. it doesnt work 😦 it continues loading all the time.

    you can have a look here:

    what should I do now? The gallerys are there but the images doesn’t appear… and I can’t reupload anything 😦 .

    Thanks for any help.


  2. alex.rabe says:

    Check the permission for nggextractXML.php, it returns a Internal server error.

    Please request further help ONLY in the forums… not in the comment section. Thanks !

  3. marcel says:

    It’s only the “imagerotator.swf” that doesn’t work after any update. Loading it up from ftp helps.

  4. alex.rabe says:

    Don’t get the clue why this happend… but yes the most times this file failed.

  5. DanGarion says:

    @Marcel and @alex.rabe

    Yeah, I’ve seen two different things happen when doing the autoupdate, I’ve seen the imagerotator.swf get deleted, or I’ve seen the file change to only about 23k. Either way you have to re-upload the file to make things work correctly.

    Also because of the way the folder is named in the zip file on the folder name changes when you do the autoupdate.

  6. Srecko says:

    Dear Alex,

    must say that I am much impressed with what I have see in demo of your gallery. To regret I have bitter problem. In first moment it did not want to display tumbnails but only small grey stripes. Then I have uninstal gallery and instal again. To regret now it wont work- no folder upload, no zip upload, no way to insert gallery into the page.

    Must note that I have new instal of the WordPress and on this new installation I have first time installed your gallery.

    Best regards and keep on good work

  7. Doc Gonzo says:

    Hi there…
    After upgrading to the latest version of this wonderful plugin, MANUALLY, i’ve come across a problem…
    I’ve got it running on two sites, mine and my GF’s portfolio.
    On my site, it just shows the tags I put in to show the album.
    On my GF’s site, i did exactly the same upgrade, and over there everything works.
    Tried clearing all settings ‘incl. the db) and reinstalling NGG, but to no avail, still just the tags that are showing up.
    And before i upgraded, it worked just fine.

    I’m slowy but surely going nuts over here, any help??

  8. TeddyBare says:

    0.95 seems to be unavailable for download from despite the plugin saying it is available for download.

  9. […] Leider ist ein Auto-Pluginupgrade manchmal fehlerhaft. Es empfiehlt sich daher, das Plugin per FTP-Client zunächst komplett zu löschen und dann die neuste Version manuell hochzuladen. Weitere Informationen auch hier. […]

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