New bugfix release

Today, I uploaded some bugfixes for NextGEN Gallery. It’s no mandatory update for everyone, only minor things will be fixed. See changelog for more…

The development for v1.00 is still in progress, but based on my new project everything needs more time now. Currently I’m prepare a refactor of some old code. After two year experience and grown knowledge with PHP, WordPress and the plugin, a lot of things needs to be better… learning by doing.

In the forums I received a lot of feature requests, so I will include in the next time more filters, hooks and template function that this plugin is more extensible. You can watch the progress at the GoogleCode. It already contains a extended role system, so that a author can only edit his own galleries… (Please note : The current trunk is from time to time not working, so don’t use the code in a live system until you know what you do)

Final remark :If you like this plugin, it would be great if you can rate the plugin at (Currently 153 ratings). Thanks !

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30 thoughts on “New bugfix release

  1. Nkieto says:

    Great!. I am going to update.

    I would like to say that this plugin is great, more than great. It is helping me to make a small and really powerful gallery for my sister wedding.


  2. nickaat says:

    Thanks for the nice work.. Just installed, updated and configured. Btw.: I wrote a little how-to-use in German:

  3. mkormendy says:

    You’ve got my help Alex. 🙂

  4. J.Backlund says:

    Hey! I really love your work, keep it up!

  5. wtf says:

    Man, thanks, awesome work!

  6. edric says:

    the new version 0.96 made the upload-zip file not function properly 😦

    is there a way to download the older version

  7. iTwins says:

    Is it just me or…

    Since upgrading to v0.96, the Flash Slideshow no longer works when used with IE7.

    I tried it on three WinXP systems and all have the same symptoms. Firefox, however, worked fine.

    Will there be any problems if I downgraded back to v0.90?


  8. Don says:

    I started using NextGEN-Gallery when I was using the default theme, but then switched to travelmate-blog-20 and now the java/flash functionality of NextGEN-Gallery is broken. Is there a conflict with this theme? Is there anything that can be done to help this?

  9. Don says:

    By the way, this is both in Firefox 2.0, 3.0 and IE7

  10. Nokao says:

    Hi Alex…

    Can I ask you what do you think about the new image features in WordPress 2.5?

    Even if they don’t worth enough to be better than nextgen gallery, they introduce a lot of useful staff maybe for the coders like you.

    However, even if an integration could be very hard and painful, it could be very interesting for the huge amount of plugins that this new WordPress features will produce.

    I think for example to a very-basic e-commerce plugin that could use the WP 2.5 image system to handle the products images, or the fact that the WP 2.5 image system already supports comment on the single images.

  11. gmk says:

    Hi Alex,

    First up congrats on the new project 🙂 And the old one as well – its brilliant.

    “It already contains a extended role system, so that a author can only edit his own galleries…”

    Is this part of the current release 0.96 ?

    From what i can see all galleries are editable by anyone. Just a heads up !

  12. gmk says:

    My apologies – i think i need to read more closely – i await the next release 🙂

  13. digitaljail says:

    Your Gallery is fantastic, I really love it!!!

    Keep it up!

  14. Michael says:

    the update seems to have fixed the TinyMCE button for me

  15. iTwins says:

    A Suggestion regarding “Manage Gallery > Scan folder for new images”:

    Add a check bit to verify if a thumbnail exists. If yes, do not attempt to generate thumbnails.

    The reason (for me and probably many others) is really simple: NextGen’s thumbnail creator often crashes despite the image is error-free and small. Sample below:

    ————— Sample error ———————
    Keeley_Hazell_020.jpg : Error : Exceed Memory limit. Require : 40.31 MByte
    Keeley_Hazell_020.jpg : Thumbnail created…
    Keeley_Hazell_021.jpg : Error : Exceed Memory limit. Require : 40.31 MByte
    Keeley_Hazell_021.jpg : Thumbnail created…

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1924 bytes) in /home2/itwinshk/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/lib/ on line 923

    This image is really not that big: 1680x1050x32 at 186Kb

    Because of the fact that NextGen often crashes, I often generate thumbnails manually to minimize NextGen from crashing more. But sometimes that won’t help as in the above case it still crashes and stuck there until I delete all the “problem” images.

    PS. My host only allocated 32Mb to my account.

  16. Simon says:

    Hi Alex,

    Just got a strange problem. I opened a new blog here, I posted two swf video there and you can see at the bottom of the page.

    The swf file was produced with 320*240 size and uploaded by FTP to the server already. The first one was inserted in the post with tag and it looks fine however without control buttons on the video.

    In order to control the video I thus use some player plugins designed on the basis of JW FLV player, such as your WORDTUBE, Flash Video Player, FLV Embed, Kimili Flash Embed. However I got the same problem for all of these plygins that the video can’t be properly fitted with the player although I set the player size at 320*260, please look at the second video on above page for review. I guess this might be caused by the “Over stretch” parameter and thus adjusted that option for “true””flase””fit”and”none”. But no one can fit the player…….

    Anybody can tell me how to fix this problem?Many many thanks for your kind help.

  17. Li-An says:

    iTwins: because I’ve got the same problems, you should try to desactivate some other plugins and look if it works better. If you got (like me) a lot and “big” plugins, it’s a problem for creating thumbnails.

  18. iTwins says:

    Hey Li-An,

    Yes, I tried that already. WP 2.5 + only NextGen and nothing else. It helped a little but eventually it will crash when it finds big files and/or high resolution images.

    As much as I want to use NextGen for my galleries, I cannot. I had to limit NextGen’s useabiilty because of this as 40% of the images I have are over 3000×1875 and/or 1.5+ Mb each.

    Nevertheless, NextGen is an awesome plugin. Kudos to the development team!


  19. SX says:

    i use your wonderful plugin on my website, SX.
    But the fact is some actress prefers to use the built-in wordpress gallery features as it’s easier for them, and they can use it directly from the TinyMCE. It seems that, since the last NextGenGallery release, this feature doesnt work anymore.

    Anyone else got this issue ?

  20. olaf says:

    updated it too and again the grid is broken 😦

  21. John Horne says:

    I can not drag and drop galleries into albums since updating to WP 2.5 and the latest version of NG Gallery 😦

    Is there a way around this? BTW I’m using XP and Firefox 3 RC 1.


  22. Reflexes says:

    Nextgen Gallery is great! I’ve incorporated it in my header. Thanks!

  23. John Horne says:

    Well, I re-downloaded and updated the plugin and now all galleries have been removed from my album page (fortunately the galleries still function) but I still cannot drag and drop galleries into the album in any browser.

    If anyone has a fix for this I’d really love to hear from you!


  24. John Horne says:

    Okay, I don’t know which one it was for sure but I deactivated some plugins that were unnecessary and got it working again. Yea!

  25. Matthias says:

    plötzlich funktioniert das einfügen einer Galerie in ein Album nicht mehr. Getestet unter OS X 10.4 und 10.5, Safari, Camino und Opera, aber keine Chance. Galerie deinstalliert und neu installiert, geht immer noch nicht.

  26. koma says:

    Hi! (I’m Italian, so i’m sorry if my english is not very good, i’ll try my best) I have a problem with the TinyMCE of NEXTgen Gallery, maybe someone knows how to fix this.

    In our website we have more than 870 galleries, everything works fine, we can upload the images and the galleries show up in the post if we write the tag manually, but the TinyMCE button has a strange bug: when it loads, it does not shows the “insert” or the “cancell” button, so we can not use it to insert the galleries! You can see a screenshot of this bug in here:

    Can someone help us?

  27. nadavkav says:

    importing meta data gets hebrew (utf8) description as “??????” i was using version 0.84 before and it was working fine.

    also, clicking a picture opens the picture in a new page and clicking it again opens it with thickbox effect. which used to work when i was clicking the thumbs. is this a new feature ?

    thanks for your great work 🙂 what a beautiful plugin 🙂

  28. Matthew says:


    New I am new to WordPress. I really appreciate the NextGen Gallery script.

    Is there a way to make the NextGen Gallery available to more users than the Admins of wordpress? Can I make this photo script available to editors, authors or contributors? I would like more users to have access to NextGen without access to ADMIN.

    Thank You.

  29. james says:


    how do i centre images using nextgen??


  30. Josh says:

    I’d love to see a fix to the “Exceed memory limit” error that iTwins and Li-An mentioned.

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