At the 22th Feb I posted a note that NextGEN reached the 100.000 downloads at wordpress.org, now 3,5 month later we enter the level 200.000. I’m very happy that after the release of WordPress 2.5 Gallery feature the interest is still there…

Currently the development is slowed down, but not stopped. I feel version 0.9x is still good enough that it can live for a while, so that I can refactor main parts, which are not well designed. Currently I’m creating the template pages for gallery and album so that everybody is able to create there own output.

I got the main idea from the great plugins of Urban Giraffe, which are IMHO the best pattern for a modern MVC based PHP plugin. I can strongly recommend every plugin author to have a look for the plugins structure.

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9 thoughts on “200.000

  1. Kevin says:

    hi Boris! i’m Kevin Or from Beijing, China.
    i love your nextgen so much! and i’ve sugguested my company to use your plugin in our wordpress-based blog.

    since our blog is for commercial use purpose, i think i should require a commercial license from you. can you please tell me how much it cost? and how to buy it from you? much thanks. 🙂

    Thanks for your time, Kevin


  2. Craig says:

    Hey! I am trying to setup your nextgen gallery on my site, but every time I download it or any other plugin, extract files, go to my filezilla and upload it to contents/plugins directory, my admin panel says “These plugins seem to be broken, that means there is a directory for the plugin, but no plugin file is found inside that directory.”

    Please help me!!!

  3. Sylphia says:

    I found a problem with XHTML 1.1.
    XHTML 1.1 should mark page mimetype as “application/xhtml+xml”,but when I doing this on firefox when browsing album page,it gives me a XML parse ERROR.A mismatched “</” is appended to TB_Window.(Like this: … Normal TB_Window content …</”)
    I’m not sure what exactly the problem is,no solutions but only change the page theme back to XHTML 1.0,and removes the mimetype,please help.

    And thank you for your great work!

  4. Akshay Surve says:

    Congrats Alex!

    Urban Giraffe has published quite a few plugins. Can you link to a particular plugins which follows the pattern you were impressed with?

  5. alex.rabe says:

    Drain Hole and Redirection are my favorites, but check for example the plugin structure of Filled-In in comparsion with cforms or other contact forms plugins

  6. Pedro says:

    Hi there,

    I am currently evaluating with sort of light-whatever I am going to use, and NextGen really caught my attention due to the vast amount of downloads and the claim that it could integrate with the functionality of other gallery scripts.

    However, I had some problems evaluating it because I couldn’t find a central repository for documentation and tutorials. May I suggest you a section (WP page?) into your site for documentation, how-tos (particularly using highslide and lightwindow with your gallery) and other useful docs?

    Also, a big selling point for me in a WP gallery would be the ones that extend over the existing WP 2.5 gallery features.

    All the best!

  7. FransL says:

    Bravo on a most excellent plugin! Thanks for the hard work and the great code!

  8. Yogie says:

    Hi Alex,

    I hope the new version will support then the option to show up the EXIF/IPTC data of an uploaded photo to the world and not only at the admin section. I’m awaiting and looking for such a feature on a gallery such a long time… And as far as I know only EXZO does but this is not a gallery script, ah yes the YAPB extension do support the EXIF as well. But to handle a lot of photos in a gallery I found no other plugin doing so well an nice like NextGen does. I think when you look your download status to NextGen Gallery you know what I’m talking about.



  9. Alan says:

    hi i didnt no where to post this so im sorry but i installed the nextgen gallery to my blog all seems to be workign fine but when i click on one of the gallery pics on my blog the image is not showing in the center of the page i can see it but its lower down and i dont no what to do to get it in the center can anyone plz help me out here.. but may i add my blog as ONLY just been added so no much is added to it at all yet its onyl 1 day old if anyone can help plz let me no thanks the blog is http://www.djmorley.com/blog and my emails is djmorley1169@hotmail.com


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