Real Estate with NextGEN Gallery

A new plugin called Great Real Estate is published and I’m glad to say that it supports NextGEN Gallery and wordTube. Great Real Estate brings content management of real estate listings to the WordPress community.

Agents can manage listings, input price and common data such as number of bedrooms and baths, and not worry about formatting each page. The plugin provides starter templates to display listings, and a sidebar widget for featured listings. Agents can enhance listings with a photo gallery, video, panorama photos, downloads, and a location map. The listings information is nicely formatted with a tabbed interface.

Download at

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10 thoughts on “Real Estate with NextGEN Gallery

  1. Nils says:

    Its a nice plugin. I tested it today. But the plugin is only in english. i translate it for my german customer. it is easy to work with the template!

  2. RKelley says:

    I love NextGen and the new Great Real Estate plugin. However, I’m having a problem with both plugins. When I click on a photo in the gallery the popup photo is half-hidden towards the bottom of the screen and you can’t see the entire photo. I’m using Microsoft IE 7.0.5700.6. Is there a fix?

    Note: It works perfect in IE 6 & FireFox… help!

  3. I’ve been wanting something like Great Real Estate for a long time…something the leverages all the other existing great plug-ins like NGG and wordTube and brings it all together for real estate.

    I got it all going in no time…modified the templates some. Take a look at my site if you want to see it in action.

    thx for all your work on good plugins, alex.


  4. balgha says:

    it’s good that wordpress finnaly have like this rar plugin, but the Real Estat website need a advanced search form who it’s not in this plugin, cause users need only to search for a home or appart with price x …. jomla already have like this plugi, but not yet in wordpress, and the strong off all that thing, is : we found the best plugin for Blogs and CMS only in wordpress, but the realtor it’s so rar!!! no one try… hop it coming soon,
    see ya gays and thanks a lot Alex for all plugin you provide for us for free, ur Angel.

  5. This seems like a great add-on for wordpress blogs, i wish there was something like this for the joomla content management system. This would make my life so easier, does anyone know if such a plug in exists.

  6. The German says:

    Hi Alex. Thanks for all the work for creating this plug in. Seems real good. Will try it out right now.

    And Nils, you’re right. I’m also looking for a German plug in. Is it possible that we use something like Google Translate to translate English to German and then get those pages onto the plug in?

  7. Great Real Estate looks promising, but I think it will remain limited within the confines of WordPress. There’s only so much you can do with the blog format. For a realty site, I would generally lean toward using OpenRealty or another specialized solution instead of a plugin for WordPress. There are just more options for growth with a specialized script. YMMV.

  8. This is great news. It has good content management system for various listings. It also have some useful integrations like FPP-Pano plugin, download manager plug-in and google maps plug-in.

  9. This is really so helpful for my real estate company. Thank you so much.

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