Google Maps with NextGEN Gallery

The latest release of XML Google Maps WordPress Plugin support now the Geo tagging of NextGEN Gallery images. Have a look at the page of the author Patrick Matusz for a example. Great plugin !

Download at

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12 thoughts on “Google Maps with NextGEN Gallery

  1. Hein says:

    Excellent , looking forward to integrating it as I already use both plugins at

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  3. frisco says:

    I have this working, but unless I’m missing something, NGG doesn’t display geo-tagged images. I’ve used exiftool to set GPSLatitude, GPSLatitudeRef, GPSLongitude, and GPSLongitudeRef. That seems to calculate a GPSPosition. However, none of this EXIF data shows up in NGG’s display of meta data. It would be great if NGG displayed whatever geo fields are required for proper location.

  4. Chris Lowe says:

    ok so I updated the plugin and it is all messed up and I cant figure out why. if someone could look heres an article with a gallery in it.

    if someone knows how to fix this I would love to know how I love NextGen

    my email is

  5. Very cool. Look forward to trying this out. If it works well I may have finally built the photography site I thought about many years ago.

  6. Rudy Herman says:

    This will be good for a travel website. Or creating a travelougue, linking pictures and the map location.
    Another cool addition to NextGEN, thanks.

  7. Scot says:

    I can not figure out why my nextgen gallery shows up on the bottom of the album page and not the top.

    I change the position:relative; to position:absolute; and it fixes it but then the body of my post template becomes to short to hold all the posts. Thos posts run right through the footer.

    example here:

    How do I fix this problem?

  8. Nick says:

    Look good. I try it.

  9. TheSizzle says:

    NextGEN Gallery with the XML google maps plugin works great. However, I’ve noticed that if you upload a photo with GPS data in the EXIF data, and then apply watermarks, the EXIF data seems to be blown away. Is there a quick fix (like a command line parameter to add to the imagemagick call) that would preserve the EXIF data when applying watermarks? Thanks!

  10. April says:

    My photos do not have any GPS info associated with them. How do I go about getting this info into my photos? The plug-in doesn’t seem to have the functionality…I can’t even find where to add the info in Photoshop (still learning how to use it though). Help!

  11. Diego says:

    Why the nextgen plugin doesn`t appear the geotags field? Thank you!

  12. Peter says:


    Is it possible to display the GPS data in NextGen Gallery? I don´t want to show a map with pictures on it, but when a picture is displayed I´d like to see the GPS data like a description.

    Thanks a lot in advance for every tip!

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