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After a lot of work I finished the next version of wordTube. This new version is a great rework of the plugin, with a much better code base (THX to Alakahnor). Due to the fact that Jeroen Wijering release a new version of his great JW FLV Media Player, I take the chance to rebuild my plugin a little bit. This new media player version has some great new features which I can support now with wordTube 2.0 :

  • Skining the player (Not only colorized)
  • LongTail Ads support
  • Plugin support

If you already used the Media Player V3.xx you will miss a couple of features (statistic, callback routine, colors, MP3 equalizer). Please stay tuned Jeroen is already working on Version 4.1 and I will integrate these new features in the next time. (If you need those features , please do not upgrade right now, Version 1.60 is still good enough)

wordTube 2.0 has also some great new YouTube feature programmed by Alakhnor : When you entered a YouTube URL, this version will fetch automatic all the media title, description and tags. So you don’t need to enter them …

Here is a first demonstration

Please note : wordTube 2.0 require WordPress 2.6 and the JW FLV Media player 4.0, it doesn’t support earlier versions.

Download wordTube 2.0
Beta Version @ Google Code

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74 thoughts on “wordTube 2.0

  1. sansibar says:

    Very good. Two questions?

    Where do I get swf-files for another skin?

    Is there a plan to have different sizes for different playlists?


  2. alex.rabe says:

    Here you can get some skins :

    And a playlist has now two new parameter : “width” and “height”. Example : [myplaylist id=1 width=200 height=500]

  3. sansibar says:

    Great, Thanks!

  4. sansibar says:

    I have a problem selecting playlists. When I select a palylist (for example “all mp3”) I get an error message: …/wordpress/wp-admin/edit.php?page=media-center “media-center kann nicht geladen werden.”

  5. alex.rabe says:

    Update to latest beta

  6. sansibar says:

    Ok works now. Another bug: I’m selecting a media file (bearbeiten), than I add this media file to a playlist and click “aktualisieren”. It updates. Now I want to go out of this file to select another file. Clicking “abbrechen”. The next file is now on page 2 of my medialist. So I choose “2” in the list, but now the editingpage of file one reapears. The only way th come to page “2” is after editing not clicking “abbrechen” but to choose “wordtube” from the menuelist above. Than it works.

  7. sansibar says:

    Another question: In earlier version there have been two fields in “Add a new media file” to write the size of the video? Where is this gone now? Or does the system itself recognizes the size?

  8. Rolf says:

    Ive got wordtube running on this site. But after a couple of weeks the admin got very slow and it’s because of wordtube. If i deactivate it the admin runs super again. Do you know what the problem could be?

  9. Jed Barish says:

    Will it work with RTMP streaming from wowzamedia or flash media server?

  10. Jed Barish says:

    Hello Alex? I need to know about RTMP streaming

  11. alex.rabe says:

    Hello Jed, please do not cross post in three different places, and follow up my question in the issue tracker. Thanks

  12. Veresh Jain says:

    Great Plugin . One question Can we put this plugin in sidebar and create a playlist ?

  13. DEAGLE30 says:

    My Erro:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method wordTube_Widget::ReturnMedia() in C:AppServwwwAPARECIDA12wp-contentpluginswordtubelibwidget.php on line 47

    Pls Help!

  14. gowers says:

    well,it’s really a cool plugin.
    By the way, how to change the about text of the flv player?
    I want to change it to my own.

  15. Jan says:

    I’ve got some problems in the IE when i use wordtube and any kind of lightbox together (so pics and videos). Error: “The website …. cannot be load. Act abborted. (“Die Internetseite … kann nicht geöffnet werden. Vorgang abgebrochen.”)

  16. alex.rabe says:

    please update now to beta 4 and report bugs at the GoogleCode project

  17. deagle30 says:

    No playlist style in sidebar widget?

  18. warhonowicz says:

    very cool plug-in … together with NextGen Gallery I am slowly adding all the media content to my blog that I need.

  19. Hello Alex,
    Already was a fan of Wordtube 1.x and glad to see that some of the bugs have gone. Did buy the commercial license for Jeroen Wijering’s media player too and want to get rid of the right click menu-thing which can be set off with the variable menu=’false’. But I have not figured out yet how to do it when using it in Wordtube. Can you help?


  20. gowers says:

    I’ve update to beta 4.However, it can’t change the size of the player. I did the changes in the wordtube opition, However ,that’s not work.

  21. gowers says:

    I did some changes on the wordtube.class.php.And so that I can change the size of the player in the wordtube opition.

    I change the “height”&”width”to”media_height”,”media_width”(on function ReturnMedia,not on function ReturnPlaylist).You defined “media_height”&”media_width” in settings.php, However you did not use it in wordtube.class.php.

    The code is(have been changed):
    // get some default values
    $media_width = ( $media_width == 0 ) ? $this->options[‘media_width’] : $media_width;
    $media_height = ( $media_height == 0 ) ? $this->options[‘media_height’] : $media_height;

    // Builds object
    $out = $this->ScriptHeader( $id, ‘single’, $media );
    $out .= “nt”.’var so’. $this->counter .’ = new SWFObject(“‘.WORDTUBE_URLPATH . $this->player.'”, “mpl’.$this->counter.'”, “‘.$media_width.'”, “‘.$media_height.'”, “9”, “#FFFFFF”);’;

    Now it works!

  22. Seems that Wordtube deletes some autogenerated code from my homepage. F.e. the Google Analytics code completely disappears. After disabling Wordtube the code comes back. Someone else has this problem (of getting close to no pageviews after a dropdown)?

  23. alex.rabe says:

    Thanks Maarten,
    I fixed that bug in the next beta (if you enable the Longtail Ads).

  24. enori says:

    Is it possible to get paged playlists?

    For example the play list has 30 videos on it but only displays 10 with a “next and previous” buttons below?

  25. brajesh says:

    Thanks Alex.
    I had trouble with wordtube 1.6 and wordpress 2.6.Now it is solved ,the beta works great with wordpress 2.6 and 2.6.1.

  26. Jazzy says:

    Two things.

    1. Paged playlists like suggested by Enori.

    2. Getting rid of the annoying mute icon in the middle of the screen when the player is muted.

    Are either of these possible, if so this would be the single most greatest plugin to exist for WP.

  27. Loudigi says:

    Can 2.0 handle RTMP streaming from FMS?

  28. gowers says:

    Jazzy?you said”Getting rid of the annoying mute icon in the middle of the screen when the player is muted”. I’m afraid you need to get a source file of the Jw player. It can only change in the player, not in this plugin.

    This plugin just using parameters that given by the flash author to realize some customization.

  29. 7162 says:

    Great to see Wordtube being further developed!
    I’m looking forward to use the new Version, keep up the good work!

  30. Dennis says:

    i changed the default sizes in options to 500×400. however when i add a standalone player it becomes 320×240. when i use a playlist tag it does work as 500×400.

    how can i change this?

    or how can i make a new playlist?

  31. VicioMania says:

    I want to integrate mp4 formatin the plug , as i put it????

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  33. Fraser says:


    Wordtube really is just what I’ve been looking for. It’s perfect.

    However, despite the fact I can view video in the ‘media center’, I’m very new to WordPress and I simply don’t understand the [media=ID] tag thing.
    I’ve tried to put this line of text everywhre in my blog but no video ever comes up.
    I know it’s probably something simple.

    Can you advise?

  34. […] déjà, télécharger le plugin Ensuite faut installer le plugin de la manière la plus simple possible, dans l’admin => […]

  35. Hi! I know I am going to love this plug in when I get it to work!

    I don’t see that anyone else has had the same problem I am experiencing. That concerns me.

    I use above WP 2.6. I successfully uploaded the plug in and set it up. I added an .swf video file to the library and successfully added it to a blog post.

    That’s where I started having trouble. I previewed the post and was able to click play and the video DID start. However, then I could not stop or pause the video. In fact, none of the additional controls seemed to work. (the full-screen opt. did work)

    So, When I tried to pause / stop the video, this is what happened:

    The video did not stop or pause. And when I clicked the pause/play button again, it began to play another instance of the video simultaneously. So I had two instances of the video playing at once.

    I am hoping you can help… I can’t figure it out.

    Thank you!

    Wendy J. Roan

    May I impose on you to twitter me at http://www.twitter.com/wendyroan when you post a response?

  36. Marc says:

    “When you entered a YouTube URL, this version will fetch automatic all the media”

    I understood that to read that If I enter a YouTube URL as text in my regular post Wordtube 2.0 will automatically call the player. Is that correct?

    And if so, how do i enable this feature? If not, will You include that feature in the next release?

  37. Jaxson says:

    Upgraded to WP 2.6.2 and started seeing the following message every time I tried to insert a video into a post with WordTube:

    “Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player”

    Thing is, my Flash player IS updated and nothing has changed except an upgrade to the latest version of wordpress.

    Then I thought I’d try an upgrade to the Beta version and I’m STILL getting that message, in both IE and FF.

    Is there some simple way to fix this? Thanks!

  38. onblog says:

    can you upgrade your fantastic plugin for daylimotion please

    thx, for all your work!

  39. John Lytle says:

    I think there is a compatibility issue with The Viper Plugin and Wordtube. I need to deactivate the Viper plug for Wordtube to be able to work.

    Nice work as always! That default resizing patch from Gower also fixed the issue I was having with default sizing not being added to new posts. Previous posts installed with the previous version of Wordtube were sizing fine.

  40. John Lytle says:

    Jaxson, that is what I was getting before I deactivated the Viper plugin.

  41. alex.rabe says:


    I fixed this already. The new version will be released very soon..

  42. Alex says:

    Hey Alex,

    I really like your wordtube plugin and use it for a long time, but there are some really frustrating things in the update to 2.0

    It is not really that I have to completely rename all the playlists on my website, but the fact that something seems to messed up with the player.

    When I choose bottom for playlist I don’t see the mediaplayer anymore. Did I do something wrong? Is the media player windows separately or something?

    When I choose over, it seems to work alright.

    However I am also not able to resize the playlist. It seems to be just completely mess up the player and the list when trying to change the size.

    Maybe you can help, thanks!


  43. Alex says:

    Me again, sorry!

    Why is it also not possible to simply show the little play back line. In every post I now have the complete player window??

  44. alex.rabe says:

    Please request support via the wordpress.org forums, the comment section is not the right place. Anyway I agree that the new Flash player have not all the great features from the V3.xx player. But Jeroen will include a better plugin support and you can expect in the future more interesting features. Until that you can stay at wordTube 1.60

  45. Alex says:

    Hey Alex,

    yes sorry, I was aware that this could be the wrong place to post a question. However, thanks a lot for your message and support!! 🙂

  46. Sam says:

    Heya, Im having some issues. I’ve installed wordtube. Its great, however I am using it to show mp3’s, and instead of the nice slim mp3 player you have here, im getting the big video player that only plays audio. What am I missing here?

  47. anakiar says:

    Hi Alex.Rabe,

    Thanks for the great plugins. I am fans of wordtube1.6.0.
    it is working fine and superb for me. But after i upgrade to wordtube2.0. i got a problem.

    The player can’t load, and it is just appear the white screen.
    Is there is anyway to fix this problem.

    Anywhere good job Alex.

  48. david says:

    Hi alex, I’m new to wordtube. I think it’s vry nice. I setuo the plugin and I can get videos to play back no problem, however I can’t get the longtail ads to work. I setup an account with longtail, created a channel, got the java code and channel ID, entered them into the longtail section of wordtube and enabled ads. However, the video plays back without any ads showing. Any suggestions?

  49. Hi
    and thanks for the great job
    when i am activating the LongTail ads i got this error messege
    LongTail AdSolution Error
    No Player ID
    i tried to fix it without result.

  50. Dayakar says:

    Hello Alex,

    Thank you for the Great plugin.

    Is it possible to include embed code link in the videos with WordTube?


  51. Mark says:

    How do you resize the videos? Our videos are 640 x360 and do not work with the default video size. There needs to be a video size option at the Edit media file page. Changing the Media player size in the settings does nothing.


  52. the Fiddler says:

    How can I center the player in a page? If I just use the center align button it only does the text, is there a way to center the player? Or even make it default to centered?

  53. Bruno says:

    Hi… what about playlist on the sidebar widget? Is it possible?

  54. Mike Milo says:

    Hi Alex! I dig the Wordtube plugin! You rock! I was wondering if you had any plans in the future to allow for controlling the lists so that you can tell the player to display the clips in specific order and the list in a certain order. I was also wondering if in future builds you might allow Wordtube to create an automatic thumbnail similar to the way Youtube does it? Either way, it’s the only game in town but these added features would be extremely useful features for your already solid product!

  55. I really love your work Alex. Awesome and its just made my sites really easy to make. Thank you!

    Do you know what would be really nice? Is if you could have videos pop up in thickbox, so you could have a video gallery type thing, a bit like nggallery or you could just have links and thumbnails embedded in your posts.

    Also when its tiny with a playlist there doesn’t seem to be a way of removing the big black thumbnails when you don’t want them.

    But still one of my favourite plugins ever.
    Again. Alex. You rule the wordpress plugins. 🙂

  56. Emman says:

    Hi Alex,

    How can I configure the player as stand alone MP3 player with visualization just like what you have on this website?


  57. low-R says:

    What a great plugin !

    I will be perfect when playlist are included in the widget sidebar.
    I’m searching a solution !

  58. Paul says:

    Anyone else having trouble getting the plugin to work on FireFox 3.0.6? The old version of the plugin was working but i just installed 2.0 and it doesn’t work. Any advice, really would like to get it working!


  59. DaveHS says:

    Great plugin. Only one question about it though (I tried looking at the main WP forum, but there was no answer to any of the postings regarding the issue).

    Is there a way to change the order of the individual media files within any given playlist? When I look at any specific playlist, I see the last column is listed as “order”, but the numbers underneith it for each file shows as “0”, and they are non editable (as far as i can see). I realize it is possible to set a playlist as playing in ascending or decending order, but (especially at the beginning when I am filling the player with older files) I would like to be able to change the play order as well. Any ideas

    Also, one other question about your site..what plugin are you using to display people’s icons & the flag relative to their country? That is so cool!

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks & Respects,

  60. Giuliano says:

    Hi all, does someone get to work the playlist in the sidebar ?

    i can’t, i had set all options, i can see the playlist only in the admin playlist preview but not in the the side bar of my blog. 😦

    please help.



  61. Ricky says:

    I must be missing something here or maybe something is not working. I don’t see any way to add or assign a video to a playlist. I can only upload videos and create Playlist. How can I add some videos to an specific playlist?


  62. threebrain says:

    on my blog the wordTube fullscreen button doesnt work. know why?? thanks so much!

  63. Micha says:

    great plugin! but how can i order the media files of a playlist?

  64. Dada says:

    thank you so much for this fantastic WordPress plug-in!
    I have one question however: I am loading .swfs to display in the player, but the playlist thubmnails stay black. How do I upload and link thumbnails to be displayed?

    Thanks so much!

  65. laurent says:

    I have move hostes and exported my wordpress via the export toll and imported it likewise but found ou that all my wordtube media were unavailable how can I recover them thank you?

  66. Chris says:

    Hi.. i like this plugin and its works fine.
    Does someone get to work the playlist in the sidebar ?

  67. Jason says:

    Your plugin needs to have the HD ability added

  68. karsten says:

    hey alex,

    i’ve installed wordtube 2.2.1 on wordpress 2.8.1
    the mediaupload always failed without any messages.

    i detected that the plugins activation don’t install the counter-field in wp_wordtube, but the admin/functions.php uses counter-field for insert and update requests.

    $wpdb->query don’t show mysql-errors so it was a bit tricky to get it work.

    maybe it’s helpfull. best regards

  69. Nathan says:


  70. jRO says:

    Very cool except that I just upgraded WP and Wordtube and now all my videos are muted by default. Don’t see this as a setting anywhere. Anyone else had this problem?

  71. Gerry says:

    I’m using WordTube Version 2.2.2 in WordPress 2.8.4. I have an problem in one blog that any time WordTube is activated, the RSS feed loses it’s descriptions. So only the title and post date appears for each post. If I deactivate WordTube, the description shows up in the RSS feed.

    This was happening in another blog and while I was trying to figure out what was happening, it started working right again. In the other blog, I can’t make it work right. In a third blog, it has never messed up at all. I have the same plugins installed in all three blogs, so this doesn’t make sense to me.

    I’d be happy to give you more information if that would help.


  72. VideoGold.de says:

    Hallo Alex,

    erstmal auch von uns vielen Dank für dein wunderbares Plugin!
    Leider ist seit dem letzten Update die Vollbild-Funktion des Players auf unserer Startseite nicht mehr aktiv. Bitte um Hilfe.

    Danke und viele Grüße

  73. MJM says:

    Hi, anyone who could help me post my video? I have installed wordtube and JW player but I still cannot see my video even on the preview. http://www.zfha.com/wp. I have tried kaltura, wordtube, and a lot of plugins but still not any of it has published my video.

    I wanted to continue with my wordtube. In my Settings > Wordtube > General Settings > it says ‘Could not found player.swf, please verify the path or upload the file’.. Someone knows how to troubleshoot it? thanks a lot.

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