Chrome rocks…

I know Google tracks my searches…
I know Google scans my emails…
I know Google knows which adult pages I visit last week (ehhh…) 
I know Google knows what I like and what I hate…

BUT Chrome rocks !!! Thanks for this new way of browsing !

BTW : I uploaded a new Beta of wordTube. It contain now the new JW  Player 4.1 and some minor bugfixes. Please report issues at the GoogleCode page 

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7 thoughts on “Chrome rocks…

  1. VicioMania says:

    I want to integrate the plug mp4 format, as I put it???

    this plugin is nice XD

  2. Mark Steven says:

    I’ll switch as soon as Chrome will run my Firebug extension 🙂 I can’t work without that, and I’ll be damned if I’m running two browsers in the meantime! I will watch the developments with interest!

  3. Alex Pummer says:

    I have to agree, Chrome RULES. Its much more stable than FireFox3. Rather annoyed with Firefox3 as it crashes at least 3-5 times a day. Was hoping for IE8.. I know its sad.. But Chrome is a pleasant surprise to say the least. That said, I have been some minor bugs with the Flash plugin, but other than that its fairly rock solid..

    Thanks for creating wordTube, its awesome to have simple flash support that is not reliant on themes like other plugins. You have made my life 10x easier, and stress free.

  4. chris says:

    some things i see there are already in opera . wich i find a very easy to use browser and stable until open 30 different websites .

  5. niijyeni says:

    I use the NG designed by you, nice work, thank you.
    And I very like your site, and this theme. can you send me a copy of this theme include all plugins of the theme used. thanks.

  6. niijyeni says:

    Excuse me, Are you there?

    Please send me a copy of this theme include all plugins of the theme used.

    thank you very much.

  7. sweeboo says:

    I agree, chrome really rocks. I can browse anonymously with its “incognito” window !

    great for those who need privacy

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