New updates available…

As promised I updated NextGEN Gallery and wordTube for the support of swfobject 2.1. This updates are required to embedded the flash object in a new way and keep compatible with other plugins like Viper’s Video Quicktags.

Please note that some other flash plugins or addons (Nextgen FlashViewer will be updated very soon) can be get in conflict, because the new script is not compatible with older versions. I suggest not to upgrade until the author update there plugins, because this release is not mandatory…

Wish you all a nice weekend ! 

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61 thoughts on “New updates available…

  1. Terry says:

    Well, this update took my non working(used to work) gallery and turned it from a black box to a white box. I’m running WordPress version 2.6.2 and the nextgen gallery slideshow hasn’t worked since your last update.

  2. It’s working fine here, thanks for the update.

  3. After the upgrade, the embedded slideshow is suddenly left-aligned, as opposed to centered (it was centered by default prior to the upgrade). And now every post I have looks irregular. Any ideas on a fix? I’ll be holding off on upgrading my other sites until the problem can be rectified.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  4. Latterlig! says:

    Terry: The same thing happened to me. I performed a roll back and reinstalled version 0.97 and now it’s working again. You’ll find older versions here:

  5. @ Latterlig!

    Thanks! That fixed my problem as well — in the short-term. However, I would like to be able to keep up with the upgrades as they are released. Perhaps someone can look into why the upgrade suddenly aligns the slideshow to the left, instead of keeping it centered as in previous versions?

    Thanks again to any and all assistance.

  6. Rod says:

    I keep WT 1.61 … I have too many posts with [MEDIA=] … anyway, good stuff.

  7. ikke says:

    thanks for the update, working fine here. 😉

    Is it possible the change the settings inside the widget?

    like center the image or when i click the image it will show a the big size and not skip to the next foto?


  8. alex.rabe says:

    Yep, the div around the flash object get lost, I will fixed that for version 1.00. Sorry

  9. ikke says:

    Nice, thanks. 😉

  10. […] ganze ist jetzt gut anderhalb Jahre her und heute gab es die Mitteilung auf eine neue Version, Nummer 0.99 mit brandaktuellem Support für swfobject […]

  11. Guntis says:

    I created Gallery, manually added images and thumbnails, then set in the Gallery options thumbnails to 200x200px, then changed Watermark from “Adventistu Limbazu draudze” to “Adventistu Limbažu draudze” (one letter only!), set opacity to 50%, updated and… weird things startedt to happen! In all fields I saw digit 5 – in opacity field, in Size, Color, Text – everywhere! I opened Options and there too everywhewre were just digit 5. I tried to change, but now nothing can be changed! HELP!

  12. @Alex

    Thanks! And keep up the fantastic work, your plugin is invaluable to(and inseparable from) my site.

  13. countzeero says:

    Nice to see that NGG is approaching v1.0 – NGG is an A-List Plug-in when it comes to setting up my blogs (A = Always installed). Since solving my 1+1 problems with the simple <> hack NGG is working perfectly. Unfortunately I make use of the NGG Flashviewer Libraries and so will have to pass on this update – at least until the updates with SWF happen- looks like i´ll be using a plug-in to get rid of the annoying red alert until the updates arrive.

  14. NENE says:

    NO working for me. Player for mp3 see bad, without effects.

  15. WVGeek says:

    How about adding a global thumbnail rebuild feature?

  16. Sendur says:


    I’m having some issues with wordtube, the player works fine from within the administration panel (mananage – wordtube), but when injecting it in a post, i get “Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player. ”

    Known issue?


  17. André-Marc Räubig says:

    Nach der Installation der neuen Galerie habe ich das Problem, dass die Slideshow-Parameter nicht mehr funktionieren bzw. die Einstellungen aus dem Backend nicht alle übernommen werden. Ansonsten immer noch die beste Galerie!!!

  18. Stephen says:

    would very much like to use the nextgen gallery as a header image to my wordpress blog…. apparently you supported this in the past…or had tips and help to do it…I’ve seen it. Would you consider sharing the help again??? contact me directly please. thank you.

  19. […] setze vereinzelt (nicht bei jedem Foto) schon seit geraumer Zeit das nextGen WordPress Plugin ein und bin eigentlich auch recht zufrieden damit. Das Handling, etc. Thumbs up zu […]

  20. michael says:

    sicher offtopic zu diesem thread. ich habe das Problem, das meine Bilder nicht im Google-Bilderindex indexiert sind.

    mein fehler? liegt es an der Url mit den vielen Parametern? Ideen?
    Vielen Dank für das super Plugin!


  21. Bill says:

    Sounds like a great plugin. Can you tell me if you can NextGEN Gallery to change the header image on a WordPress Blog?

  22. Vince says:

    For some reason the update made my lightbox stop sorking. The rel tag is there with lightbox%Gallery Name% however I only get a direct link to the image, no lightox (

    I was using your plugin before, no problems, and it is excellent, but have run into this snag… any help would be appreciated.


  23. klein says:

    nooooooooo for the new update… :((( what happened with palyer window and video resizing for individual files?!!

  24. SuperGrouper says:

    I love the nextgen plugin (I use it for my art gallery) and I was wondering- are there any plans to make a search widget for the WP sidebar to search the images by tags? It would be SOOO useful for artists. I was trying to make an entry in my blog for each piece of art, but there are almost 500, and I just gave up and deleted the entries- it would have taken forever.

    Also, is it possible to modify the template used for the pages for each image in some albums? I sell prints and I was wondering if, say, I could use a PHP import to put a PayPal ‘add to cart’ button in the footer of an entry like this one-
    hopefully with some PHP to make the PayPal item have the title of the image for reference. How could I do this?

    Sorry to bug you- I really appreciate your plugin. I tried several of them before I found yours, and it’s the best. ^_^

  25. Sendur says:

    In response to my earlier post: wordtube stopped working because of the older version of swfobject.js in my nextgen gallery (even with the nextgen disabled. Updates the file withing nextgen and got wordtube working again 🙂

  26. RKyle says:

    My images disappeared too (black box to a white box). I’m running WordPress version 2.6.2 and the nextgen gallery slideshow hasn’t worked since the last update.

    Then I updated imagerotator.swf in the folder /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery. Widget showing my Random Image is back, but it now has info/navigation at the bottom of the photos. It was not there before. Plus, Galery > Options > Slideshow settings (used in the JW Image Rotator) do not update the script. Anyone know how to remove the info/navigation at the bottom of the photos?

  27. sugarcult81 says:

    I…since i’ve updated with new version nextgen-widget doesn’t work…it stay on “loading” all the time, black window….

  28. iPaulPro says:

    Hi Alex,

    I was wondering if the latest NextGEN Gallery plugin has support for php “template tags”. I read a post by you in the WordPress forums, about 5 months ago, where you said you would soon implement template tags. Was wondering if I missed that.

    If not, is there any way to output (via template tag) all of the “tag albums”?

    If anyone else has a suggestion, I am open to all.

    Thanks in advance.

  29. Quincy says:


    sorry wenn ich nicht in englisch schreibe – ich kann diese Sprache einfach nicht so gut. Ich habe mir Dein wundervolles Plugin runtergeladen und am Anfang hat auch alles super funktioniert. Ich habe 3 Artikel geschrieben und mit Bildern und Slideshows gepflastert :). Als ich am nächsten Tag wieder on gegangen bin, hatte ich im Tinymce kein Icon mehr für nextgen. Außerdem werden mir die Bilder nur als Links angezeigt und die Slideshow funktioniert nicht mehr. Habe mehrfach gegoogelt – kann aber keine Lösung hierzu finden.

    Hat wer einen Rat für mich?

    cu Quincy

  30. ghiboz says:

    hi! congrats for all!!
    I have a request… is possible to do something to make a thumb when I post a single image like the thumb of the gallery?
    in the gallery the thumb is square and I like it, but if I link a single image the thumb is proportional to the image…
    what can I do this?



  31. lenatis says:

    Can i…download your theme?Awesome~ and the slider plugin on top of the post?

  32. Shekira says:

    So I just installed the previous version yesterday and got it all working great. I just saw that an upgrade had been released so I upgraded and now I can no longer a compact view, the thumbnails only link to full sized images instead of the thickbox display option, and the slideshows stopped working. I even downgraded again and that doesn’t set it back. Suggestions?



  33. Shekira says:

    OK I have fixed my downgrade back to the previous version, forgot in the head. So that’s fixed, but I would like to be able to use the upgrades in the future. Let us know when the bugs are worked out. It’s a great plugin!

  34. Quincy says:

    Hallo ich bins nochmal. Lösung bei mir war leider das Löschen des Plugins und einspielen der Version 0.97. Danach lief es wieder wie gewohnt super! Ein wirklich schönes Plugin – auch in der “älteren” Version.

    Danke dafür!

    cu Quincy

  35. david says:

    HOLY COW – just d/l the plugin, installed it, and had my first gallery up & running in under five minutes. This plugin is amazing — thank you thank you thank you!

  36. Alexander says:

    I have similar problems in my blog.

  37. Alexander says:

    re-installed 0.98, now it’s fine. It seems the prob just occured in Opera.

  38. Stewart says:

    I recently upgraded your Nextgen Gallery plugin on our church website, and the images will display, but when I try to go to slideshow mode, it will either display a black box or nothing at all. Any ideas on that?

    Thank you so much for your help!


  39. 7162 says:

    Nur noch eine Idee. Wäre es möglich die Statistikfunktion auszubauen? Bei longtailvideo gibt es z.B. die Erweiterung “Your Analytics”, die auch Buch führt wann Pause und Stop angeklickt wurde. Das könnte man implementieren oder einfach nur als Anregung nutzen 🙂

  40. Bradley says:

    Wondering if there is a way to still have albums while using the NextGEN FlashViewer. I really like the FlashViewer effects but really need to keep images orginized within albums. advice?

  41. pinkISH says:

    I can only find WordTube 1.60 to rollback to, where can I download 1.61 from?

    2.0.0 is not working for me, I get a blank image, and 1.60 gives me the classic error message:

    Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.


  42. mobilelaugh says:

    I am using nextgen gallery from previous two month but i don’t know why google is not indexing my images. Plz look into the matter if there can be any Plugin for that.

  43. 7162 says:


    1.61 was never published. So you’ll have to use either 1.6 or 2.0

  44. pinkISH says:

    thank you, 7162. none of them work properly with WP 2.6.2 (for me) so I’m waiting for a new/updated release.

  45. I…since i’ve updated with new version nextgen-widget doesn’t work…it stay on “loading” all the time, black window….

  46. Wow, thanks for catching that!

  47. I like the plugin gver much, makes my site come alive at bit. The only problem i am having is that the slideshows pages as a XML page and also the flash loading image are being indexed by google and the

    See Link Below:

    Any settings that i can change to stop this.

  48. sourena says:

    I have installed this plugin and have no problem when the Gallery names are in English. But one of my websites uses Persian as the defualt language. I have the Persian .po and .mo files for Next Gallery, but for some reason it does not accept the Persian names for the galleries. I get something like this:

    When I name it in English it works fine. What should I do to be able my galleries in Persian?

  49. AgentSmith says:

    I’m not sure if I get this right – does the following sentence mean that the update to 2.0 will break my existing posts?

    Shortcodes changed from [MEDIA=X]/[MYPLAYLIST=X] to [media id=x]/[playlist id=x]

  50. 7162 says:

    I tried a beta-Version and it didn’t break the existing shortcode – I think more people would complain if it did. Try it.

  51. alex.rabe says:

    The old shortcodes are still working, but deprecated

  52. Thomas W says:


    to all who cannot save galleries with som special characters set this into the function.php under admin/wp25 in line 16 or so, that the new code bløocks looks like:

    $galleryname = apply_filters(‘ngg_gallery_name’, $gallerytitle);
    $galleryname = str_replace( ‘%’, ‘_’, $galleryname );
    $nggpath = $defaultpath.$galleryname;
    $nggRoot = WINABSPATH.$defaultpath;
    $txt = “”;

    The % causes problems on some OSses.

    @Alex. Nice if you fix it to the next release 🙂

  53. AgentSmith says:

    Thanks alex, then I’ll do the upgrade right now. 😉

  54. Silviu says:


    Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but if I don’t it means that you have a major bug.

    A user can manage (upload/edit/delete) images from a gallery created by another user.
    If I’m wrong, please explain me how should I do to make it works correctly.

    Anyway, except this “bug”, this is the coolest plugin. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards

  55. Ally says:

    Since the new version I can’t upload images because the button “Browse…” is grey and it’s impossible to click on.

    So I tried to upload with “a Zip file” but after, the page stays blank with the header only.

    It worked great with the previous versions.

    I’m on a Mac and using Safari only (don’t have other navigators to try).

    Hope you can fix this, thanks for your great plugin!

  56. Ally says:

    Watching on the FTP, I can see that now the folders created own to Apache not to me. Don’t know if this is a part of the problem. Hope this helps.

  57. hassan says:

    I’m going to translate nextgen gallery plugin to Farsi. I want to know, what will be the file name for the .mo/.mo file? I named it nggallery-fa_FA.po but it’s not working…

  58. ferlo says:

    hello all.
    I noticed that when you go to gallery page, selected from an album, the URL become: http://…/nggallery/page-486/album-1/gallery-7/
    is there a way to have something like:
    http://…/album-name/gallery-name ?

  59. Sarahe says:

    WordTube is great! I love it!! But I thought I would mention that the # of views for each video doesn’t come up any more. They are all set @ zero!! I like to see the # of views, so I was hoping you could fix this on your next update!
    Thanks heaps!

  60. Mario says:

    Nach dem Updat eist ein .zip-Upload nicht mehr möglich, der Upload bricht mit einem weissen Biodschirm und der Menüzeile ab. Im Gallery-Ordner wurden die Ordner angelegt (einschl. thumbs-ordner).

    Ausserdem hat die Bildgrössenbeschränkung keinen Einfluss auf meine Bilder. Es wird nichts mehr verkleinert sonder immer die Originalgröße angezeigt.

  61. Natte says:


    I use Nextgen and WordTube and it is great…

    but since…. well .. i don’t really when… the wordtube videos say:
    Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

    I upgrade swfobject.js in wordtuve directory and also in nextgen/admin/js..

    Any idea??

    Great work and many thanks

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