wordTube 2.1 for WordPress 2.7

I take some time to prepare as well wordTube for WordPress 2.7. No big changes , only some admin UI updates and I added the statistic feature again (THX to Frederic de Ranter).

Here is the version until WordPress 2.7 will be released :

Download wordTube 2.1.0 RC2
Beta Version @ Google Code

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14 thoughts on “wordTube 2.1 for WordPress 2.7

  1. Kenny says:

    Thanks for ur plugin!!
    Is great!!
    A question::

    U can to realize a widget with playlist???
    Simple 🙂

    And again thank U very much!!!

    Kenny COlonia
    Lima -Perú

  2. 7162 says:

    Sehr schön, vielen Dank!

  3. cnb says:

    thx very much and
    Grüße aus coburg

  4. I like that you keep you plugins up to date. The wordpress RC1 just released and your plugin is ready , nice job 😀

  5. John Smoleskis says:

    Great plug-in. It’s just what I was looking for. Got a bit of a problem though.

    I upload an mp3 file, publish as normal, but when view it, it shows the default player rather than the mp3 player. I can’t see any options.

    What am I doing wrong? The site isn’t live yet. A few things still need to be dealt with.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  6. Hansy says:

    You made a great plugin though i got a problem and hope you can help me.
    The player works fine but when i put an image it doesnt load at all
    Maybe i do something wrong (using s3 as hosting for images)
    Any help would be appreciated.

  7. Tom says:

    Dear Alex,

    I’m having problems with the plugin in 2.7 //

    I’m unable to add videos. When I go through the procedure and valid to add my media file, I’m brought back to the media list page but the list is empty…

    I’m handling the server myself, could you tell me if I need any specific library or code to add to my wordpress ?

    Thanks for helping.

  8. robodizi says:

    WordTube is wonderful! How can i get rid of the thumbnail images (which just appear as black rectangles since i have no images) in the playlist? And is it possible to specify the height of each item in the playlist? Currently they all appear as 3 lines tall even if only one line is needed. Thanks

  9. shinkareff says:

    WordTube it does not work. To add its video in the formet “*.flv” is cannot. Shows only Youtube. WordPress 2.7.

    Thanks for helping.

  10. shinkareff says:

    Bug reports.
    With the flag “Start file automatic” – work.
    Without it – not work.

  11. Haba says:

    Hi you stop the development, why? if u havent time giv me chance i will continue work on this powerful plugin.

    for begin i create some small changes and create small update:

    V2.1.1[beta] / 16.02.2009
    – Admin UI added JWPlayer plugins support for global seting and for media files
    – Admin UI added rtmp stream server global setings for playlists
    – update playlist xml generator for support rtmp streaming server via global value
    – update swf object generator for support JWPlayer plugins and value
    – update playlist xml generator for support JWPlayer plugins value
    – this file was be changed:
    — adminfunctions.php
    — admininstall.php
    — adminmanage.php
    — adminsettings.php
    — libswfobject.php
    — libwordtube.class.php
    — myextractXML.php
    — wordtube.php // only head informations and version

  12. alex.rabe says:

    I’ve currently not so much time to continue this work, I can give access to the GoogleCode project, contact me by mail if interested…

  13. Haba says:

    good idea my acc on GoogleCode is same as my mail
    >>> habrman [at] avu.cz <<<<

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