NextGEN Gallery V1.00 RC1

Ok, thanks to all the tester. I think we can go a step forward and call the version stable. I will finish up some localization and style fixes, but as soon as WP 2.7 will be released I will upload this version to


14 thoughts on “NextGEN Gallery V1.00 RC1

  1. Fabian says:

    Hmm alex i think I spotted an installation bug. The zip contains the files and folders instead of one main directory called “nextgen-gallery” and when installing via wordpress it will unpack the contents into wp-content/plugins and won’t work.

  2. Mr. Trip says:

    It appears that the piclense addon only works on some galleries, sometimes the media-rss.php file won’t return any results on new galleries…any reason behind this?

  3. Michael says:

    Hiya Alex,

    thanks for such a cool plugin mate!

    i am trying out RC1 and it seems that Fabian is right in saying that the zip file does not unpack correctly…

    would it be possible to take a look at it?



  4. dummy says:

    Hi, does anybody already installed this RC1 release?
    I’m a little curious how the new features look like.

    Can so. geve me a link to an example installation 🙂


  5. Beth says:

    I have been trying to figure out how to center the gallery in my sidebox, am I not seeing the directions?

    Will centering be an option in this new plugin?

  6. wow I like nextgen-gallery,I want to be there

  7. I’m using RC1 and after upgrading today wordpress version 2.7-almost-rc-9997.

    I now get the following error:

    Sorry, NextGEN Gallery works only under WordPress 2.7-beta or higher.

    The gallery functionality has stopped working.

    Looks like how the latest wordpress versions are reporting their version number has broken some check in nextgen…maybe the addition of the “almost-rc” text is to blame!

  8. Update on my last comment –

    Changing line 50 in nggallery.php as follows works for my needs:

    var $minium_WP = ‘2.7-almost-rc’;

    I’m sure a more robust solution to just check for any 2.7 beta version is possible, but I’m happy with the quick hack,

  9. Phil says:

    Using the latest WP build and RC1 I noticed following bug.
    Created a gallery named Apartment and used “Upload a Zip-File”, selected the “Apartment” entry in the ComboBox, upload worked but now I got a new gallery named “apartment” lower-case.

  10. cubus says:

    Great work on this update! Really appreciated, I’m using this plugin more and more.

    I tried the 1.0 version on my local machine with the wordpress 2.7 RC1 to see how things were working. Everything worked great, the only problem I had was when I uploaded some files of 300dpi. When creating the thumbnails I got this error message:

    “Error : Exceed Memory limit”

    Creating the thumbnails failed. After reducing the dpi from 300 to 72 in photoshop myself, thumbnails were created perfectly.

    Just to let you know, I don’t know if this is a 1.0 version issue only.

  11. flo says:

    I get an error Message

    Sorry, NextGEN Gallery works only under WordPress 2.7-beta or higher

    but I have 2.7 RC

  12. Litkei Béla says:

    wp 2.7RC1 I use a version . it rc1 announces this after setup:
    Warning: main(D:wwwlitkeiblog/wp-content/plugins/admin/): failed to open stream: Permission denied in D:wwwlitkeiblogwp-settings.php on line 465

    Warning: main(): Failed opening ‘D:wwwlitkeiblog/wp-content/plugins/admin/’ for inclusion (include_path=’.;c:php4pear’) in D:wwwlitkeiblogwp-settings.php on line 465

    Please HELP!!!!!

  13. Paolo says:

    In the Options, general, Gallery path, if there isn’t a trailing slash the plugin doesn’t work. I think it’s a bug: the plugin should be enough intelligent to add the slash if the user doesn’t put it.

    Thank you!

  14. Ted says:

    The plugin is not working with 2.7. It tells you it only works with version 2.7. I am wondering if there is a fix? Thanks.

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